Sow up to 240 acres in one day, and Winnipeg floodway plans near completion

Our History: May 1960

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Farmers getting ready to seed the 1960 crop could visit their Case dealer to see this equipment advertised in our May 5 issue.

At a meeting of the Prairie Flood Control Organization in Brandon the previous week, Agriculture Minister George Hutton said plans were being completed for the Winnipeg Floodway, and engineers were also considering an Assiniboine River dam at Holland or a diversion into Lake Manitoba at Portage. The Fairford Dam at the north end of Lake Manitoba was to be completed the next year, and would “protect farms in the Interlake area,” the story said.

We reported that plans for crop insurance in “the northern test area” might be dropped for lack of interest. Signup had not reached the minimum 25 per cent required, as it had in the other three areas.

Manitoba Women’s Institute Week was announced for June 13-17 to mark the organization’s 50th anniversary. Premier Duff Roblin and Agriculture Minister George Hutton were to speak at a meeting in Winnipeg, and the delegates were to travel to unveil a plaque in Morris, where the group was one of the oldest operating.

Provincial special crop agronomist Dave Durksen said there was a disappointing response to increased market demand for rapeseed. Contracts had only been signed for about 15,000 acres, but Durksen said the province could easily market four or five times that much. “There is some concern that Manitoba farmers are unable to break from the tradition of cereal production,” the story said.

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