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Manitoba dairy: Trump comments ‘not based on fact’

The Dairy Farmers of Manitoba is defending its industry’s supply management and pricing strategies

As the U.S. and Canada trade verbal shots over supply management and protectionism while dairy groups in New Zealand and Australia say they’ll support any U.S. WTO actions, Manitoba dairy producers are standing pat. The Dairy Farmers of Manitoba (DFM) says it is still confidant that the federal government is behind it despite the fierce […] Read more

Doctors push disease prevention as tick season begins in Manitoba

The bloodsuckers are back and experts are once again 
offering advice on tick-borne disease

Doctors and government are sounding the alarm on tick-borne diseases as the first blacklegged ticks of the season have been discovered in Manitoba. Lyme disease, the illness most associated with the blacklegged tick and a growing villain in the minds of Manitobans, once again tops the province’s tick-related health concerns. Last year saw the highest […] Read more

Tips for avoiding ticks

Information taken from Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living Perform daily tick checks, particularly after spending time in areas with known blacklegged tick populations. Remain on paths and away from long grass. Wear appropriate tick repellant. Wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and closed-toe shoes. Tuck pants into socks. Wear light colours to more easily detect […] Read more

Bison industry considers video auction

The Manitoba Bison Association hopes a video auction will open doors for public engagement, should the suggestion become reality

The 2017 Great Spirit Bison Show and Sale might be one of the last to run a sales ring. The Manitoba Bison Association is eyeing video auctions to improve safety and public engagement during sales. The system would replace the sales ring with video taken of animals within their pens and then uploaded online. Online […] Read more

Canola Council of Canada sticks to 2025 production goal

Experts are advising longer rotations for canola in the face of disease pressures, 
but the Canola Council of Canada says it won’t affect its production goals for 2025

The Canola Council of Canada says advice to lengthen rotations will not change its 2025 yield goals of 52 bushels an acre for a total 26 million tonnes. Typical wheat-canola rotation has fallen out of favour with agronomy experts, who argue that longer rotations are needed to manage disease such as blackleg, verticillium wilt or […] Read more

Planning for a bumper crop of underwear

The Soil Conservation Council of Canada is hoping underwear will be neither tight nor white 
after two months in the ground

Cotton underwear should be the latest tool producers use to measure soil health. Soil Your Undies, a campaign pushed by the Soil Conservation Council of Canada as part of its 30th annual awareness week April 16-22, encourages Canadians to bury a pair of cotton underwear for two months. If soil is healthy, with a healthy […] Read more

Gilbert Farm still at the reins after 60 years at Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

Gilbert Farm near Brandon, well known in Hackney pony-showing circles, 
marked its 60th anniversary at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair in 2017

The first time Fred Gilbert walked into the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, Elvis was an exciting and controversial young performer and the baby boomers were in their teen years. He has warmed horses up for the evening show by car headlights, next to the now demolished Wheat City Arena, competed in rubber boots at the […] Read more

Manitoba Bison Association awards industry leader honour

Jamie Moran has been named this year’s Bill Lenton Memorial Award winner by the Manitoba Bison Association

Jamie “Malone” Moran is the latest recipient of the Bill Lenton Memorial Award from the Manitoba Bison Association. The Russell-area bison producer, fittingly, entered the business 20 years ago by purchasing his first animal from Lenton himself. He currently keeps 60 breeding cows and 50 yearling heifers on his ranch, and he says the tough […] Read more

SRDC puts crosshairs on innovation

The Southwest Regional Development Corporation 
is looking to get creative with rural development

The two words used most at a regional development meeting in Brandon last week were “innovation” and “challenges.” The Southwest Regional Development Corporation (SRDC) met in Brandon April 6 for its annual conference. The organization is still recovering from funding cuts in 2012, when the provincial government cut off funds to seven rural and northern […] Read more

Research hopes to bolster rural agri-food business

The study by the Rural Development Institute mixed 
in-depth case studies with public opinion

Agriculture and food has a role to play in rural development in Manitoba. That’s the conclusion of researcher Gillian Richards, of Brandon University’s Rural Development Institute, presenting at the Southwest Regional Development Corporation last week in Brandon. Richards’ study, “Rural Innovation in Manitoba: Reducing Barriers to commercialization and Growing Capacity in the Agri-Food Sector,” included […] Read more