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Forecast: More seasonable temperatures ahead?

Covering the period from January 20 to January 27

Last issue’s forecast started off on a good foot as it correctly forecasted the complex area of low pressure that brought rain, freezing rain and snow to a large portion of southern and central Manitoba last Wednesday and Thursday. It was also correct in that the low would not bring large amounts of snow. Where

Overall, December saw well-above-average temperatures along with near- to maybe slightly below-average precipitation.

Weather across our region in 2020

Past statistics favour February to be the driest month of the year

While the final global temperatures for December and for 2020 are not yet in, that won’t stop us from looking back at our weather. We’ll begin with a quick look at December, then look back at the entire year, hitting some of the weather highs and lows of 2020. It should not come as much

Forecast: Colder, but not much snow expected

Covering the period from January 13 to January 20

It has been a while since my last weather forecast and, of course, I just happened to miss a period of nice, quiet and predictable weather. For this forecast period, it is increasingly looking as though we will see a switch in our weather pattern to one that will bring a return to more seasonable

Top weather stories of 2020

Heat was the recurring theme for the year, and it manifested itself in many ways

Hard to believe another year has come to an end, and for most of us 2020 will be one to remember, but not necessarily for the best reasons. To begin the new year, I usually take a detailed look back at the previous year and then our customary look ahead to see what the new

My favourite weather websites offers access to GFS, one of the primary forecasting models

Over the holiday season, combined with COVID restrictions limiting our holiday plans, some of you may have had some extra time for reading and maybe a little surfing of the net. Over the years I’ve occasionally written about some of the websites I use to look up weather, create forecasts and read about what’s going

Forecast: Not much snow expected

Covering the period from December 23 to December 30

Usually by this time of the year we have settled into a predictable winter pattern. This year, winter has been struggling to take hold and as a result, the overall weather pattern is remaining fairly unpredictable. It looks like the weather for this holiday season is going to bounce around from above average to below

What’s your perfect Christmas weather?

A white Christmas on the Prairies is a good bet

Every few years I like to revisit the topic of “perfect Christmas holiday weather.” As we head into this holiday season, with some areas worried about whether it will be a white or brown Christmas, I think it’s appropriate we revisit it again this year. As I went through the last couple of times I

Forecast: Trending back toward warm weather

Covering the period from December 16 to December 23

Last issue’s forecast wasn’t that great, which shouldn’t be too surprising, as every time the atmosphere undergoes a switch in patterns, things tend to be rather unpredictable. While the details of the forecast were off, the general pattern was on the mark, with the end of the extremely mild weather and the beginning of more

About half the time when it snows in the Winnipeg area, the event produces less than two cm of snow.

A look at snowfall days and snowfall events

Probabilities have a storm with over 30 cm of snow hitting Winnipeg about once every 10 years

A couple of articles ago I wrote about when we should normally expect winter to begin. With most areas seeing very little snow so far this year, I thought now might be a good time to look at snowfall probabilities. Just how much snow can we typically expect with each snowfall? Is the little snow

Forecast: Expect a shift in weather pattern

Covering the period from December 9 to December 16

It wasn’t surprising that the weather models did such a good job predicting last week’s early-winter heat wave. The models had been consistently showing this happening for a while and they are usually correct when it comes to large weather features like this. For this forecast period, it looks like the weather pattern is going