Steinbach dairy is cream of the crop

Brent and Kirsty Oswald have been named Manitoba’s Outstanding Young Farmers

Cottonwood Holsteins, near Steinbach, has been dairying for three generations now. But when Brent and Kirsty Oswald took over the family operation in 2008, big changes were in store — starting with the robots. In 2009, the couple raised a new barn, moving dairy operations from the building used by Brent’s parents to a new […] Read more

Fresh vegetables on bark.

Horticulture industry gets a taste of Manitoba as national council gathers in Winnipeg

About 200 members of the Canadian Horticulture Council were expected 
to attend the annual general meeting held in Winnipeg March 14-16

Winnipeg recently played host to Canada’s horticulture industry. Around 200 members of Canadian Horticulture Council gathered for the organization’s annual general meeting March 14-16. The Vegetable Growers Association of Manitoba, Peak of the Market, Keystone Vegetable Producers Association and Keystone Potato Producers Association are among Manitoba organizations represented, joining members from across Canada. “It basically allows […] Read more

Get ready for more questions from buyers

Growers and processors are concerned about conflicts between regulatory standards 
and those from individual customers

It isn’t just about antibiotics or hormones for livestock — crop producers are also starting to receive buyers’ questions about how they run their business. In an interview, Keystone Agricultural Producers president Dan Mazier said disclosure of farm inputs has been popping up in crop contracts for years, but the trend is on the rise. […] Read more

Manitoba classrooms boost ag literacy

Minnedosa’s Tanner’s Crossing School is one of 235 Manitoba schools participating 
in the first month-long agricultural literacy event

Tracy Kingdon’s Grade 5/6 class at Tanner’s Crossing School in Minnedosa wasn’t using pens and pencils Mar. 10. Instead, they were shaking whipping cream into butter, getting an up-close look at seed varieties and digging up questions for Lise McQuarrie, one of more than 100 Agriculture in the Classroom volunteers invited to Manitoba schools this […] Read more

Western Manitoba opens doors for stranded travellers

Communities in western Manitoba found themselves sheltering travellers Mar. 6-7 as the 
storm raged and highways closed

Life ground to a halt in much of western Manitoba Mar. 6-7, as heavy snow, winds and whiteout conditions closed highways, leaving many travellers stranded and some needing rescue. Brandon spent 31 hours with visibility below 400 metres. The same area saw up to 41 centimetres of snow, sustained winds of 71 kilometres an hour […] Read more

Soil management, cover crops and recouping costs explored

Farm-specific cover crop integration was the backbone of the latest Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association grazing club workshop

Clayton Robins knows something about fighting soil salinity. His farm, located near Rivers, Man., sits on top of what he’s described as “starry night” soil, speckled with white pockets of high salt content. It’s an issue he says has largely disappeared since he first added a secondary NS simultaneous crop focused on soil management rather […] Read more

Creating a safety culture at one Manitoba dairy

Workplace safety is a buzzword at Rosser Holsteins west of Winnipeg

Time is the enemy, particularly when it comes to injury risk, according to Henry Holtmann, of Rosser Holsteins outside of Winnipeg. “In times when we think we don’t have time for safety, we have to really step back and make time, because the consequences of not making time are actually you lose more time,” he […] Read more

Four-part webinar series takes tile drainage education into the digital age

A recent educational effort by Agriculture Manitoba and the Red River Basin Commission means farmers are staying home to take in information on tile drainage

Manitoba Agriculture and the Red River Basin Commission have taken to the web on tile drainage. A series of four webinars is running until March 18, with topics spanning the on-farm benefits, downstream implications, environmental concerns and government considerations of tile drainage. “It’s established in other places, such as south of the border, but here […] Read more

AMM looks for clarity on Power Smart

With the province looking to create a separate energy efficiency agency, municipalities look to the 
potential impact on recreational facilities and Power Smart programs

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities wants to make sure the Power Smart program will continue, even if it won’t be part of Manitoba Hydro. The creation of a separate energy efficiency agency was part of Progressive Conservative campaign promises in 2015, drawn from a 2014 recommendation by the Public Utilities Board. In the November 2016 […] Read more

Western Manitoba prepares as province releases its first flood outlook

The Southwest Flood Strategy Committee is among the regional groups preparing 
for possible flood conditions in western Manitoba

The Southwest Flood Strategy Committee came together for the first time in almost two years Mar. 1, and it’s turning rapt eyes to the spring flood forecast. The group was formed after the 2011 flood — which evacuated 7,100 people from their homes, damaged significant municipal infrastructure and left three million acres of farmland unseeded […] Read more