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VIDEO: Baker Colony brings home corn competition win once again

Manitoba Corn Growers Association yield competition winner on familiar ground

Baker Colony near MacGregor, Man., won the Manitoba Corn Growers Association’s 2017 corn yield contest for the third year in a row breaking the record the colony set in 2016 with a yield of 306.4 bushels an acre. Manitoba Co-operator reporter Allan Dawson spoke with Mack Walder of Baker Colony on Feb. 14 at CropConnect.

Crop yield records broken across the board

The 2018 edition of Yield Manitoba with this week’s Co-operator has all the details

It’s official. Many Manitoba yield records were broken in 2017, despite a drier-than-normal growing season. That’s what crop insurance data collected by the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) show. The information is in Yield Manitoba 2018, a supplement to this week’s Manitoba Co-operator. Of the 13 insured crops Yield Manitoba tracks for annual comparisons, eight […] Read more

Erosion lessons learned… and forgotten

The dust-covered snow of this winter suggests there’s a soil erosion 
problem brewing, MSSS speaker says

Disappearing shelterbelts and blackened fields have some wondering if the soil conservation lessons learned during the ‘Dirty ’30s’ dust bowl are being forgotten. “From the edge of Fargo to the edge of Winnipeg I did not see one flake of white snow on my way up yesterday (Jan. 31),” Daryl Ritchison, interim director of the […] Read more

VIDEO: A return to the Dust Bowl days?

Are the soil conservation lessons learned from the Dirty Thirties being forgotten? Manitoba Co-operator reporter Allan Dawson spoke with Jim Tokarchuk of the Soil Conservation Council of Canada and University of Manitoba soil science professor David Lobb about this very issue at the Manitoba Soil Science Society’s meeting on Feb. 1, 2018. Watch for more […] Read more

canola plant

Comment: A method to its madness

There’s more to Richardson’s canola council withdrawal than meets the eye

Canola is a Canadian success story and there’s no disputing the Canola Council of Canada’s role in making it so. That’s why when Richardson International, Canada’s largest grain company, didn’t renew its council membership in 2018, there was shock, disappointment, concern and even anger. Why would Richardson suddenly pull out of an organization with a […] Read more

Tips on growing 70-bushel-an-acre canola

Good agronomy, higher input costs and more work, including split fertilizer applications, are the key, says farmer Florian Hagmann

When growing a 70-bushel-an-acre canola crop it’s the “little things that matter.” That’s advice Florian Hagmann, who farms at Birch Hills, in north-central Saskatchewan, offered farmers attending Ag Days here Jan. 16. Hagmann, whose 2017 canola averaged 70 bushels on 5,000 acres, emphasized good agronomy is more important than new equipment. So is hard work […] Read more

Uncertainty puts brakes on hog barns

Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler is optimistic about NAFTA, 
noting Trump can’t end the deal without support from the Senate 
and the House of Representatives

Manitoba needs 40 new hog barns over the next five years to meet nearby processor demand, but the province’s agriculture minister says NAFTA uncertainty is hindering that development. “I would say that is part of the problem, to be honest,” Ralph Eichler told reporters at Ag Days here Jan. 16. “There’s that uncertainly. But let’s […] Read more

Five commodity group merger discussed at Ag Days

Some are concerned the merger could cause more checkoff refunds

Increased checkoff withdrawals and reduced farmer control were top concerns during a discussion at Ag Days Jan. 16 on merging five Manitoba crop commodity groups. “I worry that it will be extremely easy (if there’s one group instead of five) for a farmer to pick up the phone and get all of his checkoffs back […] Read more