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Schools get an eye for agriculture with Ag in the Classroom

The Amazing Agriculture Adventure saw more students and adults as the annual event 
returned to Brandon in early June

Over 500 Grade 4/5 students had an Amazing Agriculture Adventure June 6-7 as Ag in the Classroom took over Brandon’s Keystone Centre. Described as Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba’s flagship event, the two-day workshop claimed more students, more teachers and more participating schools this year than in 2016. Participation jumped by about a third over […] Read more

VIDEO: CanolaPALOOZA comes to Manitoba

Canolapalooza made its second annual stop in Manitoba at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada grounds in Portage la Prairie on June 21. Hear what Manitoba Co-operator reporter Alexis Stockford had to say about the event and what you can expect to see in an upcoming issue of the Co-operator.

Barn building code changes under fire after blaze

Hog Watch Manitoba is concerned that proposed building code changes will decrease fire safety; 
the province and pork industry don’t agree

Manitoba Pork is standing by the province’s proposed building code changes, even as advocacy group Hog Watch Manitoba argues they might increase the risk of hog barn fires. In January 2017, Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler announced plans to repeal the Farm Building Code and instead roll farm structures into the provincial building code. The changes […] Read more

EDAM makes its mark on Melita with forum

The Town of Melita hosted the 2017 Economic Development Association of Manitoba (EDAM) 
spring forum from May 31 to June 2

The Town of Melita is looking for some constructive feedback following an economic development meeting held there. About 40 economic development officers from across Manitoba descended on the town May 31 to June 2 for the 2017 Economic Development Association of Manitoba (EDAM) spring forum. A community assessment was part of the three-day event. Participants […] Read more

Pork sector calls for washing station changes

Manitoba Pork argues a return to domestic wash stations will allow greater control over variables that might contribute to the spread of PEDv

Manitoba Pork wants to see the return of Canadian-based wash stations for hog transport trailers coming back from the United States. If implemented, it would be an echo of a 2014 pilot project, one of several emergency measures by the pork sector following the first Canadian outbreaks. News of the virus’s spread to Canada in […] Read more

Prime drying weather boosts first forage cut

Haying was in full force during the first week of June after forage quality fell to 
optimal cutting levels across the province

Grain producers may have been cursing the province’s dry spell in the first week of June, but it was good news for forage growers looking for their first cut. John McGregor, co-ordinator of the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association’s Green Gold program, said farmers saw between seven and 10 days of good drying weather around […] Read more

Prairie residents tired of tent caterpillars

St. Lazare, Man., has been taken over by forest tent caterpillars, to the dismay of locals. They’re not alone

Residents in St. Lazare are back shovelling their steps, but it’s caterpillars, not snow, they’re clearing away in buckets. Droves of forest tent caterpillars have moved through southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan this spring, stripping foliage off deciduous trees and shrubs and leaving behind masses of squashed larvae and fecal matter. Both the Municipality of Ellice-Archie […] Read more

Vaccine put to the test as PEDv outbreak continues

Clinical trials have shown high hopes for the vaccine, which has been deployed to a producer in the PEDv hot zone in southeast Manitoba

[Updated June 16, 2017] A vaccine that researchers say has been over 90 per cent effective against PEDv in clinical trials is on track for another field test in southeast Manitoba. Dr. Volker Gerdts, associate director of research at VIDO-InterVac and one of the lead researchers on the project, says the Canadian Food Inspection Agency […] Read more

Few details as online risk management tool AgriShield is announced

The federal government has thrown support behind a newly announced online risk management tool, 
but the project has only been described in general terms as development gets underway

Farm Management Canada hopes to see the online risk management tool AgriShield up and running by April 2018. The group recently announced it was developing the platform to help farmers determine what risks their operations face and how they can take steps to prevent damage and loss. Heather Watson, Farm Management Canada executive director, expects […] Read more