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Dairy producers are getting a new traceability system, and a phase-in period from the old one.

Dairy sector unveils national traceability program

Producers across Canada are being asked to activate their DairyTrace accounts and start phasing out any use of yellow ear tags in calves bound for the beef market

Manitoba dairy producers will be getting used to a new way of doing business when it comes to traceability. On Oct. 5, Lactanet Canada, along with the Dairy Farmers of Canada, announced the launch of DairyTrace, a new program that will take over traceability recording and reporting for the dairy sector nationwide. Why it matters: Dairy producers

The BMP funding program cost shares on a range of on-farm projects between the producer and provincial government.

Beneficial management practice applications starting soon

Funding applications for the next round of on-farm beneficial management practice projects will open Nov. 4

Farms with an Environmental Farm Plan may want to check if any projects on next year’s to-do list are eligible for a financial boost from the province. The province is about to open its next round of applications for beneficial management practice (BMP) funding. The program cost shares a range of on-farm projects between the

Potato producers have been spared sights like this in 2020, although yields may have fallen short of what many producers would have liked.

Smooth harvest, but short yield for potato growers

Manitoba won’t see the undug acres of 2018 and 2019, although many yields aren’t bursting any storages

Manitoba’s potato crop won’t be breaking yield records. Then again, at least the crop is off the field. It has not been the case for the last two years. Producers were forced to abandon a significant portion of their crop in both 2018 and 2019 due to wet falls and damage from frost. Last year,

Pluses and minuses: COVID-19 hurts then helps beef sustainability

COVID-19 may have created a chance for sustainable beef to fall upward from an initial dip early in the pandemic

Canada’s burgeoning value chain for sustainable beef was not spared the wrecking ball that was COVID-19 earlier this year, but it hopes to find greener pastures in which to land. Why it matters: Efforts to build a separate supply chain for sustainable beef ran into challenges from market disruptions to logistical challenges with audits once

Corn silage yields have been surprisingly durable this year despite dry growing conditions and an early frost.

Smooth silage harvest shakes off shadow of 2019

This year’s corn silage harvest has been a stark and pleasant contrast to this time last year, when producers were fighting snow to get corn silage in

After fighting ruts, mud, snow and spoilage last year, producers have welcomed a much smoother harvest for corn silage. Peter Gilbraith, of Gilbraith Farm Services in St. Claude, says his custom silage service has almost reached the end of their customer list for the year. “Yields are well above average,” he said. “We just didn’t

Parker, Val and Darcy Watson accept their award jackets from Ron McDonald of the Manitoba Charolais Association after being named 2020 commercial breeder of the year.

Darcy Watson’s eye for stock earns breed association award

Cattle producer says Charolais breed has been the backbone of the family’s operation for generations

Commercial Charolais producer Darcy Watson has played with other genetics over the years, but he says those experiments have always led him back to Charolais. The Watson family has a long history with Charolais cattle. It was the breed his father ran, Watson recalled, and the one that he’s has pursued as he has grown

Manitoba’s swine genetics sector is hailing a relaxing of some federal regulations seen as outdated and unnecessary.

CFIA rules smooth path for AI facilities

Canada’s pig genetics industry is expecting big savings on time and money thanks to new rules on disease testing and isolation

Boars going into a domestic-use semen centre won’t have to clear the same hurdles now that changes on disease testing and isolation periods have come into effect. Why it matters: Swine artificial insemination facilities that cater to domestic customers say new CFIA rules will reduce replacement times by weeks and save money due to less

There are still localized feed shortages in pockets of the province but timely rains later in the summer seem to have taken the edge off of feed shortages that have dogged cattle producers the past two seasons.

Hay prices run ahead of demand

After two years of running very lean, Manitoba’s feed supply is back from the brink

Forage sellers may be aiming too high amid a softening hay market, according to a recent Hay Relief report from the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA). “The producers that I’ve talked to who are looking at selling and/or buying hay are kind of finding that there’s not a lot of people buying hay right

Livestock producers share their outrage at a last-minute, Oct. 2, 2019 meeting in St. Rose du Lac after the province released incoming changes to Agricultural Crown Lands regulations.

Crown land lease renewals to extend to family transfers

Producer groups had urged the government to add family transfers into their plan for renewing legacy forage leases for the sake of farm succession

[UPDATED: Oct. 6, 2020] Family members taking up the torch on their family’s operations which involve Crown land leases will, in fact, benefit from the right of renewal promised last year by the provincial government. The regulatory change would allow producers who held their grazing or haying lease prior to last year’s changes to renew

Frosty weeds and closing spray windows

Variables like weed species and recent and expected frosts will weigh into management decisions

Add the weather forecast into your calculations when planning fall weed control. It’s prime weed control season for perennial weeds like Canada thistle and winter annuals and acting now can help you, come spring. “A lot of the winter annuals are starting to become problems because if we don’t do any kind of control in