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Aug. 1, 1968

Our history

The August 1, 1968 issue celebrated the Co-operator’s 25th anniversary since its rebirth in 1943. It had started life as The Scoop Shovel in 1925, becoming the Co-operator in 1931 and ceasing publication at the height of the Depression in 1936.

This advertisement from the issue reminds of a time when Manitoba Pool was not just in the grain business, but processing hogs and cattle at Pool Packers in Brandon and selling its own line of hybrid pigs. At the time there were more than 14,000 potential hog-producing customers in the province. In the 2011 Census of Agriculture, 318 farms reported producing pigs in Manitoba.

Swathing had started, but an extended harvest was predicted because of cool weather and uneven crop development across the province. A drop in the bank rate from 7.0 to 6.5 per cent was a front-page news item. One of the many strikes that plagued grain movement in the 1960s and 1970s was underway, and the Canadian Pacific Railway had announced a “crash program” to store grain in boxcars.

At a Charolais sale in Red Deer, Alta., a gross of $519,950 was realized for 49 lots, an average of $10,067. A Texas buyer bought five animals for $117,800.



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