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Canadian cattle producers continue to miss market opportunities due to BSE, and Conservatives say a key deadline was missed.

Conservatives criticize Liberals for missing BSE risk status deadline

Canada had an opportunity to boost its BSE risk ranking, which would improve market access

The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) is criticizing the federal government for missing a deadline to apply for a more favourable World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) designation for beef exports. CPC Agriculture Critic John Barlow says Canadian ranchers were given a “stunning setback” because the federal Liberal government missed a deadline this summer to

Cattle producers get longer phase-in on new transport regs

New federal livestock transport regulations, due to come into force in February, will now roll out on a longer timeline for the beef and dairy cattle sectors. Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau has announced a “two-year transition period” for bovines, which is meant to provide “time to gather more data on effective solutions concerning the

MBFI staff move separated animals towards the final holding pen and head gate chute during a low-stress cattle-handling workshop at their yard near Brookdale in October.

Calmed-down cattle handling tagged for farm safety

Low cattle stress turns to lower human risk

It was a far cry from the usual energy surrounding cattle movement. In fact, to those watching the low-stress cattle-handling demonstration at Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives near Brookdale last month, there seemed to be little going on at all. Movement seemed to grind to a halt for long moments at the end of the

Breaking down the basics of low-stress cattle handling

Proponents advise producers to get inside a cow’s head

Low-stress cattle handling is more art than science, Reg Steward of Buffalo Creek Consulting admits, but it might be boiled down to, ‘think like a cow.’ For many experienced handlers, that principle comes as little surprise, he acknowledged although some details of the practice may give some food for thought. [VIDEO: MBFI staff demonstrate low

Ryding-Regency’s federal beef packing licenses cancelled

Citing “false or misleading information” given them during an E. coli probe, food safety officials have now permanently pulled the federal slaughter, processing and export licenses for Toronto’s Ryding-Regency Meat Packers and related companies. The cancellation, announced Monday, indefinitely prolongs what was already described as “critical processing capacity shortage” for the province’s cattle producers, leaving