Victory in Europe, economy on the homefront

Our History: October & November 1945

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The Second World War had ended with victory in Europe declared in May and in Japan in August of 1945, but the lingering effects were still clear in our fall issues of 1945. This advertisement in the Oct. 1 issue advised how armed forces personnel could apply to be released for farm work.

Economizing was still the watchword — one article described how six handkerchiefs or a child’s dress could be made from a worn-out men’s shirt. An ad from B.C. Tree Fruits assured housewives that fruit could be canned without sugar, and every issue had updates on which ration book coupons were valid. Ads in each issue also encouraged readers to help “win the peace” by purchasing Victory Bonds.

The Nov. 1 issue reported on the founding meeting of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Quebec City. Manitoba Pool president and CFA vice-president W.J. Parker addressed the meeting, and called on the FAO to take action to prevent the disastrous price-depressing surpluses that had accumulated in exporting countries before the war.

Below a photo of the Canadian and international farm representatives at the meeting was a story reporting on the first large-scale release of military vehicles to Manitoba farmers. It said 382 farmers had applied to purchase the vehicles, which included 44, 15-cwt army trucks and 10 field artillery tractors.

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