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Bindapt, a quick and easy-to-use grain drying solution

Do you Bindapt? You may already own half of Adaptive Agriculture’s grain-drying system and not even know it. Using a construction heater, Adaptive Ag’s system of plates and thermostats uses real-time data monitoring and cloud software to help control the amount of heat entering your grain bin. The Saskatchewan-based company was one of several entrants

Marie-Claude Bibeau.

VIDEO: Bibeau announces grain code of practices

The grain industry is thus far applauding the move to document production practices

Canadian grain farmers will soon have a “first-ever” grain production code of practices, following an announcement by the federal agriculture minister at Crop Connect 2020 in Winnipeg. Marie-Claude Bibeau said the federal government will be providing $800,000 in funding for the program, intended to document the practices for trading partners and consumers. It will demonstrate