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Drill-Fil makes seeding fast and easy

Our History: February 1968

Drill-Fil makes seeding fast and easy

The Smith-Roles Drill-Fil advertised in our February 22, 1968 issue allowed you to “Throw away that pail and shovel. Straighten up that aching back. Take the strain off sore muscles.”

That issue reported the defeat of Prime Minister Lester Pearson’s minority Liberal government on a money bill, forcing a vote of confidence, but the next issue reported that the government stayed in power thanks to support from the Creditiste MPs in Quebec. Meanwhile, Pearson had resigned as Liberal leader and a new candidate named Pierre Trudeau announced he would run.

Also in the news that week was United Grain Growers’ impending purchase of McCabe Grain.

World wheat surpluses were continuing to build and exports for the first half of the crop year were only 131.5 million bushels (3.6 million tonnes), the lowest in 12 years. In a speech to crop insurance agents, a wheat board commissioner said that Canada should continue to maintain high quality to stay competitive.

At a meeting of the Manitoba Dairy Association, producers heard about the threat of synthetic substitutes such as coffee whitener and advised to launch an aggressive advertising campaign.

Also in dairy news, a report by a McMaster University economist called for an end to subsidies and an adjustment program for small producers. “The problem of about 40 per cent of those shipping milk or cream is not a matter of price or market, but a question of whether they should continue farming at all,” the report said.

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