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‘Union farmers’ a family affair at Lowe Farm

The Harder family says the NFU is a necessary, and often ahead of its time, voice in farm policy debates as the organization turns 50

Lowe Farm seed grower Wilf (Butch) Harder used one of his characteristic quick-witted comebacks last week in answer to a friend’s observation that he doesn’t fit the stereotype of a National Farmers Union member. “Just because you’re a socialist doesn’t mean you have to be poor,” quipped Harder, as he celebrated the farm organization’s 50th […] Read more

Canada still has high-quality milling wheat to sell

But it may not be as easy to access following harvest challenges across the Prairies

A tough harvest has hit quality, but Western Canada still has the high-quality milling wheat it is famous for. That’s the message prospective buyers will hear at seminars this fall and early winter in Asia, Latin America, Italy, and North and West Africa. The events are organized by Cereals Canada, the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) […] Read more

MASC harvest production reports deadline Dec. 2

Farmers who file online will find out right away if they are in a claim position

The deadline for Manitoba farmers to submit crop insurance Harvest Production Reports to the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) is Dec. 2, whether the farmer completed harvest or not. Both the paper and online report forms should be easier for farmers to fill out because less information is now required, David Van Deynze, MASC’s vice-president […] Read more

Pallister committed to education tax phase out

That’s just one of several election promises included in the new Manitoba government’s throne speech

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says he’s committed to phasing out education taxes on farmland and other property over 10 years starting in 2022 when the Manitoba government’s books are expected to be balanced. It’s a promise welcomed by farmers who say the burden of funding schools in rural areas has shifted disproportionally to them because […] Read more

How to market low falling number wheat

Know what you have and start talking to buyers about what they need

Know the quality of your crop, including the falling number of wheat, and start talking to buyers. That’s the advice commodity groups and grain companies have for farmers as they struggle to finish the harvest from hell and try to sell what’s in the bin, including wheat with widely varying falling numbers across the Prairies. […] Read more

Syngenta pulling out of cereal crop breeding Canada

The decision comes as royalty discussions start to heat up

Syngenta’s decision to scrap its Canadian wheat-breeding program is a wake-up call, industry officials warn. Canada needs an improved royalty system to reward wheat breeders for new varieties or more private breeders could pull out, according to some, while others say it’s critical public breeders are well funded in case they do. But a recent […] Read more

Book chronicles the rise and fall of farmer-owned grain companies

Paul Earl concludes Agricore United didn’t have to be sacrificed on the altar of shareholder primacy

What began in 2004 as a history of United Grain Growers (UGG) founded in 1906, morphed into a chronicling of the birth and death of the West’s farmer-owned, co-operative grain companies and an investigation and challenging of the notion of shareholder primacy, which delivered the final blow to farmer dominance in the grain business and […] Read more

Another year, another round of broken grain transport records

Western grain movement, export records set in 2018-19 crop year

The 2018-19 crop year, ended July 31, was record setting for Western Canada’s grain-handling and transportation system. While industry officials are pleased, they agree the system needs to move even more because farmers keep producing more. “At the rate we are going today… by the time we get to 2030 we’re going to be looking […] Read more

Manitoba Thunder Bay grain shipments set modern record

For the first time in 20 years, Manitoba shipped more grain through the Port of Thunder Bay than Saskatchewan. “Historically, Manitoba grain has accounted for about a third of the grain shipments through Thunder Bay,” Chris Heikkinen, the port’s communications and research co-ordinator, said in an email Nov. 5. “This has changed over the past […] Read more