Requests for Ottawa to take over grain terminals

Our History: May 1909

vintage newspaper advertisement

This ad from the May 1909 The Grain Growers’ Guide offered Brandon-manufactured windmills ranging in price from $60 to $160.

In 1908, the Nor-West Farmer had been purchased by the Grain Growers’ Grain Company (later United Grain Growers) and had become the official “organ” for the organization. Much of the May issue was devoted to the request that the federal government take over the operations of the grain terminals at Fort William in order that farmers get a better grade. A delegation had been to Ottawa to request this change as well as others to the Canada Grain Act. The idea was supported by the Dominion Millers’ Association, and the issue carried the full text of its letter to the minister of trade and commerce requesting the change.

There were grumblings about farmers in North Dakota receiving a higher price than farmers in Manitoba. One letter complained about an elevator at Beresford and “the lowdown methods they use to bluff the farmer.” Another letter put the North Dakota premium at 15 cents a bushel, and the writer called for Winnipeg to have “a free and open market where all the world’s millers may come and jostle with each other in the sample room.”

On a less controversial subject, a letter from Fred Carroll of Carroll, Man. invited all comers to a plowing match in July. Beside the “usual classes for gang and walking plows, there will be competition for the McMillan Cup, with which goes the provincial championship.”

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