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Today’s precipitation

Data from weather stations across the Prairies are available to Glacier FarmMedia members at the WeatherFarm website, where you can also sign up for a daily forecast email for your area. On the go? Get the WeatherFarm mobile app, available for iPhone and Android devices. To learn more about the CoCoRaHS system that generates these precipitation maps

Forecast: Hot, humid weather pulls back

Covering the period from August 5 to August 12

Well, I think to a lot of people’s relief, the building upper ridge that was forecasted to bring more extreme heat and humidity to our region during the last forecast period ended up staying a little farther to our west. The result of this shift was warm but more comfortable temperatures with a few added

Crop tour suggests record-large wheat harvest ahead

Winnipeg | Reuters — Canadian farmers are on track to harvest a record-large all-wheat crop, and more canola than last year, due mainly to favourable crop conditions, advisory service FarmLink Marketing Solutions estimated Wednesday. The Winnipeg-based company’s staff toured western Canadian fields during the last two weeks of July. “We expected a big crop and

The “dew point” refers to the temperature to which we would have to cool the air down for dew to begin forming.

Weather school: Relative humidity

The term ‘relative humidity’ is probably one of the most misunderstood in weather-speak

It seems that pretty much every summer I have to stop and explain to different people just how humidity works and why on a hot summer day when the humidity is in the 50-60 per cent range it is humid even though it doesn’t sound like it is. So, in this issue I am going

Forecast: Warm, humid, chance of thunderstorms

Covering the period from July 29 to August 5

Overall, the weather models seem to have a pretty good handle on the general weather pattern across our region. The last forecast worked out pretty well, with the usual differences in some of the timings of systems, and as always it can be difficult to predict just when or where thunderstorms will develop. For this

Sunny skies by themselves don’t necessarily lead to a heat wave; we often can see plenty of sunny days in a row without experiencing 
heat-wave conditions.

Weather school: Sunshine and sinking air

A heat wave is a meteorological event but its impact on people is key

As we continue our look at the meteorology behind heat waves, I figured we should first define what a heat wave is, then look at the criteria that Environment Canada uses to define heat events. Poking around a little, the best definition I could find is: “A basic definition of a heat wave implies that it is

Manitoba to open more Crown lands to haying, grazing

Province now taking requests for permits

Manitoba livestock producers up against dry conditions can now apply for temporary passes to get onto Crown land not normally designated for grazing or haying. The province announced Friday it will make such lands available this year for agricultural use “under certain circumstances.” Permits and land uses will be handled through the Agricultural Crown Lands

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