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VIDEO: Timing fungicide decisions in canola and cereal crops

Crop Diagnostic School: A relatively dry growing season in 2019 didn't rule out fusarium issues

At Crop Diagnostic School in July, David Kaminski, plant pathologist with Manitoba Agriculture, said 2019 was a challenge for producers when it came to timing fungicide applications. In this video, Kaminski discusses some of the conditions Manitoba producers faced this growing season in their canola and cereal crops and some of the factors at play […] Read more

John Deere adds models, features to its 6M tractor line

For the 2020 model year, John Deere is adding three new or redesigned models to its 6M tractor family. Grainews machinery editor Scott Garvey takes a close look at two of them, the redesigned 6110M and 6120M, which sport a brand new look and offer a much improved options list.

VIDEO: Six things you can do to avoid clubroot

As the threat of clubroot grows in Manitoba, these steps can go a long way to protect your canola crop

Wondering what you can do avoid clubroot in your canola? At Crop Diagnostic School in Carman this past July, Dane Froese with Manitoba Agriculture offered six things producers can do to help reduce their risk of having clubroot appear in their fields.

Sept 1 to 15: Introduction to Vaderstad’s Planter Prototype

Scott Garvey from Grainews Magazine talks with Philip Korczak about Vaderstad’s newest planter prototype, a one-pass machine combining both a row planter with a large input tank using different parts from the Seedhawk and Vaderstad family of products. Philip also gives Scott a few updates on new products we can expect from Vaderstad going forward. Subtitle