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OUR HISTORY: August 1970

OUR HISTORY: August 1970

The history of Canadian agriculture is marked by periodic interest in exotic livestock that has not always lived up to the profitability claimed in advertisements for the breeding stock. This advertisement for chinchillas from our Aug. 13, 1970 issue is one of many that appeared over the years.

Elsewhere in the issue we reported on a “bitter clause-by-clause” debate of a proposed public auto insurance plan. The president of the North-West Line Elevators Association basted a report by an Alberta economist calling for “an antiquated, inefficient” elevator system to be scrapped. The wheat board announced that feed grains could now be delivered to feed mills outside of quota. Manitoba Pool had presented a brief to the board’s Canadian Grain Marketing Review Committee, appointed to recommend ways to streamline the system and find more markets for the huge grain stockpiles on hand at the time.

In a speech to B.C. grain farmers, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said that if they insisted on increased subsidies, “they may back themselves into a lot of controls that will restrict their freedom of action and their liberty.”



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