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The Worlds Greatest Cream Saver

Our History: May 1927

The Worlds Greatest Cream Saver

You could get a big allowance on your old machine, a 10-day free trial and “the most generous time in which to pay up” if you purchased the Melotte cream separator advertised in the May 1927 issue of The Scoop Shovel, which was the predecessor to the Co-operator.

The Co-operative Dairies report that month said that while farmers were just entering into the heavy season for cream production, it was difficult to foresee market conditions. “First, the New Zealand control is off for the present and this has released quite a large quantity on the old country (Great Britain) market, necessarily affecting the price to some extent, though no doubt a great quantity of this will go into consumption before we Canadians have a surplus to ship. At the present moment Canada is an importer of butter, even our western provinces.”

The report from the Manitoba Co-operative Poultry Marketing Association encouraged producers to “Swat the Rooster” and requested that every egg shipper eliminate roosters by May 24. It estimated that 70 per cent of shrinkage in eggs marketed in Manitoba was due to marketing fertile eggs.

“A rooster contributes nothing towards egg production,” the notice said in capital letters. “Will you assist in Swatting the Rooster on May 24th,” it said, concluding with: “Note — Boil three hours before using.”

United Livestock Growers reported that due to scarce supply, cattle prices had been strong despite the “vanishing” of overseas trade to Britain. “The fact is that Canada has no cattle to share for the British market.” However Britain was expected to continue to influence bacon prices.

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