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Who’s the father?

Initial data out of the Western Beef Development Centre and University of Saskatchewan shows siring rates in a pasture might vary more than you’d think

That bull has one job — and he might not be doing it. That’s the message from a recent study out of the Western Beef Development Centre and University of Saskatchewan and the focus of the latest Beef Cattle Research Council webinar. The research team, including the BCRC’s Stacey Domolewski, used DNA testing to track […] Read more

Municipalities not convinced on rural EMS changes

The province says closing 23 low-call stations and replacing them with more regional stations will enhance service, but local governments have concerns

Municipalities have serious concerns about proposed changes to rural EMS, and western Manitoba is at the head of the pack. The western region is expected to take the greatest hit if the province moves ahead with its plan to close 23 community ambulance bays, replacing them with five larger centres and two more enhanced stations […] Read more

pigs feeding

Precision pig feeder faces market delays

The system promises to cut down on feed cost and extra manure, but there’s no word yet on when 
the equipment will be ready for market

The science of precision pig feeding has come along nicely, but the manufacturing industry has been slow to climb on board, according to the project’s lead researcher. Candido Pomar, of Agri­culture and Agri-Food Canada, was set to bring his pig-specific feeder to commercial trials in 2016 at Prairie Swine Centre, the Manitoba Co-operator reported in mid-2015. Since […] Read more

Tillage questions posed for Manitoba

David Lobb with the University of Manitoba is researching the cost of soil degradation

What does soil degradation cost you? Dr. David Lobb hopes the answer to that question will get producers looking more closely at what’s happening under their feet. The University of Manitoba researcher spoke Nov. 15 in Dauphin at the “Soil Health and Your Bottom Line” workshop, hosted by the Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve. Lobb estimates […] Read more

Manitoba sees changing erosion landscape

Manitoba may not have a lot of topography but Dr. David Lobb says it’s enough for tillage erosion, especially as soybeans expand

As soybean acreage has exploded, new questions about soil erosion are arising. This past spring a record 2.3 million acres were planted and that has soil specialists expressing some concern about increased tillage practices and the soil impact of the new crop. “When you go to crops like soybeans, the ability of the soil to […] Read more

Municipalities have questions on cannabis rollout

Municipalities have less than a month to say ‘yea or nay’

Municipalities are scrambling after news that the province expects them to make a decision on cannabis by Dec. 22. Blaine Pedersen, minister of growth, enterprise, and trade, announced Nov. 28 that municipalities must decide if they will allow marijuana sales by the December deadline. “It’s tight timelines and we sort of apologize for that, but […] Read more

A cowboy’s guardian angels: the story behind rodeo protection workers

Rodeo clowns and bullfighters make a living out of getting chased down by bulls, but what 
entices people into the business?

Rodeo always has an element of unpredictability and danger and there’s nowhere that’s more evident that in bull riding. Typically the event kicks off with a sense of nervous anticipation, accompanied by pulse-quickening hard rock like AC/DC and an excited announcer asking spectators, “Are you ready for some bull riding?” The chute opens and everyone […] Read more

Manitoba Pork to take harder line on late hog levies

The Manitoba Pork Council hopes a hit to the wallet will convince producers to pay their hog levies on time

Producers shirking on their hog levies may face a financial penalty in the near future, the Manitoba Pork Council has said. Chair George Matheson says failure to pay fees has been a standing concern with the board, but council efforts to solve the problem have lacked teeth until now. Read more: Development corporation to assist […] Read more

Development corporation to assist hog barn builders

With Bill 24 passed, hog barns expansion is once again a possibility, 
but Manitoba Pork Council says the approval process still frequently 
leaves producers looking for help navigating it

The Manitoba Pork Council hopes its new Swine Development Corporation will help farmers navigate the waters of building new barns. Chair George Matheson says the service is about halfway ready for its launch. The pork council has allocated $60,000 for the new program, which Matheson says will be run primarily by the pork council’s general […] Read more

Beef industry speaks to the sector’s future

Manitoba Beef Producers and Manitoba 4-H Council are making the rounds through the province with three youth-focused forums

It’s time for the next generation of beef producers to speak up. Manitoba Beef Producers, which has been engaged in its annual membership meeting circuit this fall, has handed them the microphone at a series of three emerging beef leaders’ forums, as a joint project with the Manitoba 4-H Council. Brian Lemon, MBP general manager, […] Read more