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The Belarus advantage

Our History: October 1985

A range of 16 Soviet-built Belarus tractors ranging from 25 to 260 hp was on offer in this ad in our Oct. 3, 1985 issue. Prices ranged from $7,581 to $70,326 ($16,834 to $151,984 in 2019 dollars) with discounts offered for cash. Stories from that issue tell of tough times for farmers that year. A

U.S. declares wheat war

Our History: September 1992

Our main front-page story in the Sept. 10, 1992 issue announced a “wheat war” with the U.S. Speaking while on campaign in South Dakota, President George Bush had announced another $1 billion would be authorized to subsidize 30 million tonnes under the Export Enhancement Program. Canadian Agriculture Minister Charlie Mayer called the move “stupid” and

CN converts cars to handle more livestock

Our History: September 1974

The information under this photo from our Sept. 19, 1974 issue said that Canadian National’s Transcona shop was converting 30 freight cars to double-deck stock cars to handle increasing traffic for cattle, swine and sheep. That year was a difficult one for harvest in Western Canada. An October issue story reported on a shortage of

‘Better Farming – Bigger Profits’

Our History: September 1954

In 1954 many farmers were still getting used to the novelty of electricity and the Manitoba Power Commission (later Manitoba Hydro) was promoting its use. This ad in our Sept. 2 issue said that on Hydro’s “third block rate,” 200 lbs. of grain could be ground for only one cent. The year 1954 saw one

Two wet years and cool to boot

Our History: September 2009

This year the Interlake has been the driest part of the province, but during the late 2000s it went through some unusually wet years, and 2009 was the second in a row. This aerial photo from our Sept. 10, 2009 issue was taken Aug. 22 and showed the area around Arnes north of Gimli. That

Solving storage space problems for farmers

Our History: August 1968

Canadian grain carry-overs were building in the late 1960s, prompting farmers to look for more storage space. This ad in our Aug. 15, 1968 issue said that a shed with whole year’s storage could be purchased for 15 cents per bushel, leaving a machinery storage building for the future. The year turned out to have

Harvest all your grain

Our History: August 1978

One of the earliest combine monitors in Western Canada was advertised by Smith-Roles in our August 17, 1978 issue. Above the ad was a story about the second year of tests of zero tillage at seven farms in northwestern Manitoba. A Manitoba Agriculture representative said it seemed to be working well. “Neighbours were skeptical at

“Non-poisonous” sheep dip and cattle wash

Our History: August 1890

Little’s Sheep Dip And Cattle Wash advertised in the August 1890 issue of the Nor’-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller was simultaneously “non-poisonous” as well as “certain death to lice, mange and all insects,”plus acting as a “chemical food” for the wool. On the same page were several “Pointers about pigs.” Among them were: “The most

Ranchers inundated by floodwaters

Our History: June 2013

In a series of years starting in 1999, Manitoba’s southwest corner was again hit by excess moisture in 2013. The front page of our July 11 issue featured a photo of cattle along the swollen Maple Creek near Reston. The area had received as much as 15 inches of rain in the previous two weeks,

‘It Will Pay Every Farmer’ to use Massey-Harris

Our History: July 1898

A full range of Massey-Harris equipment was featured in this ad in the July 1898 issue of the Nor’-West Farmer. A writer in the issue said now that “effort is being put forth to develop friendly relations between the two English-speaking nations of the world,” it would be a good time for the U.S. government