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Forecast: More chances for rain

Covering the period from September 9 to 18, 2019

While the weather models were able to predict the fairly active weather pattern that brought several rounds of showers, thundershowers and just general light rains over the last week or two, they did struggle with the timing of the systems and the temperatures. It looks like this forecast period is going to continue on the […] Read more

Bezte: Cool summer, cool fall?

Another month has come and gone and in the weather world, summer is slowly coming to an end. That means it’s time to take a look back at the weather over the past month and to summarize what the three key summer months brought us, weather-wise, across the Prairies. Then, as usual, we’ll take our […] Read more

When should we normally expect the first fall frost?

fall It’s just a matter of time before the mercury dips enough to end the growing season

With some of the first winter forecasts beginning to make the news, I had to resist the urge to jump on this topic. After all, it is still summer and I think we can wait at least one more week before we take a look ahead to see what this fall and winter may have […] Read more

Prairie rainfall: Too much and too little

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of big weather stories currently going on in our part of the world, but is that really true? Sure, the weather overall this summer has been fairly quiet, with no massive storms or heat waves, but there has been a weather story that has been slowly building and […] Read more

Forecast: Typical late-summer August weather

Covering the period from August 19 to 28, 2019

Well, last issue’s forecast wasn’t too far off. We did see some clouds and showers move through our region last Thursday and Friday, but most regions ended up seeing more sun than clouds instead of the other way around. This forecast period will begin with an area of low pressure slowly pulling off to our […] Read more

For the record, July was a hot month once again

What are we likely to experience, a warm or cool long-range forecast?

I guess I’ll begin with an apology for not being able to provide a new article for last week’s issue of the Co-operator. I was off exploring the wilds of Vancouver Island after competing in the Whistler half Ironman. I knew cellphone and data coverage was going to be tough on the Island, especially when […] Read more

What’s the name of that cloud high up in the sky?

A quick look at how various types of clouds are named and classified

Our current method of naming and classifying clouds was developed in 1803 by Luke Howard, an English naturalist. His system employed Latin words to describe the clouds as they appear from the ground. Clouds that appeared to look like sheets were called stratus, which is Latin for layer. Puffy clouds were called cumulus, which is […] Read more