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Manitoba crops seeing weather stress, alfalfa weevils causing forage yield losses

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for June 22

Southwest Region Temperatures became more seasonal last week, ranging from 20 to 30 C during the day, with overnight temperatures in most areas of 6 to 11 C. Crop growth has improved with previous weeks’ moisture, but the heat wave in past week stressed many crops. Neepawa area received 6 to 8 mm rain; all

“Supply management is a uniquely Canadian system that allows Canada’s dairy, poultry and egg farmers to produce what the Canadian market demands.”

Commodity groups split on predictable lines over supply management law

Private member’s bill would exclude supply-managed commodities from trade negotiations

Commodity groups are split on predictable lines over a proposed law that would exclude supply-managed commodities from future trade negotiations. Bill C-216, was introduced as a private member’s bill by Bloc Quebecois MP Louis Plamondon as a means of protecting supply management. If passed, federal negotiators would not be able to involve tariffs or import

Provincial entomologist John Gavloski (top right) and colleagues celebrate national bug appreciation day with cricket-based snacks.

Crop Diagnostic School takes on ‘call-in show’ format

Provincial ag experts answered questions on dry-weather pests, poor wheat emergence, and hot-weather spraying during the first online session

Drought was top of mind as agronomists and farmers took part in the first day of this year’s Crop Diagnostic School — call-in show style. Provincial experts took turns answering questions submitted before or during the online event on June 8, the first webinar of eight stretching to the end of July. One participant asked

Three priority areas are available under a research and innovation stream: green energy and energy efficiency, precision agriculture and bioeconomy.

Federal government offer details on Clean Tech funding

More efficient grain dryers are a major part of the planned spending

A program aimed at reducing climate change on Canadian farms could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to one megaton, according to federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau. Details on how to apply for the federal government’s Agricultural Clean Technology Program were made available earlier in June. While a variation of the program

Net government program payments to Canadian farmers, excluding farmer premiums and money from private programs, totalled $2.4 billion in 2020.

Canadian farm net cash income higher in 2020

Government payouts to farmers went up too, but there’s a good reason

Canadian — and Manitoba — farmers saw a jump in government program payments in 2020, as well as higher gross revenues and net cash income. Increased government payouts might seem counterintuitive, but much of the money came to farmers through crop insurance and AgriStability due to poor crops in 2019. “Direct program payments rose 10.8

Global food import costs to surge

Global food import costs to surge

A double-digit surge is expected this year, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization says

Global food import costs are expected to rise 12 per cent in 2021 to a record due to surging commodity prices and robust demand during the COVID-19 crisis, the United Nations food agency said. The world’s food import bill, including shipping costs, is projected to reach $1.715 trillion this year, from US$1.530 trillion in 2020,

Grain ships continue to arrive at Canadian ports, suggesting the possibility of another record despite tight grain supplies.

Is a grain shipping three-peat on the horizon?

Grain movement has been running at a record pace during the 2020-21 crop year, but will it continue to the July 31 finish line?

The record-setting pace of western grain moving to port thus far could see a three-peat when the 2020-21 crop year ends July 31. Canada’s grain monitor Mark Hemmes, president of Quorum Corporation, speculated in an interview in October 2020 — less than three months into the current crop year — it was possible grain moved by rail from

Strategie Grains raises EU 2021-22 wheat crop, export forecasts

Consultancy Strategie Grains has raised its monthly forecast for the 2021 soft wheat harvest and exports from the European Union next season due to improved competitiveness on the world market but lowered them for the current season. It also lifted its EU 2021 barley and maize crop outlook, supported by good weather conditions. “Since last

The Manitoba government said it wrote the law based on national biosecurity standards.

Will Bill 62 have unintended consequences?

For farmers looking for consumer trust, some studies, experts, suggest ‘ag-gag’ laws are counterproductive

A new provincial law to keep trespassers out of barns and animal rights advocates away from transport trucks may do that — but it may also erode public trust in farming practices. “The public wants to know what it is that farmers are trying to hide,” Jodi Lazare told the Co-operator. Lazare teaches law at

Will Bill 62 survive a constitutional challenge?

There are many unanswered questions about the incoming laws, legal scholar says

Manitoba’s Bill 62 may be susceptible to constitutional challenges, law professor, Jodi Lazare told Manitoba’s Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food. Lazare is an assistant professor of law at Dalhousie University with expertise in constitutional and animal law. She is doing research, funded by the social sciences and humanities council of Canada, on the constitutional

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