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Forecast: Cool, unsettled conditions expected

Issued September 17, 2018: Covering the period from September 19 to September 26

Looking back at last week’s forecast, it would seem I was way off with my forecast for widespread frost. I can’t even really say I was close, but if we look at the overall weather pattern for last week, you could actually say I was close. Thanks to a strong area of high pressure over […] Read more

Snow falling on the farm

Does the nature around us predict winter weather?

Folklore suggests the skies, plants and animals in our area hint at the longer-term forecast

Way back when I first met with John Morriss to discuss writing a weekly weather column, we talked about different topics that might be appropriate. One of those ideas was to discuss various weather folklore. I have touched on this topic now and then over the years, but I must admit it turned out to […] Read more

Forecast: A good chance for widespread frost

Issued September 10, 2018: Covering the period from September 12 to September 19

As we slowly slide into fall, it looks more likely that most, if not all, regions will see their first fall frost during this forecast period. Before you get all depressed, it doesn’t look like the shot of cold air will last long, as the models are pointing toward a return to more “summer”-like conditions […] Read more

Our first look at the fall and winter forecasts

Our atmosphere remains warmer than average, raising the odds for warmer temperatures ahead

I’ve received several emails asking when we’ll be doing our in-depth review of this summer’s weather. For those of you who are interested, you will have to wait for one more issue. As part of my seasonal review, I also take some time to look ahead to see what the long-range forecasts call for next […] Read more

A warm summer, but not record breaking

Was this summer the warmest in recent memory? Well, that depends how you define ‘summer’

Well, summer is now officially over, so it is time to look back at the weather numbers and see just how warm and dry this summer has been. From a climatic or meteorological view, summer is three months long and encompasses the months of June, July and August. Just like winter, summer can be stretched […] Read more

Forecast: Nice long-weekend weather expected

Issued August 27, 2018: Covering the period from August 20 to September 5

It looks like the transition from a summer to a fall weather pattern has begun. This was evident in last week’s forecast, which didn’t quite play out as expected. We did see a rather strong area of low pressure move through our region last weekend, but the forecast timing and track of the system was […] Read more

Lazy, hazy, smoking days of summer

It would’ve been even hotter over the last couple of weeks without the smoke in the air

This week’s weather article is coming to you from one of my favourite places to camp, Riding Mountain National Park. As I write this the skies are nice and blue, with a yellow sun rising up through the trees. That’s right, blue skies and a yellow sun! The biggest weather story over the last couple […] Read more

Forecast: Warm with a chance of showers

Issued August 20, 2018: Covering the period from August 22 to August 29

Last week’s forecast played out fairly well, but with a couple of bumps. The first was the thick upper-level smoke that helped to keep temperatures a little cooler than expected, and the second was cooler-than-expected air that moved in behind last weekend’s trough of low pressure. This forecast period will begin with a building ridge […] Read more

A record-breaking heat wave

It’s not yet clear whether we’re done with these summer hot spells

In the last article we began discussing summer temperatures across the Prairies, and the warm/hot daytime high temperatures we’ve seen since mid-May. It seems like Mother Nature decided to pipe in by bringing one heck of a record-breaking heat wave to the southern and central Prairies from Aug. 10 to 12. Just what brought the […] Read more

Forecast: Hot, but no more records

Issued August 13, 2018: Covering the period from August 15 to August 23

After a record-breaking heat wave, even warmer-than-average temperatures might feel a little on the cool side. This forecast period will begin with an area of high pressure working its way across the Prairies, bringing mainly sunny skies and a return to warm temperatures. This area of high pressure will slide from Manitoba on Wednesday to […] Read more