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Editor’s Take: A full plate for returning ag minister

There’s little doubt that Ralph Eichler enjoyed the agriculture portfolio the last time he led it. From 2016 to 2019, Eichler was a fixture at agriculture events throughout the province. He clearly relished the role and felt it was an important one within the provincial government; it was an industry he was proud to represent.

According to Statistics Canada, nearly a third of Canadian children are overweight or obese.

Comment: The kids are not alright

Marketing unhealthy food to kids is taking advantage of their inability to make rational decisions

Most would agree that protecting children should be our country’s utmost priority. Protecting children from unhealthy food products and fast-food chains has been the subject of many conversations. Ads for sugary food products geared towards children have been contested for years and some countries have opted to ban them, one way or another. The United Kingdom,

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walks to the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, 2018. If an election is called, the federal Liberals will look to turn its perceived support into a stronger mandate.

Opinion: As an election looms

It’s looking like a fall election is increasingly likely, but it will only come when the government triggers it

There’s a sense of excitement, and dread, in Ottawa as an election sits on the horizon.  We don’t know when an election is coming, but politicians and staffers are preparing to hit the campaign trail.   Here is what is clear now.   First, Parliament is scheduled to resume sitting Sept. 20. The minority Liberals survived the most recent session without

Guest Editorial: The thorny issue of people on your land

There are more people roaming around rural Canada during the pandemic and that’s increased concerns about trespassing and trash that finds its way onto farms. We live on a corner property and one of the side roads that runs along our farm is a no-winter maintenance road. Early in the pandemic it became a magnet

The agriculture industry must ensure that all international workers know that they have a right to get a COVID-19 vaccine and how they can access the distribution process.

Comment: Farmers support worker vaccination

Doing everything we can to protect these essential workers is the right thing to do

Despite some reports, producers in Manitoba are not blocking international workers from getting vaccinated. We value them and the contributions they make to our farms and communities. It is an understatement to suggest that keeping international workers healthy and safe is critical to the success of Manitoba’s agricultural industry. As a beekeeper, I rely on

Cowessess First Nation Chief Cadmus Delorme announces the discovery of the unmarked graves of hundreds of people, June 24, 2021.

Opinion: Truth and reconciliation efforts can’t stop

The story of farmers and First Nations is a long and complex one

It is a privilege to write in this space, and this week I thought it was appropriate to amplify a strong First Nations voice, while providing a bit of historical context. Days before having to address the nation, and press from across the globe, Cadmus Delorme was touting the grain farm on Cowessess First Nation.

Editor’s Take: What comes down must (eventually) go up

It was the fall of 1981. Pierre Elliot Trudeau was once again in Sussex Drive after the brief prime ministership of Joe Clark. Ronald Reagan was just settling into the White House. And down the road, at the U.S. Federal Reserve, legendary central banker Paul Volcker was targeting inflation with high interest rates. From the

Ransomware attacks have increased by nearly 500 per cent since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Comment: JBS ransomware attack highlights need for new internet

The growing problem points to the need for a new, more secure system

Make no mistake: We are also in the midst of a digital pandemic of ransomware attacks. The recent attacks on Colonial Pipeline and JBS USA — the world’s largest meat processor — underscore the growing brazen nature of organized, deliberate attacks on increasingly significant targets, and our chronic inability to defend against them. What we

‘… when it comes to tending to the environment in a sustainable way and caring for animals humanely, Manitoba farmers are world leaders.’ – Cam Dahl.

Opinion: Public trust and modern agriculture

Don’t dread the public’s newfound interest — treat it as an opportunity

I find that many farmers react to the words “public trust” like a cat running across hot pavement. The subject is often viewed as a threat, seen by some as rhetorical cover for those who want to dismantle modern agriculture. While I understand the reaction, I have a different response. I see public questions on