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KAP has a plan to tackle skyrocketing farmland taxes

But it’s going to require farmers lobby their municipal councils 
and then for farmers and municipalities to pressure 
the Manitoba government to act

Last fall many Manitoba farmers were shocked by double-digit increases in municipal tax bills on farmland because of its higher assessed value, but Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) has a plan for relief. KAP, which has been studying the issue since last August, says on average the assessed value of Manitoba farmland in 2016 jumped 45 […] Read more

Keystone Agricultural Producers adds detail to its carbon tax policy

Some KAP delegates argued the farm group should oppose a carbon tax, 
but others said since a tax was inevitable KAP should help government 
create a tax that won’t make farmers uncompetitive

Keystone Agricultural Producers’ (KAP) carbon tax policy was further refined at its advisory council meeting here April 20. But an almost hour-long debate on five carbon tax-related resolutions revealed some KAP members want KAP to oppose a carbon tax. “We want to wait and get everybody (in competing agricultural countries) on board before we move […] Read more

Carbon tax more efficient than regulations: Coyne

And just because the Americans don’t have one doesn’t mean Canada will be less competitive, according to the National Post columnist

If Canadians want to cut carbon emissions to mitigate climate change, a carbon tax is the most efficient way to do it, says National Post, columnist Andrew Coyne. “My economics training tells me that’s the best way to approach this,” Coyne told the Canadian Global Crops Symposium April 12. “Carbon pricing I guarantee you is […] Read more

Lawsuit alleges farmers short changed $151 million as CWB wound down

According to a statement of claim $145 million was transferred from the CWB’s pool accounts to its contingency fund

As the Canadian Wheat Board wound down farmers were wrongly shortchanged by a decisions that helped fund its transition into a privately-held company, legal documents allege. The former Conservative government wrongly allowed the transfer of $151 million that should have gone to farmers who delivered CWB grains during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 crop years, Brookdale, […] Read more

VIDEO: KAP delegates vote to consider more carbon tax options at April 20 meeting

The Manitoba government says it is putting a price on carbon emissions. To ensure competitiveness Keystone Agricultural Producers’ (KAP) standing policy is farmers should be exempted from paying a tax on carbon emitted from farm production, including emissions from burning fossil fuels, applying fertilizer, as well as methane from livestock and manure storage. On April […] Read more

NAFTA negotiations key for farmers, say commentators

In separate speeches Andrew Coyne and Sylvain Charlebois predicted 
while supply management is under the gun, there’s more at stake

A U.S.-led effort to renegotiate NAFTA could see supply management scrapped, but that’s just the beginning, say two Canadian commentators. Speaking separately at the Canadian Global Crops Symposium April 12, the National Post’s Andrew Coyne and Dalhousie University’s Sylvain Charlebois both said the North American Free Trade Agreement could provide the pretext for major changes […] Read more

Manitoba’s first case of stripe rust near Austin overwintered

It was the only reported case as of April 19 says Manitoba Agriculture plant pathologist Holly Derksen

The first case of stripe rust this growing season was found in a Manitoba winter wheat field near Austin April 17, but the fungal disease was detected in the same crop last fall. “It definitely overwintered,” Manitoba Agriculture plant pathologist Holly Derksen said during CropTalk Westman webinar April 19. “It’s too early to have blown […] Read more

Most Canadian farmers saw higher farmland values

Prince Edward Island saw the largest annual increase in the country

Provincial farmland values, on average, were all up in 2016, except for Newfoundland-Labrador, where there was insufficient data. Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) saw the largest jump at 13.4 per cent. “The main reason for the increases was farming enterprises wanting to gain additional acres to supplement crop rotation cycles and for additional feed production,” Farm […] Read more

Increase in Manitoba farmland values slowing, says FCC

The biggest driver is crop receipts and unlike in the U.S. they are projected to be positive in Canada in 2016

Average farmland values continued to appreciate in 2016, but by less than the increase a year earlier. That trend was seen both in Manitoba, and across Canada as a whole, with both easily outpacing the gain one could expect from holding a bank GIC, according to Farm Credit Canada. Land prices here, which have been […] Read more

Carbon tax effects could undermine rural support for PCs

Somerset farmer Gerry Demare proposes farmers pay the tax on inputs 
if they get the money back like they do with the GST

Manitoba’s coming carbon tax must not hurt farmers or the governing Progressive Conservatives (PC) could face a new right-wing party next election. Local farmer and PC supporter Danny Penner delivered that blunt message to Emerson MLA Cliff Graydon here at a carbon tax meeting March 30. “I am disappointed in Brian Pallister and his government,” […] Read more