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Hi Reena, Year after year, mildew develops along the caulking/sealant around my windows. In past years, my husband has regularly used bleach and much elbow grease to clean it. We don’t mind the normal amount of work a house takes but this is ridiculous, not to mention probably harmful to our health — both the

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Dear Reena, Is there a way to remove perfume from clothing? My pedicurist doused my legs with fragrant oil and I am allergic to perfume. It won’t happen again, but in the meantime just washing my cords has not removed the odour. Flora Dear Flora, Soak your pants in either white vinegar (the smell of

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Dear Reena, My husband decided to put a really hot cardboard pizza box on my brand new solid wood table. I removed the thin tablecloth off of the table to shake out the crumbs and found a white square imprint. After trying to figure out what it was and using some Pledge with natural orange

More questions from readers

Dear Reena, Do you have any tips on how to keep soda pop from going flat (especially two-litre bottles)? Thank you, Vicki Interesting question Vicki! Keeping pop cold (but not frozen) and closed are big factors in fizz loss since the solubility of carbon dioxide is greater at lower temperatures. Squeezing the bottle before recapping

More questions from readers

Dear Reena, How can I bake perfect cream puffs and prevent them from sinking after they are taken out of the oven? I am looking forward to hearing you speak at our Christmas party/meeting. Thank you, Helen Dear Helen, A perfect cream puff is definitely a work of art and here are a few tricks

More questions from readers

Dear Reena, We recently purchased some wicker baskets for our home. The problem is that they smell like cow manure! We are not able to keep them in the house. I have left them outside for a few weeks and they still smell. I tried Febreze also with no luck. What do you suggest to

More questions from readers

Dear Reena, How can I prevent rice from sticking to the pot while cooking and ending up with a ball of “glump” (to use one of your words)? Therran Hello Therran, One way to prevent rice from sticking to the pot is to cook it in the microwave. For one cup of rice, add two

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Dear Reena, I just discovered a method for freezing peaches and it is a wonderful time and mess saver. This works the same way as freezing whole tomatoes and it is so easy! Just freeze the whole peach, with skin and all, and when it is time to use it, run it under hot water

From cleaning stippled ceilings to stoneware

Dear Reena, Our daughters are backpacking in Europe and they have asked us how to remove the smell from their microfibre towels. Washing them (likely by hand) is not doing the trick. — Thanks, Guy Guy, The first suggestion for the girls is to leave the towels on a line to dry after each use

Discoloured counters? Paint on denim?

Hello Reena, I would like to thank you for all your work in helping us live green! I have read a tip on getting rid of ladybugs. Where I live everyone encourages them in their gardens to eat aphids. I have always known ladybugs to be beneficial insects. What do you think? — Rose Dear