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Manitoba, Canadian farmland values still increasing

The rate of increase in Manitoba has slowed, but it’s expected to keep appreciating this year

Manitoba farmland values, up 25 years in a row, increased an average of five per cent in 2017 Farm Credit Canada (FCC) says in its 2017 Farmland Values Report released April 23. “In general, Manitoba saw higher-priced land values remaining relatively stable, while low- to mid-priced land values recorded increases,” the report says. Manitoba’s percentage […] Read more

Senior American legislators optimistic about NAFTA talks

U.S. farmers would welcome a deal and it would let U.S. trade negotiators focus on pushing China to the trade bargaining table

There’s optimism a NAFTA deal could soon be reached, American officials told the North American Agricultural Journalists (NAAJ) annual meeting here April 9 and 10. But killing Canada’s supply management system — a key U.S. objective — won’t be met, Minnesota Congressman Collin Peterson predicted. “I’ve told people there’s no way Canada is going to […] Read more

American farmers want markets, not subsidies, legislators say

Trump promises to protect wary farmers if there’s a trade war between the U.S. and China

American farmers are on the front lines of U.S. trade spats. Uneasy about losing NAFTA, an agreement they say is mostly working for them, they’re now even more jittery about becoming collateral damage in a China-U.S. trade war, despite President Donald Trump’s promise of protection. Farmers prefer markets to largesse, two senior federal farm state […] Read more

Canadian farmers deny U.S. dumping allegations on dairy

Low milk prices in the United States are due to overproduction, not a lack of access to Canada’s dairy market, says Dairy Farmers of Canada

Canada exports some skim milk powder, but it’s not dumping, says Thérèse Beaulieu, the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s assistant director for policy communications. “We can export as long as it is the same price as the domestic market,” Beaulieu said in an interview April 13 in response to American allegations that Canada dumps surplus skim […] Read more

Opinion: Putting a price tag on the grain backlog

There’s demurrage and contract defaults, but the biggest cost is to Canada’s reputation

We’ll never know exactly how much this year’s grain backlog cost Western Canada’s grain industry, including farmers, but it will be in the millions of dollars. A bigger backlog in 2013-14 cost members of the Western Grain Elevator Association — Canada’s major grain companies — $90 million just in demurrage, contract extensions and defaults. That […] Read more

U.S.-China trade war puts Canadian soybean farmers at risk

We might sell more soybeans to China, but lower American prices for seed, oil and meal would likely depress prices here too

Ron Davidson isn’t exactly sure what impact Chinese tariffs on imported American soybeans will have on Canada’s soybean market, but it’s unlikely to be good. “It just puts uncertainty into the market, and for Canada a lot of risk, because it’s next door and if they (U.S.) can’t send their soybeans abroad (to China) a place to […] Read more

CN apologizes to grain industry for poor performance

The railway says there’s no excuse for what happened this past winter

CN Rail is making a very public apology to the grain industry. The company admits it didn’t move as much grain as it agreed to earlier this crop year, and is apologizing profusely for it and pledging to do better. And to show it’s serious dismissed its chief executive officer and appointed its chief marketing […] Read more

CN rejects Senate’s Bill C-49 amendments

CP Rail also wants the original legislation made into law

A senior CN Rail executive says the original Bill C-49, the Transportation Modernization Act, passed by the House of Commons, without Senate’s amendments, needs to become law quickly. “It’s a balanced bill (without the Senate amendments),” Sean Finn, CN Rail’s executive vice-president of corporate services and chief legal officer, said in an interview April 4. […] Read more

Low-protein Manitoba soybeans in spotlight

A Malaysian buyer warns Manitoba soybeans need to have more protein to meet customer specs

A Malaysian soybean buyer, speaking at the Canadian Global Crops Symposium here March 27, had a strongly worded warning for Manitoba farmers about the low protein level of their 2017 crop. “This is very important, and you guys realize this because you can grow more (soy)beans, but if nobody wants them then what? So please, […] Read more

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Canada IP program for non-GM soybeans world’s best

But new competitors are trying to break into the market so Canada must stay vigilant

Canada has the best identity preserved program for non-GM (genetically modified) soybeans in the world. That’s what Neoh Soon Bin, managing director of Soon Soon Group, a Malaysian flour and oilseed-processing company, told the Canadian Global Crops Symposium here March 27. The quality of Canadian non-GM soybeans, used mainly in human food products such as […] Read more