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In recent years, the number of Manitoba egg farmers has grown with the demand for eggs.

Manitoba egg farms run by ‘real’ farmers, says MEF

Out-of-province non-farm corporations, are not buying Manitoba egg farms, says Rory Rybuck, general manager of Manitoba Egg Farmers. “You have to have land, equipment of course, and be an actual farmer,” he said in an interview Sept. 25. During the national agriculture debate organized by the Canadian Federation of agriculture broadcast online Sept. 24, Kate

Harley Siemens at his farm site near Rosenort.

Young egg farmer an ambassador for agriculture

Faces of Ag: Harley Siemens invites people into his free-run facility so 
they can see how his hens live, and how they produce the eggs they eat

Harley Siemens is proud of his farm. It’s evident in the way he shows off every detail on a tour through the sparkling-clean layer barns, something he’s done many times. There’s good reason for that. The Siemens’ two free-run aviary barns, near Rosenort, were his brainchild. Before they broke ground in 2017, Harley crisscrossed the

Manitoba Egg Farmers accepted the first Manitoba Farm Safety Award Sept. 27 in Winnipeg.

Manitoba Egg Farmers scoop inaugural safety award

Manitoba’s new provincial safe work awards noted egg producers have developed an industry-wide plan

Manitoba’s egg producers have been honoured for their industry-wide effort to develop an on-farm safety program. At a Sept. 27 event in Winnipeg, the inaugural agriculture “SAFEty” award was bestowed at a gala event that could be considered an Oscar night for work safety efforts in the province. The program is a cross-sectoral effort that

Non-quota laying hen limit tripled

Small-scale farmers can now have 300 laying hens without quota

Farmers in Manitoba can now have up to 300 laying hens without having quota, Manitoba Egg Farmers announced June 8. The new limit for producers operating outside of the supply management system is triple what was available before. Cory Rybuck, general manager for Manitoba Egg Farmers said 300 hens will lay about 90,000 eggs a

Avian influenza in U.S. poultry puts the squeeze on Canadian egg imports

Shipments are costing more and taking longer to get here

A major avian influenza outbreak in the United States is forcing Canada’s layer industry to scramble for imported eggs and pay through the nose for them. As the AI outbreak continues south of the border, Canadian importers must look further afield for processing eggs, increasing delivery times and transportation costs. Manitoba sources most of its

Manitoba poultry farmers are on high alert as avian flu surfaces in adjoining states and Ontario.

Avian flu on Manitoba’s doorstep

The best line of defence is at the farm gate and barn door

Manitoba’s egg and poultry producers are on high alert as avian influenza spreads to neighbouring jurisdictions. More than 75,000 birds have already been euthanized at two farms in Ontario and farms in the American Midwest have seen more than seven million birds destroyed this year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Now cases have

Producer price per dozen dips as feed costs shrink

Falling grain prices have cut feed costs and so egg farmers will get a nickel less — but none of the big grocery chains will say if the savings will be passed on

For the first time in years, the price Manitoba egg farmers receive for their products is going down. Following a year of bumper grain crops, feed costs have declined — resulting in a five-cent reduction in the producer price of eggs in Manitoba. “The cost of production is updated as input costs change, it could

Innovative poultry farm family named 2012 Farm Family of the Year

The Doerksen’s of Blumenort become the 46th Manitoba farm family honoured by the Red River Exhibition

The Red River Exhibition Association (RREA) has named the family behind Doerksen Poultry Farm Ltd., of Blumenort as the 2012 Farm Family of the Year. Orville and Beverly Doerksen, and their children Ken and Lorisa Wall, Alan and Myra Brydges and Joel and Christine Doerksen, join a distinguished list of 46 other Manitoba families who

More Compensation For Layer Hens

Egg farmers will get more compensation money if their flocks have to be destroyed because of a disease outbreak. The federal government has created a separate category for layer hens under the Compensation for Destroyed Animals Regulations. The maximum compensation amount per hen is $30. Previously, egg-laying hens were included in a general category for

U. S. Egg Contamination Unlikely In Canada: Industry – for Sep. 9, 2010

Arecent massive recall of contaminated eggs in the United States probably wouldn’t happen in Canada because conditions are different here, industry officials say. Strict biosecurity and food safety protocols for Canadian egg farmers guard against salmonella outbreaks which occurred last month in the U. S., said Laurent Souligny, Egg Farmers of Canada chairman. The U.