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The national budget watchdog has put a price on a fuel exemption for farmers from the carbon tax.

PBO estimates cost of expanded carbon tax exemption

Estimates are based on expected consumption over the next half-decade

A report from Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) says the cost of exempting more farm fuels from carbon pricing will cost $235 million over the next five years. Conservative MP Philip Lawrence introduced a private member’s bill in February 2020 that would extend the exemption for qualifying farming fuel to marketable natural gas and propane,

Farmers arrive with blankets and mattresses for others at the site of a protest against farm laws at Ghaziabad, India on Jan. 29, 2021.

Comment: Why Indian farmers are so angry

The Modi government’s agricultural reforms are causing widespread uncertainty

India’s farmers have been protesting since the autumn, with a growing intensity that culminated in a violent breaching of barriers in the Red Fort in Delhi during India’s Republic Day celebrations on January 26. The protests were spurred by the passing of a set of agricultural reform bills in parliament in September 2020 that aimed

In Canada, about $350 million to $400 million worth of alcohol was sold online in 2020, up 75 per cent from the previous year.

Comment: Can we ‘free the beer,’ online?

Many alcohol products that have won international acclaim, ironically, can't be sold to most Canadians

Interprovincial alcohol distribution in Canada has always been a nightmare. In fact, for our wineries, breweries, and spirit makers, selling alcohol to Americans is easier than selling to consumers outside their own province. Many Canadian alcoholic products like wines, beers, and spirits that have won international prestigious awards cannot be sold to most Canadians. It

Washington says it’s ready to engage on WTO reform

The Biden administration seems set on reinvigorating the handcuffed organization

Reuters – The United States is committed to “positive, constructive and active engagement” with all members of the World Trade Organization on reforming the body and is actively considering who to choose as its next chief, a U.S. official said Jan. 29. The comments by David Bisbee, charge d’affaires at the U.S. mission to the WTO, are

Taking out or putting in, say, 10 million acres of American production in CRP over two or three years has a significant, albeit slow, impact on global markets.

Comment: First USDA quick fix. CRP expansion and reform

Incoming U.S. agriculture secretary has signalled a boost could be coming to the long-standing program

On his way out the door last month, former House Ag Committee chairman Collin Peterson, just off a hammering re-election defeat, offered the nation one final idea: the incoming secretary of agriculture should be empowered to enrol up to 50 million acres in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) over the next five years. Yes, 50

Farmers participate in a tractor rally to protest against the newly passed farm bills, on a highway on the outskirts of New Delhi, India, January 7, 2021.

Indian farmers to step up protests

Move comes after rejecting offer to defer controversial new laws

Indian farmers have rejected an offer by the government to defer three farm reform laws for 1-1/2 years, warning they would step up protests as they seek a repeal of the laws and a guarantee on minimum crop prices. Farm leaders said hundreds of thousands of farmers from neighbouring states including Haryana, Punjab and western

The last thing rural communities need is a further silencing of their own voices in the decisions that impact their very foundations, like local public schools.

Comment: The education fields are frozen

So why is the provincial government sowing the seeds of reform now?

For everything there is a season and growing up in a small rural community, I recognize this is certainly the time of year when we take time to pause following months of hard work. The animals still need tending but the crop is in the bin. Winter has arrived. This past year has brought many

Many political and farm leaders in rural communities howl about the evils of “big government” and “socialism” even though big government social programs keep their communities from disappearing.

Comment: ‘Why are you giving extreme voices so much attention?’

Taking a break from a long-standing tradition is a sign of the divisive times

Around this time of year, I usually feature comments from readers whose views differ from those found here the previous 50 or so weeks. At least that’s how it has been for at least 25 years. Not this year, however, because I received a reader email Dec. 9 that asked me to stop highlighting these

Commodity groups push provinces on AgriStability

Year-end virtual town hall sees call for quick adoption of policies to accept AgriStability changes

Leaders of several leading Canadian producer groups called on provincial governments to accept Ottawa’s proposal to improve business risk management (BRM) programs. During an end-of-year virtual town hall meeting, Canadian Federation of Agriculture president Mary Robinson said federal Minister of Agriculture Marie-Claude Bibeau’s proposal to fix AgriStability, a leading irritant of the BRMs, “represents a

Biden transition team holds talks with biofuel groups -sources

New York | Reuters – U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team has held calls with biofuel groups on topics including compliance with U.S. biofuel blending laws and Biden’s low-carbon climate vision, according to two sources familiar with the conversations. The discussions with biofuel trade groups as well as POET, a top company in the cellulosic