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The fecal egg count (FEC) test measures the number and type of parasite eggs a horse is passing in its manure and this information helps horse owners 
better target the use of deworming products.

Shwetz: The evolution of deworming strategies in the horse

Old recommendations of regular treatments aren’t the best course of action anymore

Many horse owners are very committed to the regular and timely deworming of their horses. Oral paste dewormers have become a major staple in stables, tack shops, feed outlets and veterinary pharmacies and thus are readily available to the horse owner. Although this availability of paste and gel dewormers does seem ideal, the traditional practices

Minnedosa veterinarian Dr. Troy Gowan (left) speaks with Scott Atkins, Manitoba territory manager with Boehringer Ingelheim, (right) after an April 18 information workshop on the company’s extended-release parasiticide, LongRange.

New product promises better parasite control

Extended-release parasiticide LongRange promises longer control over internal parasites, 
but some local farmers are still figuring out how it fits with their operation

A new parasiticide is promising respite from mid-season worm troubles, but farmers are still weighing pros and cons. Scott Atkins, Manitoba territory manager with Boehringer Ingelheim, took to Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives near Brandon April 18 to pitch his company’s extended-release parasiticide, LongRange, marketed for cattle in the pasture. “The big difference in this

 Soybean plant with nematode-filled cysts.

On the lookout for soybean cyst nematodes

But make no mistake, this new destructive pest is coming and farmers 
can learn more about it July 22 at the SMART Soybean Day in Carman

Soybean cyst nematodes haven’t been found in Manitoba yet. That’s the good news. The bad news is it’s only a matter of time until they are, says University of Manitoba soil scientist Mario Tenuta. But early detection will help farmers manage it. The search for the small, soil-borne, worm-like parasites that can dramatically reduce soybean

Disposable plastic boots (see below) or carrying a sprayer filled with disinfectant are measures for preventing disease transmission from one farm to another.

Biosecurity measures key to combating crop diseases

Potato wart, potato cyst nematode, bacterial wilt (or brown rot) and bacterial ring rot 
are all diseases of concern to Manitoba potato growers in 2015

The risk of devastating losses from potato pests can be managed through crop biosecurity measures, says Vikram Bisht, an extension plant pathologist for Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. As part of his presentation at Manitoba Potato Production Days in Brandon in January, Bisht issued a call to action to potato growers to stay ahead

Grasshopper on a sunflower under attack from red mites.

Invasion of the body snatchers

Southwestern Manitoba grasshoppers being preyed upon by parasitic red mites

This grasshopper munching on a sunflower in southwestern Manitoba is being devoured by parasitic red mites (Eutrombidium locustarum), says Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (MAFRD) entomologist John Gavloski. The mites feed on the blood (hemolymph) of grasshoppers. They also prey on grasshopper eggs. Each female mite can lay up to 4,000 eggs, providing mite

MAFRI pest and disease report for June 25

Manitoba Agriculture has posted its weekly insect and disease update for June 25. View the full report. Highlights • Flea beetle numbers are starting to decline, and cutworms are advancing into their final larval stages or starting to turn to pupae. • Grasshoppers hatch continues, check field edges and other suitable egg-laying areas to determine

More questions for Reena

Dear Reena, My husband decided to put a really hot cardboard pizza box on my brand new solid wood table. I removed the thin tablecloth off of the table to shake out the crumbs and found a white square imprint. After trying to figure out what it was and using some Pledge with natural orange

Put these crop pests on your radar

Which pest is going to strike where next and how hard ranks right up there with weather forecasting for jobs that are difficult to get right. But extension agronomists say these are some of the yield robbers on their watch list. Soybean cyst nematode This pest hasn’t been found in Manitoba yet, but it could

Sheep producers warned to be on the lookout for deadly parasite

Expert says pasture rotation is key and since barber pole worms stay low, allowing 
pastures to grow a bit higher before grazing can help

With two hot and wet summers under their belts, Manitoba sheep producers need to be on guard against the barber pole worm. “It’s a problem in all of North America, and actually most of the world,” said Dr. Reuben Neumier, a veterinarian who raises sheep between Virden and Pipestone. “This is the parasite that causes