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Manitoba egg farms run by ‘real’ farmers, says MEF

Out-of-province non-farm corporations, are not buying Manitoba egg farms, says Rory Rybuck, general manager of Manitoba Egg Farmers. “You have to have land, equipment of course, and be an actual farmer,” he said in an interview Sept. 25. During the national agriculture debate organized by the Canadian Federation of agriculture broadcast online Sept. 24, Kate […] Read more

KAP unhappy with new drainage regulations

Manitoba’s general farm organization was expecting rules that would let farmers manage water better and help protect wetlands

The Manitoba government’s new drainage regulations, which came into effect Oct. 2 are a “big disappointment,” says Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) vice-president Mitch Janssens. “We were trying to convince them to dangle the carrot to create more beneficial wetlands, but also allow producers to improve their land. That’s not what we got. That’s where the big disappointment is. We […] Read more

Potato growers struggling with harvest — again

The second wet harvest in as many years has Manitoba potato growers worried

Manitoba potato growers, forced to leave an unprecedented number of acres unharvested last fall, are worried 2019 could be a repeat. “It’s not looking very good,” Dan Sawatzky, manager of the Keystone Potato Growers Association (KPGA) representing the province’s 52 processing potato growers said in an interview Sept. 30. “I am hoping we can dig […] Read more

MASC says Manitoba farmers not giving up on harvest yet

Wet weather in September delayed Manitoba’s harvest, but there’s still time

Manitoba farmers aren’t giving up on the 2019 crop yet despite an especially wet September which, for the second consecutive year, has delayed harvest. “We’ve had very few calls from producers who have concluded their crop is in a spot where they can’t harvest it, or it’s not going to be worth harvesting,” David Van […] Read more

Canada working to keep wheat exports to Peru

Cereals Canada is pleased with recent progress

Peruvian agriculture officials have got an eyeful of Canada’s grain quality assurance system. They were in Canada the week of Sept. 9 to meet with members of our grain industry and Canadian regulators. It’s part of an effort to keep Canadian wheat exports flowing to Peru. Officials from Peru’s Servicio Nacional de Sanidad Agraria (National […] Read more

Make modern agriculture an election issue

Bill Campbell and Cam Dahl fear opponents to new technology will derail agricultural productivity, sustainability and undermine Canada’s economy

Modern Canadian agriculture faces an existential threat that farmers should be raising as an issue in the federal election. That’s the view of two Manitoba-based agricultural leaders — Bill Campbell, president of the Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP), Manitoba’s general farm organization, and Cereals Canada president Cam Dahl. Both came to their positions independently, without consulting […] Read more

Other agriculture issues farmers want political candidates to address

Farm groups seek action on risk management, carbon tax and other topics

Business risk management, trade, labour, and climate change mitigation are some of the top issues farmers want candidates to address during the current federal election campaign. Farmers, and the major federal parties, agree agriculture is an important driver of Canada’s economy and can potentially contribute more by increasing agri-food exports, Keystone Agricultural Producers’ president Bill […] Read more

Manitoba commodity groups issue merger info

The five commodity groups proposing a merger say the draft agreement and bylaws are available online

The five Manitoba commodity groups proposing to merge have more information for members to consider before they vote on it in person February 12 and 13 during the Crop Connect conference in Winnipeg. A draft amalgamation agreement and draft bylaws for the new organization are available online (see at bottom), Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers […] Read more

Canadian Grain Commission battles bank for farmers’ grain

The CGC says under the Canada Grain Act farmers are entitled to get their grain back from a company if they aren’t paid for it, or the proceeds from the sale of that grain, instead of secured creditors

The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) is pursuing a new approach to help farmers get paid for grain they delivered to financially troubled ILTA Grain, which if successful, could be used in future under similar circumstances. “What we’ve negotiated here is a new way to protect grain producers,” Remi Gosselin, head of CGC communications, said in […] Read more

From convincing teachers agriculture was a real career to international honours

This retired AAFC soil researcher earned a long list of awards and honours while living on a farm and raising a family near Minnedosa

Cynthia Grant became a research scientist, just as she dreamed about while growing up on a farm near Minnedosa, but along the way she was also a pioneer. Her soil and agronomy research at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) Brandon Research Centre has been recognized with numerous Canadian and international awards and honours. The most […] Read more