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20-plus resources to help young farmers get started

It’s not an easy business to enter, but rebates, scholarships, peer groups and training programs are out there to smooth the transition

Some might say there’s never been a harder time to be a young farmer—near-exorbitant land prices, unpredictable weather, international trade conflict, and now a pandemic. Thea Green is program manager at Keystone Agriculture Producers and coordinates KAP’s young farmer wing. Here, she shares 20-plus financial, educational and developmental resources to make life easier for young

KAP seminar to give lay of post-COVID economic land

ECONOMY: There’s much to tell farmers about a global recession, but there’s also room for optimism, FCC’s Marty Seymour says

An upcoming webinar aims to make sense of the economic and agricultural landscape as the world continues to grapple with COVID-19. On July 7, FCC chief economic J.P. Gervais and Marty Seymour, FCC’s director of industry relations, will team up with Keystone Agricultural Producers to present a webinar titled “Adjust your business for success in

Pork producers have long been underwhelmed by the available price insurance and their lack of participation reflects that.

Hog price insurance: D.O.A. from the get-go

RISK MANAGEMENT | WLPIP is available in Manitoba but was never a viable option for hog producers. Why?

Since 2014, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have had livestock price insurance for hogs. It’s been used exactly once. “We were pretty excited when they introduced it because I mean we, at that time, didn’t have a lot of risk management options,” said Mark Ferguson, general manager of Sask Pork. In 2014, Alberta-based Western Livestock Price Insurance

Temporary farm workers say they have little ability 
to maintain social distancing on Canadian farms.

Advocacy group says migrant workers deserve better

COVID-19 has shown how vulnerable these employees can be, a new report says

COVID-19 has exacerbated the vulnerability of temporary foreign workers, says a report from Migrant Workers Alliance for Change (MWAC). “The federal government has given nearly a billion dollars to agri-food businesses, while migrants who actually grow the food are falling sick and dying,” said Sonia Aviles, an MWAC organizer, in a June 8 news release.

Fatigue is a hazard that needs to be addressed for your safety and those around you.

Combating farm fatigue

Tips on how to sleep better, feel better and work safer

Farmers probably don’t need a seminar to tell them they don’t sleep enough. Caffeine-induced heart palpitations probably do that for them as spring field work grinds on. However, as a June 9 seminar from Keystone Agricultural Producers reminded, that sleep deprivation is more than an annoyance. “Fatigue is a hazard just like your chemicals on the farm,” said

Ellen speaks to dieticians, chefs and food writers at an event in Toronto.

Canola advocate honoured by Dietitians of Canada

Faces of Ag: Trained as a teacher, Ellen Pruden has become a bridge between dietitians, chefs, food writers and the agricultural community

Canola Eat Well director Ellen Pruden is being recognized for her work bridging the gap between dietitians and agriculture. “Ellen has used her personal ties to Canadian agriculture to create unique and innovative opportunities for dietitians to learn about the complex world of farming and food production and has given us confidence to share that

Manitoba Beekeepers expect reduced production

Fewer workers, interruptions to supply chains to blame

Honey production capacity is likely to drop by 10 to 20 per cent this year due to various COVID-19-related issues. “A lot of beekeepers are planning to run less bees this year based on diminished capacity for labour,” said Mark Friesen, chair of the Manitoba Beekeepers Association. Border closures and airline shutdowns related to COVID-19

Supply-managed producers fare better than many during pandemic

There have been COVID ups and downs, but these farmers say the system worked

Not all costs are counted yet, but Manitoba’s supply-managed producers appear to be emerging from the pandemic in better shape than their beef and hog farming counterparts thanks, in part, to their ability to co-ordinate supply collectively. “(Supply-managed producers are) facing similar issues — they’ve dumped milk and eggs in a similar way to hog

Some Manitoba growers in the past expressed interested in growing fava beans but struggled to find a market to sell them. With this announcement, that difficulty will likely fade away.

Funding announced for Roquette pea, Prairie Fava collaboration

Protein Industries Canada to co-fund $19.2 million research, development and expansion project between processing giant and local company

An influx of cash from Protein Industries Canada will help a Glenboro company expand their fava bean processing operation while collaborating with Roquette to develop new uses for the plant protein. “We’re very excited what the future will bring with fava,” said Hailey Jefferies, CEO of Prairie Fava, a processor based in Glenboro, in a

If expenses are adding up and you’re looking for financial support, one of these programs could help your situation.

Fifteen COVID-relief programs for farmers and their employees

A KAP seminar listed and explained the many programs designed to help farmers weather the effects of the pandemic

Many federal and provincial programs exist to help producers pay employee wages or recoup lost income because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but with the speed those have rolled out and evolved, farmers may not know which is best for them or how to apply. “It can be a little overwhelming to keep track of that