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Know Which Technology is Right for Your Operation

Ag technology expert Peter Gredig shares the importance of assessing the latest innovations before you buy them. Video highlights: •Being able to assess agriculture’s latest innovations is a key management skill •Many impressive innovations are easily accessible, but may not be right for your operation •Buying is easy, assessing the latest innovations is the hard […] Read more

The 5% Rule: How Small Improvements Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Hear how a few small changes can have a big impact on your revenue. Kristjan Hebert of Hebert Grain Ventures explains why the 5% rule could change the way you run your farm. Video highlights: •5% increase on yields and marketing with a 5% decrease on costs can mean a 117% increase on your bottom […] Read more

2016 Farmland Values: Looking at the numbers

Farmland values continue to rise in 2016, but that’s not the whole story. J.P. Gervais compares the national and provincial averages and the factors that influenced them. •The 2016 national average in farmland values increased by 7.9% •Multiple signs show farmland values increases slowing down •Most significant increases occurred in P.E.I, Alberta and Nova Scotia […] Read more