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Kochia and salinity: a battle on two fronts

One strategy might be to treat saline patches like a lawn, and mow them before the kochia sets seed

Producers may be looking for a way to beat back kochia, but what does that mean for the salinity problems lurking in the soil? Saline patches were common this year after a second season of below-average moisture. Read more: The year of the tumbleweed “The fluctuations in soil moisture are very linked to the soil […] Read more

No wool over their eyes

Grazing preference, fencing, and parasite issues are among the quirks sheep producers deal with when attempting high stock density grazing

Markus Wand can draw on a long family history of high intensity rotational grazing and adapting it to different species. His operation, Wand Family Farm near Powassan, Ont., has been rotationally grazing since the ’70s when Markus’s father, Klaus, bought a dairy farm and turned to the practice to help manage the farm’s purebred herd. […] Read more

Livestock opinions diverge on USMCA

Supply-managed sectors are calling foul on NAFTA’s successor, but livestock industries like pork and beef are welcoming the deal with open arms

Livestock sectors are split on yet another free trade agreement, this one the successor to NAFTA. Canada’s dairy sector has made no secret that it is unhappy with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which promises new access for the U.S. dairy industry, an end to Class 6 and Class 7 milk products within six months […] Read more

Used grain dryers face battle for certification

Anyone hoping a used grain dryer will save their moisture-laden crop may be in for a fight to get it certified

Farmers in the market for a used grain dryer say they are frustrated by a quagmire of red tape during a year when crops are already buried under snow and wetted by weeks of rain. It’s a potentially hard hit for Andrew Dalgarno of Newdale, who said only about 15 per cent of his crop […] Read more

Meeting the mark for sustainable beef

CRSB supporters hope its newly unveiled logos, trademarks and certification marks may help draw in the consumer once they start appearing on product labels and advertisements

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) hopes consumers will soon be on the lookout for its new logos. The organization launched its trademarks and logos, along with rules on how to use them, to the market Sept. 20. The logos and trademarks may soon be appearing on company advertisements, promotional materials or specific products […] Read more

Remaining canola promises tough harvest

September’s sudden snowfall should be treated like a frost if crops were immature and a rain event if pods were ready to come off the field, according to the Canola Council of Canada

Canola growers are casting more than one mournful look to the field after an unseasonable snow dump and chilly rain stopped harvest in its tracks. Manitoba’s weather took a turn to the cold and wet in the last weeks of September, with many regions reporting rain, temperatures well below 10 C and, in a stark […] Read more

To the bin or bust: quinoa a risky proposition

Producers find new challenges with the South American transplant

Five years after planting his first quinoa crop, Ryan Pengelly of Tamarack Farms near Erickson has tasted success and failure. He’s placed his direct-marketed product on retail shelves and in farmers’ market stalls. He’s also experienced total crop failures other years. Pengelly, like other producers pioneering quinoa in Manitoba, is looking for agronomic answers in […] Read more

Is palmer amaranth waiting in the wings?

Experts weigh in on palmer amaranth, its climbing stats to the south, and the chance we might see the weed cropping up in Manitoba

Provincial weed specialist Tammy Jones says it’s not time to push the panic button on palmer amaranth, despite new cases reported in North Dakota. Manitoba has cast a closer eye to the situation now that the noxious weed has been spotted in the neighbouring state. “We knew it was in South Dakota, so the expectation […] Read more

Province announces locked-in funds with MASC trusts

The province says the new trusts will keep funds cycling back to the farm

AgriInsurance and hail insurance funds will be handled a little differently in the future, and the provincial government says that will keep those funds going back to farmers. The province announced two new trusts Sept. 21 to feed into the two insurance streams. The trust for AgriInsurance will include provincial, federal and paid-in funds from […] Read more

Pollinator study looks for producer buy-in

A University of Manitoba researcher is looking for land to measure the impact of pollinator strips

Jason Gibbs of the University of Manitoba wants to know more about how pollinator strips impact the field, and he’s hoping local producers will help him. The professor of entomology has put the call out for producers willing to volunteer about one acre for pollinator habitat. Gibbs plans to plant a strip of flowering plants […] Read more