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Flea beetles in canola seedlings. (Canola Council of Canada video screengrab via YouTube)

Flea beetles a nuisance for canola crop

MarketsFarm — Western Canada’s canola crop has been hit hard by hot, dry weather so far this growing season in the midst of ongoing drought conditions — which may also be aiding another threat. Across the Prairies, flea beetles are an oft-seen pest whose larvae feed on both canola and mustard seedlings, damaging crops and,

Canary seed growers will benefit from greater legal protections due to the changes.

Canary seed being added to Grain Act August 1

The change means farmers delivering canary seed will be covered under the CGC’s payment protection program

Starting Aug. 1, 2021, western Canadian canary seed growers will have the same payment protection as exists for 20 other grains regulated under the Canada Grain Act. The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC), which administers the grain act, announced June 9 canary seed will be added to the act when the new crop year starts. In addition to payment protection,

Grain ships continue to arrive at Canadian ports, suggesting the possibility of another record despite tight grain supplies.

Is a grain shipping three-peat on the horizon?

Grain movement has been running at a record pace during the 2020-21 crop year, but will it continue to the July 31 finish line?

The record-setting pace of western grain moving to port thus far could see a three-peat when the 2020-21 crop year ends July 31. Canada’s grain monitor Mark Hemmes, president of Quorum Corporation, speculated in an interview in October 2020 — less than three months into the current crop year — it was possible grain moved by rail from

Parts of southern Manitoba saw up to three inches of much-needed precipitation on June 8-9.

Weather pulling canola prices either way

The Chicago soy complex also provided lift as well as drag

As weather pandered to both sides of the markets this week, there wasn’t much change to canola values. There was something of a balancing act between dry conditions continuing to underpin values and significant rainfall on the Prairies providing pressure. For example, the November contract on June 4 closed at $763.60 per tonne, gaining nearly

Rainfall offers reprieve for crops, severe flea beetle pressure continues

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for June 15

Southwest Region A much-needed rain fell across the Southwest this past week. Rainfall accumulation in the region was between 45 mm to 115 mm. Rain fell over several hours, allowing opportunity to soak in. Some runoff was available to replenish dugouts and sloughs. There are some reports of standing waters in low- lying areas and

Michael Eskin is a professor in the department of food and human nutritional sciences at the University of Manitoba.

Pioneer canola researcher awarded the Order of Manitoba

Faces of Ag: He sings, he raps and his scholarship helped make canola what it is today

Michael Eskin has a career in biochemistry and food science going back more than 50 years, but last time he was in the news it was for something different: music. His song commemorating the centenary of the discovery of insulin, as reported by CBC, got picked up by the American Oil Chemists’ Society, and Eskin

MCGA contributes $100,000 to Prairie Innovation Centre

The money will support an industry-education ‘Collaboration Zone’

The Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA) has committed $100,000 to sponsor an industry collaboration area, the Collaboration Zone, within Assiniboine Community College’s Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture. “Working with industry is an integral piece of the vision for the centre,” said Tim Hore, dean of the School of Agriculture and Environment, in a media