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Forecast: Warm with a chance of storms

Covering the period from July 8 to July 15

The weather models got the heat and humidity correct with last week’s forecast; what they missed was the western boundary of the hot, humid air. That boundary ended up being a little farther east than forecasted, which resulted in unsettled conditions that dominated the weather over western Manitoba and led to some historic rain events. For this forecast period,

Forecast: Hot and humid weather to continue

Last week’s forecast was a little more on track, with the prediction of hot and humid air; only problem was, the heat and humidity moved in a little earlier than expected. This forecast period is looking very much like the dog days of summer: plenty of sunshine, lots of heat and a fair bit of

Weather school: A last look at tornadoes

WIND | The weather computer has called for 'kite-flying weather' nearly every day lately

WIND The weather computer has called for ‘kite-flying weather’ nearly every day lately

As we move into summer across Manitoba, thunderstorms and, in particular, severe thunderstorms have begun to rear their ugly heads. This week we’ll look at tornadoes, but instead of me rambling on and giving you a technical breakdown of tornadoes — how they form, what to look for, safety, et cetera — I am going to use a series of amazing

Forecast: Warm weather and humidity to return

Covering the period from June 24 to July 1

After a string of weeks where the weather models did a pretty darned good job with the forecasts, last week’s forecast ended up as a bit of a stinker. Hopefully the transition to summer is finally done, which should mean a little less volatility in the weather. For this forecast period, we will finally be

Weather school: Funnel clouds and tornadoes

There needs to be a pool of cold air aloft before a cold air funnel can form

This time we’ll continue our look at severe thunderstorms, and specifically, the most deadly part: tornadoes. Before diving into this, there are a couple of weather stories I have to touch on. First, tied into our discussion on thunderstorms, a stalled frontal system across southeastern Manitoba from June 6 to 8 allowed for several rounds of thunderstorms to

Forecast: Summer weather is moving in

Covering the period from June 17 to June 24

Well, last week’s storm system, which combined with the remnants of tropical storm Cristobal, ended up playing out pretty close to what the weather models predicted. The timing of some of the features was off by a day or so, but overall, they did a good job. For this forecast period, it looks like we should be done with these

It’s believed that when rotating columns of air get squeezed into a narrower shape, wind speeds increase, eventually producing a tornado.

Weather School: What makes storms severe?

Much of our summer rainfall is from typical, rather than severe, thunderstorms

A couple of weeks ago we talked about what it takes to form severe thunderstorms: heat, humidity, lift, and some way to vent the air at the top of the storm. This time we’ll take a look at what takes a severe thunderstorm and turns it into a thunderstorm to truly remember, or maybe forget.

Forecast: Cool weather and an unsettled start

Covering the period from June 10 to June 17

The weather models did a fairly decent job with last article’s general weather outlook. I am hoping, for this outlook — at least for the first half — that the models are off, as it looks like a cool and wet start. There is a little bit of uncertainty with the early part of this forecast, as it’s quite

Can we expect a warmer-than-average June and July?

Computer models point to near-average temperatures for those months

Well, another month has come and gone as the world around us slowly begins a transition back toward normalcy. The end of the month means it’s time to take a look back, then peer forward to see what the next month or two may have in store for us, at least weather-wise. So, we’ll take a break from our annual look at thunderstorms and pull

Forecast: Summer weather, finally

Covering the period from June 3 to June 10

Last article’s general weather outlook was not too bad. The only part that was off a bit was the cool air that worked its way into our region late last week. The weather models originally had the cool air staying to our northeast, but the upper low that tracked through north-central Manitoba last week ended up being