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Forecast: Solid week of cold weather ahead

Issued January 14, 2018: Covering the period from January 16 to January 23

The first part of last week’s forecast played out pretty much as expected, but things fell apart a little bit toward the end of the forecast period. The expected ridge of high pressure did build to our west, and we did see mild air move in over the weekend, just not to the initial extent […] Read more

Forecast: Warm mid-winter weather ahead

Issued January 7, 2018: Covering the period from January 10 to January 17

After a snowy start to this week it looks like our old pattern of dry and seasonable weather will move back in for the remainder of this forecast period. It’s always tough to create a forecast when a major weather event is unfolding (I must write the forecasts late Sunday or early Monday morning), as […] Read more

A quick look back at global weather in 2018

We’re looking at a 90 per cent chance of a weak El Niño through this winter

To wrap up last year’s weather articles, I thought I would do a quick look back at how the globe fared, weather-wise, during 2018. To start, let’s look back at November: according to both NOAA and NASA, it was the fifth warmest on record with the only warmer months coming in 2015, 2013, 2010 and […] Read more

Late weather-related holiday gift ideas

With weather stations, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for

With fairly quiet winter weather across the Prairies and as we head into the holiday season, it can be a tough time of year to come up with weather-related articles. I have to thank one reader who reminded me that I didn’t do my usual article on weather-related gift ideas, and while it might be […] Read more

Forecast: More seasonable temperatures expected

Issued December 17, 2018: Covering the period from December 19 to December 30

The only issue with last week’s forecast was underestimating the magnitude of the warm air last Friday and Saturday, as temperatures in most locations across southern and central Manitoba managed to rise several degrees above 0 C. Of particular interest was just how warm some of the overnight lows were, with temperatures actually rising overnight […] Read more

Forecast: Above-average temperatures expected

Issued December 10, 2018: Covering the period from December 12 to December 19

After seeing one cold day last Thursday into Friday, the expected mild Pacific air moved in over the weekend, bringing a return to seasonable temperatures. A few areas were able to see the really mild air mix down on Sunday, which allowed temperatures to rise above the freezing mark. It looks like these mild temperatures […] Read more

A warm and dry December and January?

Outbreaks of arctic air on the Prairies last month centred mainly on Manitoba

After a cold and snowy October across the Prairies, a number of people were expecting much of the same in November. Depending on where you live, this kind of came true. Starting in the west, Alberta dodged most of the cold air and actually lived up to what the long-range computer forecasts predicted: above-average temperatures. […] Read more

Forecast: Cool start, warm end to forecast

Issued December 3, 2018: Covering the period from December 3 to December 10

Last week’s forecast played out fairly well, with the exception of Thursday’s snowfall. The area of low pressure was forecast to bring a little bit of snow, but it ended up taking a more southerly route and dropped more snow than expected. It wasn’t any bigger or stronger than forecast; it just brought a bit […] Read more

Forecast: Our blah weather pattern continues

Issued November 26, 2018: Covering the period from November 28 to December 5

As far as weather forecasts have turned out lately, last week’s forecast wasn’t too far off. We did see some milder weather move in late last week and there were a few flurries over the weekend. What didn’t turn out as well were the temperatures, as slightly cooler-than-forecast air moved in over the weekend and […] Read more

Most snows are light snows

The light snows we’ve seen so far don’t necessarily hint at what’s ahead this winter

A couple of articles ago I wrote about when we should normally expect winter to start, and after a relatively snowy October it seems like a lot of expectations were leaning toward a snowy start to winter. So far, though, we haven’t seen much in the way of true winter snow and if we look […] Read more