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Bezte: How do tornadoes form?

For this issue I thought it was time that we continue our look at severe thunderstorms, and specifically the deadliest part: tornadoes. The word tornado for most people brings about a feeling of awe and even a little fear. Unless you have already witnessed a tornado firsthand, many who are interested in weather secretly wish […] Read more

Forecast: Warm weather looks to continue

Issued July 9, 2018: Covering the period from July 11 to 18

This forecast period looks like it will be a repeat of last week’s weather. Last week began with an area of low pressure bringing clouds along with showers and thundershowers. This was then followed by a return to sunshine and warming temperatures that culminated in the really hot and humid weather we experienced last Saturday. […] Read more

Will this heat continue through the summer?

Mean monthly temperatures for June 2018 were about what we’d normally see in July

After a warm to hot May across the Prairies, the question on most weather minds was whether we would pay the price for the nice May or the heat would continue. As it turned out, the heat continued throughout much of June, with the warmest weather recorded right here in our part of the Prairies. […] Read more

Forecast: Warm weather to stick around

Issued July 2, 2018: Covering the period from July 4 to 11, 2018

After a fairly active period that brought a mix of sun and clouds along with scattered showers and thundershowers, it looks like things will settle down a bit for this forecast period. We’ll begin this forecast period with one last area of low pressure moving across our region on Wednesday. Expect clouds and showers along […] Read more

The difference between heat waves and hot spells

Mid-June this year has definitely met the temperature criteria for a heat wave

It has been pretty hot across a large portion of the Prairies over the last month or so. After a cold start to April, temperatures began to heat up, with May coming in well above average across all three Prairie provinces. The recorded daily temperatures during May and until June 24 show most locations have […] Read more

Forecast: Warm weather looks set to continue

Forecast issued June 25, covering June 27 to July 4

Once again, the weather models did a good job predicting the weather over the last week. We did see warm/hot temperatures move in late last week and into the first half of the weekend. A number of places also experienced thundershowers and storms late Friday and Saturday afternoon, but as forecast, there just weren’t the […] Read more

Forecast: Warm-to-hot weather to dominate

Issued June 18, 2018: Covering the period from June 20 to 27, 2018

We definitely experienced showers and thundershowers last Friday as predicted, but with warmer-than-expected temperatures, and with higher humidities, the thundershowers became thunderstorms, with some becoming fairly severe across a number of regions. For this forecast period we’ll see a building ridge of high pressure bring plenty of sunshine and warm/hot temperatures. Expect daytime highs to […] Read more

A quick look back at May weather, then clouds

The mean monthly temperature for May 2017 was much cooler than in May 2018

Believe it or not, I got into a disagreement with someone about how nice/bad May’s weather was/has been. The person in question was positive that last May was nicer than this May. This brings me back to the whole notion of the weather brain, or weather memory. Just like most things in life, we tend […] Read more

Forecast: Cooler with a chance of some rain

Issued June 11, 2018: Covering the period from June 13 to 20, 2018

Last week’s forecast was a little hit and miss. We didn’t quite see pure sunny skies on Thursday or Friday, but we did see a few showers move through on Friday. Saturday, for most regions, turned out to be a bit of a bust as a moist easterly flow developed that gave most regions clouds, […] Read more

Warm May, cool spring, warm summer

Environment Canada sees above-average temperatures and near-average precipitation ahead

Another season has come and gone across the Prairies and the main weather question on most people’s minds is, “Just what type of weather will we see this summer?” I’ve always said, if someone could be 75 per cent or more accurate with long-range forecasts, he or she would be rich. Most of the companies […] Read more