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Culling best when earliest

No one wants to cull, but could producers have saved themselves pasture, herd size and market headaches if they had started winnowing a little earlier this year?

Manitoba’s cattle auction marts were ready for a glut that didn’t come early this fall. Feed was short, pastures had dwindled and experts were warning that a heavy cow cull was on the way. By most reports, however, that wasn’t what happened. Why it matters: Producers seemed to hold on to their cattle this fall, […] Read more

Gearing up on the farm: the right equipment makes you safer

Make sure your personal protective gear is in place, fits properly and works

How would your farm fare if a workplace safety inspector suddenly showed up? If you have a sneaking suspicion you might flunk that test, you’re not alone, according to the Manitoba Farm Safety Program. Morag Marjerison, farm safety consultant with the program, says she expects farms will see more safety inspectors in the future, something […] Read more

RMs near halfway mark on hog barn rule revisit

The clock is ticking for municipalities to set their own size limits when it comes to conditional use for hog barns

Municipalities have a little over half a year left to review their policy on how big a new hog barn has to be before it sparks a conditional use hearing. The province rolled back its own conditional use requirements in June, part of a list of changes made to the Planning Act around large-scale livestock […] Read more

Time to pull the pin on the cull?

No one wants to cull, but it seems when you do, sooner is always going to be better

Manitoba’s cattle auction marts were ready for a glut that didn’t come early this fall. Feed was short, pastures had dwindled and experts were warning that a heavy cow cull was on the way. By most reports, however, that wasn’t what happened. Instead, auction marts say those volumes were later than expected and cull cows […] Read more

Livestock producers worried as grazing leases head to auction

Farmers say too many details are still undetermined as the new system gets closer to reality

Producers are looking for details as the province hashes out its new Crown lands auction system. Bill 35, which introduced open auctions to allocate agricultural Crown lands and gave the province power to designate Crown lands and community pastures, received royal assent Nov. 8. Although approved on proclamation it has not yet come into effect. […] Read more

WLPIP expands payment window

The cattle industry has welcomed insurance changes that will allow it to hold back premiums on its WLPIP policies until after the plan expires

MASC says changes to the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program will give cash-starved producers more flexibility when it comes time to pay. Farmers now have until 30 days after their policy expires to pay premiums, rather than having to pay at the time the policy is purchased. MASC has introduced a payment on account option […] Read more

Hemp market woes launch contract conflicts

Fresh Hemp Foods says market pressures forced it to ask producers to voluntarily dock contract prices, but producers aren’t happy with the cut

Hemp growers say they are getting a raw deal on contracts after being asked to accept a lower price than initially agreed. In late 2017, growers contracted by Fresh Hemp Foods (an umbrella company including Manitoba Harvest) received a letter asking them to adjust contract prices. The letter blamed market pressures for the move, including […] Read more

Doing the math on intercropping

Rocket science starts to look easy when farmers delve into the complexity of this system

On the surface intercropping is a simple idea — grow two crops together in one field and take advantage of the synergies that result. Proponents say it helps build the farm’s bottom line and soil health while lowering dependence on expensive inputs. But underneath that simple idea is an array of complicated decisions and compounding […] Read more

Time to tailor insurance, says Manitoba Beef Producers

The issue is also expected to be front and centre for the upcoming annual general meeting this winter

Manitoba’s beef producers say it’s time insurance options for feed and pasture get with the times. The Manitoba Beef Producers is chewing through a wish list of insurance changes after its fall district meetings. Farmers in several districts are now looking for more support on alternative grazing strategies, something MBP general manager Brian Lemon says […] Read more

Does that dust mask fit? Are you sure?

Registrations are still open for two free Manitoba Farm Safety Program conferences on Nov. 26 and Nov. 28

If you’re not sure you’ve got the right size of dust mask on, it might be worth an expert opinion. Disposable respiratory masks are omnipresent on most farms, one of the most basic pieces of personal protective equipment and, along with earplugs, likely make up at least some of the clutter in the average machinery […] Read more