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Alfred Lea with Star Wholesale Ltd. office manager Carey Iuliani.

Riverton-based potato chip company owner passing on business acumen

Faces of Ag: Alfred Lea recently signed a deal to distribute Tomahawk Chips Canada-wide but leaves time to help young people close to home

As his potato chip company takes off across Canada, Alfred Lea is encouraging young people to follow their own dreams and build businesses. “Don’t think they can’t do what they want,” he said. Kids need leadership and encouragement — and he aims to give it to them. Lea owns Native Canadian Chip Corporation, which is

Gord Bacon, former CEO of Pulse Canada and now a Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame inductee, spent decades devoted to catapulting the sector’s profile to the next level.

Bacon a pulse promoter extraordinaire

Faces of Ag: From decades of work elevating the pulse sector to helping make 2016 the UN’s International Year of Pulses, Gord Bacon has had a long, interesting career

Getting Gordon Bacon to talk about himself isn’t easy. The recently retired longtime CEO of Pulse Canada, who will be inducted into the Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame Nov. 21, prefers to talk about food, nutrition, health and sustainability. It’s not surprising with his passion for pulses — leguminous edible seeds such as dry peas,

Lourdes Still in her flower and dye workshop on her farm near La Broquerie in southeastern Manitoba.

Embracing endless possibilities

Faces of Ag: Manitoba flower farmer finds niche in natural dye and eco-printing

It’s difficult to believe that the vivid orange, burgundy and yellow floral print wasn’t painted or printed on the soft, crepe scarf in Lourdes Still’s hands. Instead, these scarves are dyed into the fabric straight from marigolds, coreopsis flowers, and even onion skins right there on Masagana Flower Farm near La Broquerie. Still stirred a

Michael Eskin is a professor in the department of food and human nutritional sciences at the University of Manitoba.

Pioneer canola researcher awarded the Order of Manitoba

Faces of Ag: He sings, he raps and his scholarship helped make canola what it is today

Michael Eskin has a career in biochemistry and food science going back more than 50 years, but last time he was in the news it was for something different: music. His song commemorating the centenary of the discovery of insulin, as reported by CBC, got picked up by the American Oil Chemists’ Society, and Eskin

Brian Chorney farms near East Selkirk with his wife Brenda.

Manitoba farmer recognized as early voice for biofuels in Canada

Faces of Ag: As a farmer and agricultural engineer, Brian Chorney brought a depth of perspective to the boardroom table

“Well geez, you should let your name stand,” seems like the common origin of many successful careers in agriculture organizational work. Fellow farmers recognize leadership qualities and exert a little pressure to fill a director’s chair. East Selkirk farmer Brian Chorney is, by all accounts, not one to boast. But in this case, it seems

BioTEI’s “Moringa Steno” product line so far includes oil, face cream and herbal tea.

Manitoba home of moringa ‘miracle tree’ innovation

Face of Ag: Scientist Mulualem Kassa is realizing his dream of using Canadian research to build knowledge around neglected crops

A Manitoba scientist and entrepreneur is using Canadian science to explore a neglected African plant in hopes this will create a platform to explore more high-value, underused crops. “If we bring those resources in Africa which are neglected due to lack of knowledge, due to lack of research, if I can use the Canadian system… we can

The Giesbrechts’ Chesapeake Bay retriever Chaska loves to dig her own garden carrots.

Family puts heart and homegrown produce into pet food business

Faces of Ag: Roger and Theresa Giesbrecht put years of livestock nutritional knowledge into formulating dog kibble and treats

Poncho was a “neighbourhood combo” mutt with short legs and a long body. Legs churning, he’d come within inches of the three-wheeler tire time and time again as the grandkids puttered around the farmyard. Poncho is long in the “happy hunting grounds” but he lives on in every bag of kibble that bears his name.

Hailey and Cale Jeffries at the Prairie Fava facility near Glenboro.

Fava innovation a labour of love

Faces of Ag: The Glenboro startup has since partnered with Arlene Dickinson and Roquette

It started with a desire to feed her sick mom. Around 2015, as Hailey Jeffries settled into farm life with husband Cale, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. As she suffered through rounds of chemotherapy, Hailey’s mom didn’t have much of an appetite. She asked for bagels, muffins and other baked goods. While Hailey wanted

Alvin Iverson has been a familiar face for field day attendees at the Ian N. Morrison Research Farm, near Carman.

People, relationships the highlight of a long career

Faces of Ag: Alvin Iverson retired in January after managing the Ian N. Morrison Research Farm since its inception

Since the ’90s a lot of new knowledge and agricultural solutions have come out of the Ian N. Morrison Research Farm at Carman. But looking back at his career there, that’s not what Alvin Iverson thinks of. “It’s exciting to see new research and development and learn new things,” he said. “But in the end

Erin Armstrong is interim executive director of the Barley Council of Canada.

Foray into ag opened opportunities unknown

Faces of Ag: Know what you want in a career — and what you don’t want, Erin Armstrong told the Advancing Women in Ag conference

As she approached university, Erin Armstrong thought agriculture had very little to do with her. “I’m not a farmer,” she told a farming friend who encouraged her to study agriculture. She said something similar to a biology teacher who said the field might have a place for her — a young woman looking to go