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VIDEO: Spray tank cleaning after using dicamba

Jeanette Gaultier with Manitoba Agriculture offers tips on to help prevent dicamba damage in non-Xtend soybeans

With the use of dicamba herbicide in the new Xtend soybean system, a quick rinse of your sprayer tank won’t be enough to rid it of potentially harmful residues to other crops. Jeanette Gaultier, weed specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, spoke with Allan Dawson at the recent Crop Diagnostic School about the importance of a thorough […] Read more

VIDEO: Fighting herbicide resistance in weeds

Provide a healthy, competitive crop stand to help battle back weed pressures

“If you don’t put a crop plant there on that spot in the field, a weed’s gonna grow,” says Rob Gulden, professor of weed science at the University of Manitoba. Gulden was referring to one strategy producers can use to help fight herbicide-resistant weeds, and that is by increasing their seeding rates. In this interview with […] Read more

VIDEO: Diagnosing phytophthora root rot in soybeans

Holly Derksen with Manitoba Agriculture talks about the disease and why you can't just rotate your way out of it

Phytophthora root rot has been a growing concern for Manitoba soybean growers, appearing in fields each year to some extent each year for producers. Last July at the Crop Diagnostic School in Carman, Holly Derksen, field crop pathologist with Manitoba Agriculture, talks about what to look for when identifying the disease, when you should scout for it and […] Read more

VIDEO: Growing North

KAP heads to northern Manitoba to hear from producers

Four communities, six flights and two days. Follow Keystone Agricultural Producers as they tour the organization’s northern districts and learn about production challenges and successes beyond Manitoba’s boreal forest. From excess moisture and transportation issues, to emerging opportunities in forestry and surface water management, the province’s northern farms are breaking new ground.

Prairie weather: Your 2017 growing season outlook

Drew Lerner, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist, shares how weather will impact Saskatchewan and Alberta in the 2017 growing season. •2017 started off lousy with excessive rain and dry spots in Prairies •September (especially in Alberta) expected to see frost •Take advantage of forward contracting to lock in best prices •Stay positive because weather can change •Take […] Read more

VIDEO: Scouting flax crops for pasmo

Do you know how to identify this flax disease and when to look for it?

At the recent Crop Diagnostic School, Manitoba Co-operator reporter Allan Dawson spoke with Rachel Evans, extension agronomist with the Flax Council of Canada, about what flax producers can do to avoid pasmo appearing in their flax crops. Video editing by Greg Berg.