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Heads up on fusarium head blight

Early flowering is the time to apply a prophylactic fungicide on wheat but first assess the field’s disease risk

It’s time to turn a weather eye on cereal crops for fusarium infections. Fusarium head blight damaged a lot of Manitoba spring wheat last year and farmers should be assessing this year’s risk from the fungal disease that can cut wheat quality and yield. Since wheat is most susceptible to fusarium infection at flowering, early […] Read more

Tips for rolling emerged soybeans

The best time is at the first trifoliate on a warm afternoon to limit damage

When rolling emerged soybeans timing is important, says Dennis Lange, pulse crop specialist with Manitoba Agriculture. Conditions need to be right to avoid crop damage. Soybeans shouldn’t be too young or too old and the air temperature should be at least 25 C and ideally closer to 28 C. Rolling, which is done to flatten […] Read more

VIDEO: Canadian Grain Commission’s Gordon Miles to retire

Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) chief operating officer Gordon Miles is retiring at the end of June after almost 40 years in Canada’s grain industry. Miles, who had been studying for the ministry, ended up in agriculture by working for Cargill, the Grain Transportation Agency, Manitoba Pool, the Canadian Wheat Board, and for the last 25 […] Read more

Decision time on sclerotinia control in canola not far off

There’s lots to consider, including the value of the crop and the disease risk

In Manitoba the potential for major canola yield losses due to sclerotinia exists every year with weather being the main driver. Farmers will soon have to decide whether to apply a prophylactic fungicide or not. “The (sclerotinia) inoculum is always there (in Manitoba) so the part of the disease triangle to consider is the environment […] Read more

VIDEO: When should you roll soybeans?

Tips from Dennis Lange, pulse crop specialist with Manitoba Agriculture

Manitoba Co-operator reporter Allan Dawson heads into the field with Dennis Lange, provincial pulse crop specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, to get a quick refresher on the when, why and how of rolling soybeans.

Rain on the fields

Timely rains for some, but hail for others

A more general rain was in the forecast for this week at press time which could address moisture shortfalls

Some Manitoba farmers got the rain they were praying for last weekend, some didn’t get enough and a few unfortunately also received hail. The good news is a more general rain was in the forecast at press time June 12 and the hail, although devastating for a few farmers, was believed to be isolated. “We’ve […] Read more

railway cars

CN Rail set grain-shipping records September to April

Longer manifest trains and increased rail and shipper efficiency are paying off, CN says

[Updated: June 8, 2017] It’s been a record-breaking year for grain movement on CN Rail during the 2016-17 crop year, even with a slow start in August. “Once we hit September it was full blast,” David Przednowek, CN’s director of grain marketing, said in an interview May 17. “Each individual month from September all the […] Read more

CN Rail says it’s fully meeting grain shipper demand

Most weeks this crop year CN Rail has delivered more than 90 per cent of the cars grain companies ordered, according to Ag Transport Coalition’s (ATC) weekly reports. That’s pretty good service, says Wade Sobkowich, executive director of the Western Grain Elevator Association and one of the ATC’s members. David Przednowek, CN Rail’s director of […] Read more

What’s in your field?

Planting a pair of tighty whities can help you find out

Doug Wilton is curious about how much soil “wildlife” is in his fields. That’s why the Roland-area farmer is participating in the “soilyourundies” demonstration launched during Soil Conservation Week in April. “The Soil Conservation Council (of Canada) decided this would be something kind of fun and exciting and different to do in order to bring […] Read more

Praying for rain in central Manitoba

Early seeded cereal crops are generally looking good, but dry soils have prompted some farmers to reseed canola

Farmers around Miami have been hoping for rain for several weeks and it’s the same story across much of south-central Manitoba. One local farmer said Wednesday he was knifing more canola seed into fields where much of his earlier seeded canola germinated but then died because it was too dry. Record temperatures exceeding 34 C […] Read more