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Farm family picking up pieces after devastating fire

Fire wiped out half of the Doerksens’ layer flock and demolished their free-range barn

An egg-farming family is putting the pieces back together after a fire wiped out half their flock and razed their state-of-the-art free-run barn on May 5. “Personally, emotionally, it’s a really hard question to answer, how it affects (us),” said Joel Doerksen. “Our farm will never look the same again.” Doerksen’s farm, near Blumenort in […] Read more

Prairie Oat Growers Association announces new president

Enns: It’s time for the younger generation to be the face of the organization

A Manitoban will be the new president of the Prairie Oat Growers Association, the organization announced May 1. Jenneth Johanson of Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, will take over for outgoing president Art Enns. “It has been an incredible ‘run’ as president of POGA and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s now time for the younger […] Read more

Farmers at high risk for tick exposure

Spring brings the return of these creepy crawlies — and the risk of Lyme disease infection

Farmers need to be aware of the risks associated with tick bites and be prepared to protect their own health this spring. That’s according to Kateryn Rochon, an entomologist and associate professor at the University of Manitoba, who says the province’s farm population is a high-risk group. “By virtue of your job, you are exposed […] Read more