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Forecast: Mild and dry weather returns

Issued September 25, 2017: Covering the period from September 27 to October 4

Over the last week or so we saw our first period of unsettled wet weather in a long time. The forecasted system brought some late-season thunderstorms to several regions late last Friday. We then saw another area of light rainfall move through on Sunday. This second system was forecast to stay well to our south,

Showers and thundershowers in our forecast

Issued: Monday, May 4, 2015 – Covering: May 6 – May 13, 2015

Last week’s forecast played out pretty much as expected, with the only deviation from the weather models coming from the timing of the cold front that pushed across Manitoba over the weekend. The original forecast had the front coming through late Sunday, but instead it came through Saturday afternoon. We also saw temperatures make it

Southern ridge pattern developing

Southern ridge pattern developing

Weekly weather forecast for July 15, 2013

The only thing that prevented us from climbing into the low 30s last week was the extra cloud sticking around, along with the fairly high humidities. For this forecast period it looks like summer wants to stick around. The ridge of high pressure that has been periodically building and weakening over the western U.S. is

Dry, hot weather expected

Weekly weather forecast

The biggest problem with last week’s forecast was that the low pressure system expected to zip through the region over the weekend ended up moving much slower. This allowed for several rounds of rain to form and rotate through our region, bringing too much rain to some areas and some much-needed rain to others. This

Models continue to bring in warm weather

After several weeks of seeing the warmer weather only a week or so away, it finally looks like it will arrive! Is this going to spell an end to our record spring cold snap? I’m not totally convinced of that yet. On Wednesday it looks like there will be another area of low pressure pushing

Some signs of warm weather

It looks like we’ll have to endure another week or so of cold weather before the weather models finally agree that warm weather will try to move in. After southern regions were brushed by a major late-winter storm on Monday we are left in a cold northwesterly flow for most of this week. Temperatures will

Warmer weather on the horizon?

If you’re hoping for a warm spring-like forecast, then you better stop reading right here. The area of low pressure that looked to bring some stormy weather around Wednesday of this week came in off the Pacific as predicted, but took a much more northerly route. This prevented the system from tapping into a lot

Winter’s still hanging on

The storm forecast at the start of this week materialized and brought more heavy snow to pretty much all of southern and central Manitoba. Behind this system, cold, quiet weather has moved in, allowing winter to stick around a little longer. Just how long is what we’ll try to figure out in this forecast. By

Nice weather to end the month

You just have to love Mother Nature. The weather models predicted an area of low pressure would dive through southern and central Manitoba late last Sunday and into Monday. What the models didn’t predict was just how strong the system would get. They also didn’t do that great of a job predicting the strength of

Seasonable weather returns

Once again Mother Nature played her own game last week, as the weak system that was forecast to hit southwestern Manitoba last Thursday ended up being stronger and farther north than anticipated. This brought a good five to 10 centimetres of snow to much of southern and central Manitoba late last week. As predicted, the