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Forecast: Seasonably mild with a chance of snow

Issued December 11, 2017: Covering the period from December 13 to December 20

The weather models continue to struggle with the finer details of the overall weather pattern. Take last week’s forecast: the weather models were able to correctly predict the development of the West Coast ridge along with the broad trough of low pressure across the eastern half of North America; what they struggled with was the […] Read more

Forecast: Seasonably cold and dry weather ahead

Issued December 4, 2017: Covering the period from December 6 to December 13

If you have been regularly checking out the weather models over the last couple of weeks you would have noticed they have been having a hard time nailing things down. One model run shows a large storm system, then 12 hours later the next model run has no storm system at all; two days later […] Read more

Forecast: Mild weather to continue

Issued November 27, 2017: Covering the period from November 29 to December 6

Last week’s forecast played out pretty close to what the weather models predicted, with the exception of the possible major winter storm that the models were hinting at for late this week. It seems, according to the weather models, that we are heading into a fairly quiet weather pattern over the next week or two, […] Read more

Warm global temperatures and La Niña

Usually La Niña means colder temperatures but this is a weak one

I figured it was time to review what has been going on with global temperatures over the last few months. Despite El Niño coming to an end earlier this year, the globe still appears to be running a temperature. September came in as the fourth-warmest September on record according to both NOAA and NASA, while […] Read more

Forecast: Chance of major winter storm?

Issued November 20, 2017: Covering the period from November 24 to November 30

It looks like we’ve settled into an early winter pattern that has seen a dominant area of high pressure over western North America and a trough of low pressure over eastern North America. Under this pattern we have seen the main storm track cutting across north-central Canada, placing much of southern and central Manitoba into […] Read more

Forecast: Winter here to stay?

Issued November 6, 2017: Covering the period from November 8 to November 15

Last week’s forecast played out close to what the weather models predicted. The main difference was that last weekend’s low moved through southern and central regions a day earlier than expected. It also wasn’t able to tap into as much warm air as originally anticipated, resulting in the first widespread significant snowfall of the season. […] Read more

Forecast: Back to more typical weather

Issued October30, 2017: Covering the period from November 1 to November 8

It’s looking more and more like winter is moving in early this year. Last year, at this time, we were looking at several weeks of warm record-breaking temperatures; this year, while not record-breaking cold, it looks to be much more like winter. Last week’s forecast played out pretty close to what was expected, with the […] Read more

Wind, heat, thunder and snow!

Our winters don’t have enough warm air to produce hail, but enough for ice pellets

In my last article, I said we’d continue our discussion on cold-weather precipitation, but before diving back into that icy topic there have been a few unique weather events across our region that deserve a bit of a closer look. The first event was the high winds that worked their way across the three Prairie […] Read more

Forecast: A return to seasonable weather

Issued October 23, 2017: Covering the period from October 25 to November 1

After a week of unusual fall weather across our region, this forecast period looks to be a little more seasonable. Luckily for us, in last week’s forecast the colder air that was to move in late last weekend didn’t really materialize, and warmer-than-expected temperatures carried over into the first half of this week. The main […] Read more