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Pushing the boundaries of intercropping

Flax and soybeans is just one combination under investigation

There are some unusual crop combinations springing up southwest of Melita. Experimental intercrops are among the Westman Agricultural Diversification Organization (WADO) projects this year, including flax intercropped with soybeans and hemp intercropped with legumes. Pea-canola, an emerging combination already used on some Manitoba farms, and the already established wheat-legume mix are also under the microscope, […] Read more

pig in trailer

Recovering pigs being moved to other barns

Though pigs survived latest PEDV outbreak, officials concerned about disease spread

Manitoba hog farmers whose barns are affected by the ongoing porcine epidemic diarrhea (PEDv) outbreak are running out of space to put the surviving pigs. Five unaffected barns recently had to receive pigs from locations battling the virus due to space constraints, Dr. Glen Duizer of Manitoba’s chief veterinary office said last week. While the […] Read more

4-H’ers dig into soil health policy and education

Soil health was a repeat topic as 4-H members from around the world turned their attention to sustainable agriculture and food security

It’s time to think about what lies below our feet. That was the message delegates from 35 countries received from multiple speakers at the recent Global 4-H Summit in Ottawa. Soil health emerged from several workshops during the third day of the July 11-14 conference, themed around sustainable agriculture and food security. Syngenta Canada, also […] Read more

To till or not to till? For soybeans that’s the question

The Westman Agricultural Diversification Organization is testing out planting dates and 
pre-seed tillage systems in its latest round of soybean experiments

Conventional wisdom says to break out the harrow before planting soybeans, the better to expose black earth and warm the soil, but new research is putting that assumption to the test. Dr. Yvonne Lawley of the Unive­rsity of Manitoba is measuring the effect of seeding date and different tillage systems on soybeans through several regions […] Read more

Expanded staff to put hog disease in the crosshairs

Manitoba Pork says it hopes to fill the new swine health programs manager by early fall

Manitoba Pork hopes revisiting its disease management and prevention programming will help the industry dodge the next disease threat. The council will be expanding staff to include a swine health programs manager as part of the process, chair George Matheson said during a recent interview with industry-run broadcast “Farmscape.” The new hire will take on […] Read more

Goss’s wilt makes its first appearance of the year

Goss’s wilt in corn and Phytophthora root rot in soybeans have been among the pathogens noted in the provincial disease and insect updates

Reports of Goss’s wilt in corn are early, but not surprising, according to Holly Derksen, field crop pathologist with Manitoba Agriculture. One infection was reported near Austin, followed by reports of the disease near Morden. “Which is not surprising at all,” Derksen said. “We have it everywhere every year, but especially in the Morden, Altona, […] Read more

4-H kitchen heats up at Manitoba Summer Fair

Junior and intermediate cooks had already proved themselves with regional wins by the time they donned their aprons at the provincial championships in Brandon

Ffion and Nia Devonald are award-winning chefs, and they aren’t even in high school yet. The pair — and their herb and tomato rendition of the grilled cheese sandwich — took the junior title during the inaugural 4-H Manitoba Food Challenge Provincial Championship June 10 in Brandon. “We’ve baked with our family for a while, […] Read more

Aphid-borne virus found in Manitoba oat fields

The virus, and its associated chlorosis and premature maturation, has been noted in several oat fields

Oat fields in central Manitoba are fighting off barley yellow dwarf virus. “We see it from year to year,” Man­itoba Agriculture field crop pathologist Holly Derksen said. “I think this is probably the most severe that I’ve seen it in fields, but that being said, it’s historically been present in Manitoba and in varying levels.” […] Read more

Hemp industry looks to overcome growing pains

Hemp yields have jumped as agronomy and varieties 
improve, but now processors are on the hunt for new 
markets to deal with oversupply risk

Hemp is no longer a complete novelty — but it isn’t exactly mainstream either. It occupies the somewhat risky middle ground of being better established, but still niche. There’s plenty of interest in growing it, but that capacity could swamp markets that are still developing. Market research by Manitoba Harvest, one of the province’s major […] Read more

Producers explore the ABCs of do-it-yourself soil health tests

The Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives has a few ways of determining 
potential problems that have nothing to do with a lab

The science behind soil health might be complex, but most of the tests showcased during the latest Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives workshop could be done with equipment bought from a dollar store. “We have the ability to really investigate the soil ourselves,” Marla Riekman, land management specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, said. “You can use […] Read more