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Souris river: feast or famine

Evaluation of Souris River’s flow data has begun evaluation in earnest, but the sheer number of scenarios promises enough data to drown in, and not everyone agrees on priorities

Lynn R. Kongslie is used to watching his ranch near Towner, North Dakota, go under water, but that doesn’t lessen the sting each time it does. Like many ranchers in the area, Kongslie believes he knows who to blame. Saskatchewan’s three major control structures along the Souris River are sore topics in Towner, Minot and […] Read more

Is this baler yet another step toward driverless machinery?

Vermeer promises its new self-propelled unit will make baling as easy as driving down the highway

Autonomous farming has taken a step from the grain crop to the hayfield. Vermeer’s ZR5 self-propelled baler has made waves in the U.S. and now in Canada after the machine made its Canadian debut in Manitoba earlier this summer. It was a major draw at equipment demos in both Glenboro and the Manitoba Beef and […] Read more

Boots on the ground with Vermeer’s ZR5 baler

Digging into the finer details on the ZR5’s promises and capabilities

Vermeer expects its modular design to be a selling point for the ZR5, both for ease of service and safety. The baling chamber is hydraulically connected to the power unit similar to a front-end loader. When disconnected, a switch in the cab lifts the baler from the power unit, allowing the farmer to drive away. […] Read more

How much grain are you willing to let fall on the ground?

An ‘acceptable loss’ can be a moving target but those who don’t measure harvest lost may be losing far more than they think

Joel McDonald of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute has seen the full spectrum of techniques for minimizing harvest loss. He has seen lead-footed farmers blaze through their acreage, but leave a substantial part of the harvest behind. He has also seen farmers crawl their combine at a mile and a half per hour to avoid […] Read more

Busting nitrogen loss with late in-crop application

If you’re about N loss, you may consider a late boost

Corn growers may want to wait on nitrogen application, particularly in a wet year. A nitrogen application at the end of June or early July will help limit nitrogen loss and better time it to when the plant is actually looking for the nutrient, speakers said during a recent field day at the Canada-Manitoba Crop […] Read more

Mixed farmers need not apply for cover crop funding

The province says cover crop funding under Ag Action Manitoba only allows grazing on ‘stockless farms’

You can graze cattle on cover crops planted with help from Ag Action Manitoba — as long as they’re not your cattle, that is. Ag Action Manitoba is the province’s vehicle for funding under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) program. Cover crops are among the beneficial management practices (BMPs) it promotes to improve the environment. […] Read more

Manitoba forage growers tapped for carbon project

The national project is the next step toward the CFGA’s goal of having farmers paid for storing carbon

Five Manitoba farmers are helping the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association (CFGA) put a value on carbon storage. Ryan Canart of Miniota, Allan Preston of Hamiota, Matt Van Steelandt of Melita, Jonathan Bouw of Anola and Clayton Robins of Rivers are all recognizable names on the grazing, soil health or regenerative agriculture field tour circuits […] Read more

Almost all of Manitoba declared eligible for livestock tax relief

Low feed supply prompts a second year of tax deferral

Manitoba’s forage shortage will warrant federal tax relief again this year. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has released its first list of regions eligible for the livestock tax deferral program allowing producers to defer income from cattle sales into the following tax year. For many municipalities, it will be the second year in a row for […] Read more

Pea allergies could hamper new markets

New uses for pea protein is good news for growers, but it has also led to some unexpected allergic reactions for people

Novel uses of pea protein are great news for growers but may be bad news for allergy sufferers. They’re suddenly faced with a world where it may be in unexpected places like sandwich meats and chicken strips. Earlier this spring Dr. Elana Lavine, an Ontario-based allergist, highlighted the issue in the Journal of Allergy and […] Read more

Poor pastures cast a long shadow, despite recent storms

The province has gotten rain, but poor nutrition could affect the next calving season

Veterinarians warn that the dry start to the season may come back to roost when producers start pregnancy checking this fall. Why it matters: Poor winter rations followed by poor pastures may mean a hard calving season next year. Dr. Carl Reesink, of the Fisher Veterinary Clinic in Fisher Branch, says he is worried about […] Read more