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The Campbell Farming Corporation

Our History: November 1928

The Campbell Farming Corporation

The November 1928 front page of our predecessor publication The Scoop Shovel featured photos of the Campbell Farming Corporation in Montana.

Wikipedia says that “Thomas D. Campbell (1882–1966) was the ‘World’s Wheat King.’ On the farms of his Campbell Farming Corporation he grew more wheat than any other farmer or corporation. He pioneered industrialized corporate farming. As a consultant in agriculture, he advised the British, French and Soviet governments, including advising Stalin in 1929 on large-scale farming for the Soviet Union’s first five-year plan.”

The Scoop Shovel said “The company has 95,000 acres owned and leased, of which 65,000 acres are plowed and 45,000 acres are in crop each year. It owns 56 tractors, 500 14-inch plow bottoms, 60 12-foot drills, 50 10-foot discs, 72 binders, 100 harrow sections, nine threshing machines, 21 combines, 200 wagons. It can plow 1,000 acres per day, seed 2,000 acres, harvest 2,000 acres, thresh 20,000 bushels of grain. When all tractors are in operation about 4,000 gallons of gasoline are used per day.”

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