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Manitoba crops seeing weather stress, alfalfa weevils causing forage yield losses

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for June 22

Southwest Region Temperatures became more seasonal last week, ranging from 20 to 30 C during the day, with overnight temperatures in most areas of 6 to 11 C. Crop growth has improved with previous weeks’ moisture, but the heat wave in past week stressed many crops. Neepawa area received 6 to 8 mm rain; all

Canary seed growers will benefit from greater legal protections due to the changes.

Canary seed being added to Grain Act August 1

The change means farmers delivering canary seed will be covered under the CGC’s payment protection program

Starting Aug. 1, 2021, western Canadian canary seed growers will have the same payment protection as exists for 20 other grains regulated under the Canada Grain Act. The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC), which administers the grain act, announced June 9 canary seed will be added to the act when the new crop year starts. In addition to payment protection,

Rainfall offers reprieve for crops, severe flea beetle pressure continues

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for June 15

Southwest Region A much-needed rain fell across the Southwest this past week. Rainfall accumulation in the region was between 45 mm to 115 mm. Rain fell over several hours, allowing opportunity to soak in. Some runoff was available to replenish dugouts and sloughs. There are some reports of standing waters in low- lying areas and

ReWild co-founder Kennedy Collins in his home garden.

Manitoba seed company brings regenerative ag to garden scale

ReWild Garden Seed’s Spring Fling Cover Crop blend is designed to boost soil health and water infiltration in home gardens

A team of Manitoba farmers and gardeners are taking their love of regenerative farming and shrinking it from field to garden. “When we started regenerative farming on my family farm, we turned to cover cropping to replace our reliance on fertilizers,” said Joseph Gardiner, co-founder of ReWild Garden Seed in a news release May 13.

Crop recovery good after late-May frost, flea beetle pressure on canola sees reseeding

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for June 8

Southwest Region Daytime temperatures across the Southwest region reached the mid- 30 C mark; average temperatures ranged from 18 to 21 C. The 37 C high over the weekend came with damaging winds. In general, most of the southern parts of the Southwest region received 2 to 10 mm. The majority of the northern districts

Agriculture has not escaped the pressure to cut back or find alternatives for plastics, including commonly used products like bale wrap.

Agriculture an opportunity in the push against plastics

Agricultural residues are often critical pieces in bioplastics, including products now being developed as plastic alternatives for agriculture and agri-food

The world according to bioplastic developers would look a lot more cyclical. In an age of campaigns against single-use plastic, zero-waste social media influencers and increased public interest in sustainable packaging, bioplastics — which replace polymers from fossil fuels with biological sources — have been touted as a biodegradable and sustainable alternative. But as much

Area rainfall provides critical moisture, potential frost conditions ahead

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for May 25

Southwest Region Most of the Southwest region received rainfall over the past week. Recorded amounts ranged between 25 to 35 mm for the most part, though showers were extremely spotty, with some areas winning the thunderstorm lottery, while weather stations a few miles away recorded only a few millimeters rain. Glenboro and Ninette received the

The Flax Council of Canada is seeking new members and is bouncing back from a period of inactivity.

Flax Council of Canada seeks new members

After closing its doors three years ago the council is making a comeback

[UPDATED: June 1, 2021] A reinvigorated Flax Council of Canada (FCC) is looking for new members as it focuses on market access issues, says its new CEO Wayne Thompson. “We’ve got a lot of players in the flax industry that haven’t been part of the Flax Council of Canada before,” Thompson said in an interview

(File photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Canada left with very tight canola, barley stocks

'You can't find canola anywhere in the country'

MarketsFarm — Statistics Canada’s grain stocks report leaves no question that canola stocks have been tight for some time in Canada and will continue to be unless demand is slashed, according to independent trader Jerry Klassen in Winnipeg. “You can’t find canola anywhere in the country and the stocks that are out there, a lot

china pigs

China moves to cut corn, soy in feed rations

Given China’s current demand, some see such a move reshaping global grain flow

China issued guidelines on April 21 recommending the reduction of corn and soymeal in pig and poultry feed, a measure that could reshape the flow of grains into the world’s top corn and soybean buyer. China’s corn prices surged more than a third in the most recent year following a drop in output and state