Canada’s Agriculture Day Celebration in Ottawa

Members of the agricultural community gathered in Ottawa and in 200 events around the country to Celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day on Feb. 16, 2017. In this video, Cam Choquette (student), Lane Stockbrugger (farmer) and Michael Hoffort (FCC CEO) share their experiences of the day.

3 ways energy prices impact Canadian agriculture

  J.P. Gervais, FCC Vice President and Chief Agricultural Economist explains why producers should pay close attention to energy prices. • Impact fuel costs and influence the price of farm inputs like fertilizer • Indirectly connected to farms via their impact on the Canadian economy • Commodity markets are also tied to biofuels • Energy […] Read more

Canadian dollar, profitability and the food chain

J.P. Gervais, FCC Vice President and Chief Agricultural Economist explains the pros and cons of a low currency environment and how it influences the agricultural food chain. • Canadian dollar major driver of profitability over last few years • Weak loonie supported prices producers received and what they sell in foreign markets • Food processors […] Read more

Bayer CropScience tests new way of applying fungicide

Warren Bills believes there’s a better way to manage sclerotinia risk in canola. And for the last couple of years he’s been putting that idea to the test. Bills, the business development manager for digital farming at Bayer CropScience, says the trick is to identify variable canola fields and spray the areas with high biomass. […] Read more

Canada’s agricultural markets update – January 25, 2017

D’Arce McMillan, The Western Producer markets editor, monitors trends in the North American and global agricultural markets. Each week he hosts a market video about crops. The video is designed to help viewers understand the forces responsible for changes in the trade.

Buy or rent farmland: Which option is right for you?

Deciding whether to buy or rent farmland can be a difficult decision. Lance Stockbrugger explains the benefits of both in this video. · Interest rates affect land prices – the lower they are, the less overall cost for the land · Far too often, people make land purchasing decisions based on emotional reasons rather than […] Read more