The first-ever contract signed with the Wheat Pool

Our History: May 1927

vintage newspaper ad

In a testimonial in this ad from the May 1927 issue of The Scoop Shovel, C.K. Eidse of Morris said he had used and abused two Twin City 17-28s for six years, and they were still going strong.

“The Pool Woman” column in that issue noted that the first five-year contracts committing farmers’ entire wheat sales to the voluntary pooling system were soon to expire, and that the campaign to renew them would start in June. The column said that women had an important role to play in the campaign, noting that the first-ever contract with the Pool had been signed by a woman, Mrs. Ellen Foss of Stonewall.

There was much coverage of the International Wheat Pool Conference in Kansas City, which had been attended by representatives of wheat pools in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Russia. Manitoba Pool president Colin Burnell dismissed notions that the conference was to establish a world wheat pool. The idea was to bring the organizations “to confer together so that they might be friendly co-operators instead of price-cutting competitors.”

Russian representative J.G. Ohsol spoke of economic reconstruction after the czar. “The Russian farmers, liberated through the revolution, intend to rise to a higher economic level and aim to use all measures which they have themselves and which the Soviet government can put at their disposal.”

The Manitoba Co-operative Poultry Marketing Association called for May 24 to be “Swat the rooster day,” asking (in capital letters for emphasis) that after that date “There are no roosters in the members’ flocks.” It was estimated that 70 per cent of grade loss in Manitoba was due to marketing fertile eggs.

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