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Weather: Hot weather looks set to continue

Forecast covering the period from June 9 to June 16

Well, the warm, dry weather won out in last forecast. All it took was a northward shift of a few hundred kilometres to go from highs in the upper 20s to highs in the low to mid-30s. The area of low pressure that was forecast to track through southern and central regions late last week

Weather: Below average to start, then warmer?

Forecast covering the period from June 2 to June 9

It continues to be a tough time for the medium-range forecasts. The weather pattern continues to oscillate between cool and unsettled and warm and dry as summer tries to gain traction. Last issue’s forecast did pretty well but missed just how cold it got last Thursday and Friday mornings. I also hedged my bets on

Weather: A below-average start, then warmer?

Forecast covering the period from May 26 to June 2

If we look back at last issue’s forecast, it turned out to be partly right. The western trough of low pressure did develop, but it ended up being not as sharp as originally forecasted. This meant it became a wider trough, which allowed the storm systems rotating around it to make their way into Manitoba.

Weather: Generally warm with a chance for rain

Forecast covering the period from May 19 to 26

Sometimes with weather it is a matter of a few hundred kilometres, and that small change early on can magnify into big changes later in the forecast period. This is exactly what happened with the previous forecast. An area of low pressure, forecasted to impact southern regions early in the forecast period, was weaker and

Weather: We’re not done with the cool temps

Forecast covering the period from May 12 to 19

The two big forecast questions for this forecast period are: Will we finally see some consistently warm temperatures? And are we going to see any significant precipitation — preferably in the form of rain? Well, to start off this forecast period, the weather models show seasonable temperatures as our region finds itself in a light

Weather: Watch for warming trend late in this period

Forecast issued April 30, 2021, covering the period from May 5 to 12, 2021

Well, the last forecast period was definitely a temperature roller coaster, or maybe temperature yo-yo might be a better description: 20 C one day, then struggling to make it to +5 C the next. That’s spring for you! Overall, last issue’s forecast was pretty good, but as usual, the timing of systems drifted the further

Weather: Spring, summer battle it out

Forecast covering the period from April 28 to May 5

After an extremely bad forecast a couple of issues ago, my last forecast did surprisingly well. For this forecast it looks like the temperature rollercoaster will continue, but as we move further into spring the warm spells will be getting warmer and the cold snaps a little less cold. This forecast period will begin with

Weather: A cooler pattern settling in

Forecast covering the period from April 21 to April 28

If you’re going to fail, then fail spectacularly. That’s what happened with the last forecast. Thanks to the retrograding upper low that impacted our region for most of the week of April 12-16, the forecast fell apart as the atmosphere underwent a shift to a much cooler pattern. The question is, just how long will

Weather: Cool start, then milder temperatures

Forecast covering the period from April 14 to April 21

Well, the last forecast turned out to be partially correct, but as usual, little changes can be amplified over time. We saw the area of low pressure push by to our south and east last Thursday and Friday, bringing clouds and some showers a little farther into eastern regions than originally expected. Then, colder and

Weather: Potential for early-spring heat

Forecast covering the period from April 7 to April 14

My last forecast turned out to be surprisingly accurate considering all the uncertainty behind it. We did see the late-March storm system that brought snow to central and northern regions, but only a dusting across most southern regions. Cold weather slid in behind this system, but as forecasted, mild weather returned by the end of