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Forecast: Warm with a chance of storms

Covering the period from July 8 to July 15

The weather models got the heat and humidity correct with last week’s forecast; what they missed was the western boundary of the hot, humid air. That boundary ended up being a little farther east than forecasted, which resulted in unsettled conditions that dominated the weather over western Manitoba and led to some historic rain events. For this forecast period,

Forecast: Hot and humid weather to continue

Last week’s forecast was a little more on track, with the prediction of hot and humid air; only problem was, the heat and humidity moved in a little earlier than expected. This forecast period is looking very much like the dog days of summer: plenty of sunshine, lots of heat and a fair bit of

Forecast: Warm weather and humidity to return

Covering the period from June 24 to July 1

After a string of weeks where the weather models did a pretty darned good job with the forecasts, last week’s forecast ended up as a bit of a stinker. Hopefully the transition to summer is finally done, which should mean a little less volatility in the weather. For this forecast period, we will finally be

Forecast: Summer weather is moving in

Covering the period from June 17 to June 24

Well, last week’s storm system, which combined with the remnants of tropical storm Cristobal, ended up playing out pretty close to what the weather models predicted. The timing of some of the features was off by a day or so, but overall, they did a good job. For this forecast period, it looks like we should be done with these

Forecast: Cool weather and an unsettled start

Covering the period from June 10 to June 17

The weather models did a fairly decent job with last article’s general weather outlook. I am hoping, for this outlook — at least for the first half — that the models are off, as it looks like a cool and wet start. There is a little bit of uncertainty with the early part of this forecast, as it’s quite

Forecast: Summer weather, finally

Covering the period from June 3 to June 10

Last article’s general weather outlook was not too bad. The only part that was off a bit was the cool air that worked its way into our region late last week. The weather models originally had the cool air staying to our northeast, but the upper low that tracked through north-central Manitoba last week ended up being

Forecast: Warm weather with increasing humidity

Covering the period from May 27 to June 3

The main area of low pressure that the models forecasted to impact our region during the last forecast period did materialize, but it ended up taking a much more westerly route than expected. In fact, the low retrograded or moved from east to west a little bit. This meant the rainfall from this system fell

Forecast: Summer weather tries to move in

Covering the period from May 20 to May 27

There was a little discrepancy in last week’s weather outlook. We had more clouds and showers early on, before the predicted milder air finally moved in over the long weekend. The strong area of low pressure predicted to begin affecting our region May 18 to 20 is still on track as I’m writing this, but

Forecast: Cool with a chance of rain, even snow

Covering the period from May 6 to May 13

Well, as it is starting to look and feel a little more like spring out there, I wish the latest forecast was as rosy looking as the last. During the last forecast period we saw warm air work in as expected, and several areas saw their first 20 C day of the year. The strong

Forecast: Spring weather appears to have sprung

Covering the period from April 29 to May 6

If you haven’t been following my forecasts over the last several months you might not know that for some time now, my forecast deadline changed from three days before the paper is published, to six days. While three extra days ahead of time might not sound like a lot, it is. After reviewing the forecasts