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Biofilters a natural way to control hog barn odour

Odour mitigation is an important question for the future of Manitoba’s growing hog industry

A new research project at the University of Manitoba is taking aim at hog manure odours the natural way. PhD student Desmond Essien is investigating the potential of using biofilters as an odour mitigation technology for use in swine barns in Manitoba. Essien spoke about his research at the New and Emerging Research sessions at […] Read more

Barrickman Colony wins big at pork quality competition

The annual event capped off the Prairie Livestock Expo in Winnipeg last month

Barrickman Colony of Cartier took the top two spots in the pork quality competition at the Prairie Livestock Expo last month. The contest, the largest in North America, celebrated its 22nd year at the annual livestock event this winter. In the entire history of the competition, this is the first time that one producer took […] Read more


Leaving lighter footprints

An upcoming study of the environmental footprint of the Canadian hog industry could shed new light on an important question

Just how big is the environmental footprint of the Canadian pork industry? There are a lot of opinions but fewer facts when it comes time to try to answer that question. Filling in those blanks is the subject of an upcoming multi-year study by Mario Tenuta, a professor of applied soil ecology at the University […] Read more

USMCA discussions dominate at Dairy Farmers’ AGM

Supply management is the hill we must die on – Alistair Johnston Canadian Dairy Commission

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba chair David Wiens minced no words in his address to the organization’s annual general meeting earlier this month. “This has been one of the most dramatic years,” he told the assembled delegates. He was of course mainly referencing the recently negotiated United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and how it has affected the […] Read more

Things are looking up for agronomists

Satellite and drone technologies are changing the face of agronomic research

Forget boots on the ground — the future of crop monitoring could well be the eye in the sky. One of the discussions at last month’s Joint Conference of the Canadian Wheat Symposium and the Canadian Workshop on Fusarium Head Blight explored how remote sensing is opening up possibilities for monitoring soil conditions and crop […] Read more

Spilled milk: Manitoba dairy producers worry for future

The immediate crisis is past but the long-term trends are worrying

Manitoba dairy producers who sat down with the Co-operator at the recent Manitoba Dairy Conference don’t look like bargaining chips — but lately that’s exactly what they’ve become. In successive rounds of trade deals they’ve repeatedly lost market share to imports from other jurisdictions, most recently in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). While they weren’t […] Read more

Keeping hemp company

Studying ways to maximize agricultural potential by underseeding hemp crops

One Manitoba agriculture research group is trying a few new things with hemp that involve the crop sharing the land. In 2017 and 2018, the Westman Agricultural Diversification Organization (WADO) conducted a study on relay and intercropping with hemp. With most of the data in from that two-year study, WADO’s Scott Chalmers spoke to an […] Read more

Hemp quality starts at the farm

Good agronomy is the starting point to ensure food-grade hemp

Hemp processors are fixated on quality, and one of the most important links in that chain is at the farm level. Jeff Kostiuk, Hemp Genetics International director of operations, Central Canada, U.S. & international, recently spoke to an audience at the Canadian Hemp Trade Association Conference about what practices growers should work towards when considering […] Read more

Getting a jump on fall fertilizer

Recent rain may alter farmers’ plans, just like a dry year to date has

Recent rains in Manitoba will be welcomed by agronomists taking soil samples and farmers looking to do fall tillage work and fertilizing, according to one provincial soil specialist. John Heard, of Manitoba Agriculture, says fall soil tests remain the gold standard, in determining fertilizer needs for the crop. Agronomists often like to get a jump […] Read more

Choosing the right inoculant strategy

After some disappointing results this season, one pulse crop specialist says it’s time to take a hard look at these practices

Manitoba Agriculture pulse crop specialist Dennis Lange says it’s a good time to think about just what’s the right approach regarding inoculants for pulses. “This year I’ve had a few calls on peas and soybeans from western Manitoba where they are finding very poor nodulation,” Lange told the Co-operator in a recent interview. He says […] Read more