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Five Manitoba commodity groups still seeking farmer input on proposed merger

A discussion paper is expected to be ready for the CropConnect conference in February

Farmer input on the proposed merger of five of Manitoba’s checkoff-­funded crop commodity groups is still being sought and encouraged. A dedicated email — [email protected] — has been set up for that purpose. In the spring the Manitoba Corn Growers Association (MCGA), Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers Association (MPSG), Manitoba Flax Growers Association (MFGA), National […] Read more

Manitoba sees very limited dicamba drift

There were dicamba drift complaints in Manitoba, 
but nothing like in parts of the U.S.

[*UPDATED: Sept. 18, 2017] There’s talk of restricting dicamba applications in Arkansas and possibly other states, but not in Manitoba. “I don’t think we are anywhere near the situation that they are having in the States (with dicamba crop injury complaints),” Manitoba Agriculture weed specialist Jeanette Gaultier said in an interview Sept. 7. “We seem […] Read more

Tips to reduce dicamba drift

Cleaning out the spray tank is a critical step for 
preventing damage to other crops

The best way to avoid dicamba drift is to follow label directions. Although dicamba can be applied to Xtend soybeans from pre-emergence to early flowering, applying pre-emergence has advantages. One is if your crop isn’t up your neighbour’s might not be either and can’t be damaged by drift. “Dicamba provides residual control for a short […] Read more

Researchers investigating boosting organic hemp yields

Nutrient management is important for getting better and more consistent yields

There were a lot of guesses why one plot of organic hemp looked so poor compared to another a few metres away. Competition from weeds? Soil compaction? Variety? Finally someone correctly guessed seeding date. But there was a surprise. The thriving plot was planted later than the poor one — much later — which is […] Read more

VIDEO: Comb-cutting weeds down to size

Crop Diagnostic School: Combcut implement cuts out weeds while leaving crops unscathed

There’s a new tool in the battle between crops and weeds that aims to be a cut above the rest. Allan Dawson with the Manitoba Co-operator spoke with Katherine Stanley from the University of Manitoba at this year’s Crop Diagnostic School about the Combcut, a weed control implement designed to cut weeds out of fields while leaving crops intact. Video […] Read more

Planting winter wheat this fall?

Eliminate the ‘green bridge’ to prevent the crop from being infected by wheat streak mosaic

This year’s relatively early canola harvest will let Manitoba farmers seed winter wheat earlier too, but Lionel Kaskiw warns growers to break the “green bridge” to prevent wheat streak mosaic infections. Most often winter wheat is seeded in early September into canola stubble. “We’re definitely at a stage this year where we can get out […] Read more

Time to plant winter wheat

On average winter wheat still has a yield advantage over spring wheats, but there are other factors to consider 

The first two weeks of September is the best time for seeding winter wheat and with many canola crops already harvested there are fields suited for seeding now, says Lionel Kaskiw, Manitoba Agriculture’s farm production advisor in Souris. But interest in winter wheat is declining with some farmers saying they can get almost the same […] Read more

Bumper yields reported despite dry growing season

Manitoba’s harvest is off to a strong start with good weather and surprisingly good early yields

Despite a drier-than-normal growing season some Manitoba farmers are surprised — and delighted — by better-than-expected yields. “I figured my wheat would do 50 or 60 (bushels an acre) and then a month went by and I felt it might do a little bit better than that,” Starbuck farmer Chuck Fossay said in an interview […] Read more

A new day for grain transportation?

With record port throughput occurring twice in the crop years following the 2013-14 shipping backlog it ‘feels’ that way

The great grain backlog of 2013-14 was a disaster, costing western Can­adian farmers billions, but there’s a silver lining: since then, grain movement has never been better. “I think it really was a wake-up call for a lot of parties, especially governments, and people who aren’t necessarily as close to the (grain transportation) issue,” Wade […] Read more