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KAP hires new communications, government relations co-ordinator

Graham Schellenberg previously worked as a provincial policy analyst, communicator

Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) has welcomed Graham Schellenberg as its new communications and government relations co-ordinator. “To continue to learn about (agriculture) and to be involved in such great work is something I’m really excited about,” Schellenberg told the Co-operator. Schellenberg began his job with Keystone Agricultural Producers at the beginning of the month. Prior to joining KAP, Schellenberg worked for the

Responses to the announcement of office closures ranged from some thinking the changes were long overdue, while others worried about job cuts and a decline in services.

Swath of MARD, MASC offices slated for closure

Any cost savings will be eclipsed by investments in new technology, says Pedersen

Reactions were mixed as Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development announced it would close 21 of its community offices in the name of modernization. On Twitter, a farmer called it “10 years overdue” while others pointed to a decline in services the offices provided. Others worried that staff would lose their jobs and that services would

Alvin Iverson has been a familiar face for field day attendees at the Ian N. Morrison Research Farm, near Carman.

People, relationships the highlight of a long career

Faces of Ag: Alvin Iverson retired in January after managing the Ian N. Morrison Research Farm since its inception

Since the ’90s a lot of new knowledge and agricultural solutions have come out of the Ian N. Morrison Research Farm at Carman. But looking back at his career there, that’s not what Alvin Iverson thinks of. “It’s exciting to see new research and development and learn new things,” he said. “But in the end

Erin Armstrong is interim executive director of the Barley Council of Canada.

Foray into ag opened opportunities unknown

Faces of Ag: Know what you want in a career — and what you don’t want, Erin Armstrong told the Advancing Women in Ag conference

As she approached university, Erin Armstrong thought agriculture had very little to do with her. “I’m not a farmer,” she told a farming friend who encouraged her to study agriculture. She said something similar to a biology teacher who said the field might have a place for her — a young woman looking to go

At left: Rosser residents (left to right) Florence McCoy, Brynn Kaplen and Val Gough were frustrated with the Municipal Board decision on Lilyfield Quarry. Top right: Rosser resident Dave Kaplen speaks on the second day of the hearing, in late July. Bottom right: Quarry site owner Colleen Munro speaks during the hearings in late July.

Quarry battle shows cracks in planning system

The Lilyfield Quarry decision was precedent setting in more ways than one

My key story of 2020 began with a small, embattled quarry project north of Winnipeg and ended up illustrating, in microcosm, what local governments might expect if proposed provincial law goes forward. Residents of the RM of Rosser contacted me about a quarry proposed to be built in their backyard. I met them in a house a few

Ag waste recycling program to become permanent

Surveyed producers pro-recycling but leery about environmental fees

Agricultural waste recycler Cleanfarms is on its way to becoming a permanent, industry-funded program in Manitoba. This will likely mean more opportunities for producers to recycle grain bags, baler twine and other plastics. It will also mean paying for it. On November 30, Cleanfarms released a draft of its Manitoba Agriculture Plastics Plan (MAPP) and

“Silo” is a 2019 movie depicting a grain entrapment accident in a small, American farming community.

Silver screen grain entrapment mirrors real-life peril for Winkler farmer

Canola growers’ associations used virtual screenings of movie ‘Silo’ to discuss dangers of work inside grain bins

As Randy Froese sat buried beneath two or three feet of mouldy pinto beans at the bottom of a hopper bin, his phone began to ring. It was probably his wife, he thought, calling to ask when he’d be home for supper. “As I sat there, I couldn’t move,” he said. “I thought, I am

KAP to host ‘In the Know’ mental health training

The agriculture-specific course will be delivered through Zoom between January and March

Agriculture-specific mental health literacy training will be available for Manitoba farmers through Keystone Agricultural Producers starting January 18. KAP will host ‘In the Know’ — a course developed especially for farmers to inform them on mental health, how to cope with the stresses of farming, and how to start safe conversations about mental health. “Our

Just a few of the Manitobans who shared their Christmas stories with us. Read their stories below.

Stories of hard Christmases past

Manitobans reflect on holiday isolation, illness and strained finances, and how they look at these experiences

This year, many face a grim Christmas. Some have lost loved ones, others have lost jobs. Some are struggling with isolation and look ahead at the holidays with dread knowing they’ll spend it without family. In the face of a very ‘2020’ Christmas, five Manitobans reflected on a hard Christmas of their past and how they view that

The 2021 edition of The Prairie Garden.

The Prairie Garden highlights latest in hardy flowering shrubs

The 82nd edition also reprises previous popular publication on roses

The newest edition of The Prairie Garden highlights the latest and greatest in Manitoba-hardy flowering shrubs and roses. “Flowers are truly a lifeline to another world,” guest-editor Philip Ronald said in a virtual launch of the periodical. The Prairie Garden, which is produced by a group of volunteers, is Canada’s only Prairie-specific gardening annual and