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Soil is complicated… so are people

Soil Council of Canada's summit on soil health explored diverse issues of soil health across Canada and how to win people to the cause

It used to take six or seven passes over Ryan Pritchard’s fields to get them ready for spring — harrow, cultivate, harrow, deep till, fertilize. Pritchard, who works full time off farm, was looking for a way to save time. “Can’t go no till. It’s too cold a climate,” he told a tour group during […] Read more

Delivering emergency services in rural Manitoba a risky business for responders

Farm safety presentation entitled "Trauma, Country Style" designed to ‘scare the crap’ out of paramedics

[UPDATED: Oct. 8, 2019] Tim Hillier got up on stage in front of a conference of paramedics and bluntly told them, “My objective is to scare the crap out of you. “These are very, very dangerous scenes. They’re dangerous for the patients… but they’re dangerous for you as responders as well,” Hillier said. “I don’t […] Read more

Oak Lake local honoured for land donation for wildlife

Grassland property will serve as permanent wildlife habitat

Oak Lake local Peter Galawan was honoured for his donation of property to the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation on September 20. In 2017, Galawan donated a quarter section of land in the grassland flats of the Arrow Hills, according to a news release from MHHC. It contains Bailey’s Creek, a tributary of the Assiniboine River. […] Read more

Eat, think, vote: Putting food as an election issue on the plate

Candidates gather at the South Osborne Farmers’ Market to chat about food issues

Organizers of a farmers’ market in Winnipeg’s South Osborne neighbourhood want voters to think of food as an election issue. That’s why they brought the ‘Eat Think Vote’ campaign to the season finale of the farmers’ market on September 25. Why it matters: While food isn’t a standard election topic, it coincides with many other […] Read more

Young egg farmer an ambassador for agriculture

Faces of Ag: Harley Siemens invites people into his free-run facility so they can see how his hens live, and how they produce the eggs they eat

Harley Siemens is proud of his farm. It’s evident in the way he shows off every detail on a tour through the sparkling-clean layer barns, something he’s done many times. There’s good reason for that. The Siemens’ two free-run aviary barns, near Rosenort, were his brainchild. Before they broke ground in 2017, Harley crisscrossed the […] Read more

Wet weather makes mud of farm tires

After a dry summer, a dumping of water bogs down harvest 2019

Wet weather put the brakes on harvest in many regions of Manitoba, putting progress behind average and threatening crop quality. “We’re definitely behind,” said Jake Ayre, who farms near Minto. On September 24, he said their harvest was about 40 per cent complete. “Believe it or not, we combined 100 acres yesterday,” he said. Ayre […] Read more

Television show serves up 30 years of ‘Great Tastes’

Manitoba’s longest-running local show highlights farming families, relatable dishes in its 30th season

Early this month, Manitoba’s longest-running local cooking show began its 30th season. “Great Tastes of Manitoba” began when a committee of representatives from various producer boards and associations conceptualized it in the spring of 1990. The first show went to air in November of 1990, and it has been on the air ever since. Thirty […] Read more

Manitoba company licenses canola protein technology

M&C Commodities will join the plant protein biz and use canola meal from their cold-pressed oils to make canola protein products

A Manitoba-based company will soon join the plant-based protein craze with canola protein products. Beausejour area crushing facility M&C Commodities has licensed a canola protein extraction technology developed in part with the Manitoba Canola Growers Association, MCGA announced Sept. 5. “We’re proud to offer farmers another stream for canola in the marketplace,” said Carlos Melo, […] Read more

Family is everything for young vegetable farmer

Faces of Ag: Since taking over the farm, Sam Connery-Nichol’s family has expanded to include her staff and 40 to 60 temporary foreign workers

Sam Connery-Nichol’s truck is a grey Chevy Silverado with over 600,000 kilometres on it and rust around the wheel wells. She could probably get a new vehicle — one that’s easier to park in town — but she refuses to let this one go. It was her dad’s truck. Jeff Connery died in 2012 shortly […] Read more