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Forecast: Mild early-winter weather continues

Covering the period from December 2 to December 9

Once again, the weather models did a fairly good job forecasting the general weather pattern across our region over the last week. Whenever we are dealing with weak weather systems it can be tough to get the timing right, but in those instances, being off by 12 to 24 hours when there are only light

A couple sits on an empty beach at Boryeong in South Korea on Oct. 31, 2020. NOAA and NASA have deemed October 2020 to be the fourth-warmest October on record.

Weather school: How do jet streams form?

Jet streams form where we have sharp, or quick, changes in air temperatures

Before we get back into weather school, I feel I need to touch on a couple of weather topics. First, global temperatures for October are in, and this October came in as the fourth warmest on record, according to both NOAA and NASA, the third warmest by the European Copernicus Climate Change Service, and the

AgriStability proposal could have hidden cost, Pedersen warns

Manitoba's ag minister warns Bibeau's plan may hurt crop insurance, AgriInvest funding

Ottawa’s proposal for an improved AgriStability program could give farmers short-term gain for long-term pain, Manitoba’s agriculture minister Blaine Pedersen warns. At the online federal-provincial-territorial agriculture ministers’ meeting on Friday, federal Agriculture Minister Marie Claude Bibeau proposed dropping AgriStability’s maximum reference margin, and increasing the compensation rate from 70 to 80 per cent retroactively this

Seasonal forecast calls for more snow

MarketsFarm — Most of Canada should see above-normal snowfall over the next three months, according to updated seasonal forecasts released Monday from Environment Canada. Weather maps show a 40 to 60 per cent probability of more precipitation than normal across much of the country from December through February, with the heaviest accumulations expected in Quebec.

StatsCan report to provide clarity on 2020 crop production

MarketsFarm — Market participants and producers will be looking to Statistics Canada’s principal field crop report, due out Thursday, for clarity regarding 2020 crop yields. “We’re looking to see how severely the heat damaged the crop, and how yield estimates were tempered later in the growing season,” said Jerry Klassen, an analyst in Winnipeg. Klassen

Forecast: Mild, with not much snow expected

Covering the period from November 25 to December 2

Despite not a lot of confidence in last issue’s forecast, the weather models actually did a pretty darned good job. We saw the mild temperatures early in the period followed by the slight cool-down. The models were then showing milder temperatures moving in for the first half of this week, with the chance of a

If we consider the probability of getting a snowfall of 30 cm or more in one day, we’d find that kind of event only actually occurs once every 30 years or so.

When should we expect winter to start?

If winter as we know it begins before or after these dates, call it an unusual year

Every year around this time I get a lot of questions asking when we should expect the first snowfall or when I expect that winter will begin. So, while this article was supposed to continue our look at atmospheric oscillations — and in particular, jet streams — I felt we could afford to take a

Most of Prairies already covered in snow

MarketsFarm — Most of the Canadian Prairies were already blanked in snow by late November, with the deepest snowpack in Alberta and Saskatchewan, according to data compiled by Environment Canada and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Aside from the Rocky Mountains and some areas around the Great Lakes, the U.S. was largely

Forecast: Seasonable with a chance of snow

Forecast issued Nov. 13, 2020, covering the period from Nov. 18 to 25, 2020

Forecast issued Nov. 13, 2020, covering the period from Nov. 18 to 25, 2020

Due to a missed deadline last week (life got a little away from me) I can’t really discuss how good or bad the forecast was (it was really good, trust me). For this forecast period, overall confidence is not that high, which is not that unusual for this time of the year. As the atmosphere

Forecast: Seasonable with a chance of snow

Forecast issued Nov. 6, 2020, covering the period from Nov. 11 to 18, 2020

Once again, last week’s forecast did a pretty good job with the major weather features. We saw a nice warmup last week with a few locations breaking record highs last Tuesday and Wednesday. Then the weather models predicted a storm system over the weekend, and as I write this on Friday, it looks like that

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