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Seeing is believing: Hog manure as fertilizer

Mark Ferguson wants producers to see the benefits of hog manure for fertilizing crops. At Ag in Motion this past summer, Saskatchewan Pork planted demo plots of wheat, barley and canola and applied hog manure at different rates to show the boost these crops can get in both health and yield – and the results […] Read more

VIDEO: Author examines rural communities’ key to survival

Doug Griffiths tackles 13 ways communities might accidentally be setting themselves up for failure when it comes to economic development

Doug Griffiths, along with Kelly Clemmer, is one of the author’s of 13 Ways to Kill Your Community and one of the most recent speakers at the Association of Manitoba Municipalities annual convention Nov. 25-27. Griffiths spoke on 13 ways in which he says communities might block their economic development, including encouraging residents to shop […] Read more

VIDEO: Reading your soil in real time

Erik Eising, founder and inventor of SoilReader, explains how his coulter technology analyzes soil nutrients in real time and how the invention was received at Agritechnica, and Terry Aberhart of Aberhart Farms in Saskatchewan talks about his interest in adopting the technology upon his return to Canada. (Recorded at Agritechnica 2019) Video by Melanie Epp