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Brian Chorney farms near East Selkirk with his wife Brenda.

Manitoba farmer recognized as early voice for biofuels in Canada

Faces of Ag: As a farmer and agricultural engineer, Brian Chorney brought a depth of perspective to the boardroom table

“Well geez, you should let your name stand,” seems like the common origin of many successful careers in agriculture organizational work. Fellow farmers recognize leadership qualities and exert a little pressure to fill a director’s chair. East Selkirk farmer Brian Chorney is, by all accounts, not one to boast. But in this case, it seems

BioTEI’s “Moringa Steno” product line so far includes oil, face cream and herbal tea.

Manitoba home of moringa ‘miracle tree’ innovation

Face of Ag: Scientist Mulualem Kassa is realizing his dream of using Canadian research to build knowledge around neglected crops

A Manitoba scientist and entrepreneur is using Canadian science to explore a neglected African plant in hopes this will create a platform to explore more high-value, underused crops. “If we bring those resources in Africa which are neglected due to lack of knowledge, due to lack of research, if I can use the Canadian system… we can

The Giesbrechts’ Chesapeake Bay retriever Chaska loves to dig her own garden carrots.

Family puts heart and homegrown produce into pet food business

Faces of Ag: Roger and Theresa Giesbrecht put years of livestock nutritional knowledge into formulating dog kibble and treats

Poncho was a “neighbourhood combo” mutt with short legs and a long body. Legs churning, he’d come within inches of the three-wheeler tire time and time again as the grandkids puttered around the farmyard. Poncho is long in the “happy hunting grounds” but he lives on in every bag of kibble that bears his name.

Hailey and Cale Jeffries at the Prairie Fava facility near Glenboro.

Fava innovation a labour of love

Faces of Ag: The Glenboro startup has since partnered with Arlene Dickinson and Roquette

It started with a desire to feed her sick mom. Around 2015, as Hailey Jeffries settled into farm life with husband Cale, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. As she suffered through rounds of chemotherapy, Hailey’s mom didn’t have much of an appetite. She asked for bagels, muffins and other baked goods. While Hailey wanted

Alvin Iverson has been a familiar face for field day attendees at the Ian N. Morrison Research Farm, near Carman.

People, relationships the highlight of a long career

Faces of Ag: Alvin Iverson retired in January after managing the Ian N. Morrison Research Farm since its inception

Since the ’90s a lot of new knowledge and agricultural solutions have come out of the Ian N. Morrison Research Farm at Carman. But looking back at his career there, that’s not what Alvin Iverson thinks of. “It’s exciting to see new research and development and learn new things,” he said. “But in the end

Erin Armstrong is interim executive director of the Barley Council of Canada.

Foray into ag opened opportunities unknown

Faces of Ag: Know what you want in a career — and what you don’t want, Erin Armstrong told the Advancing Women in Ag conference

As she approached university, Erin Armstrong thought agriculture had very little to do with her. “I’m not a farmer,” she told a farming friend who encouraged her to study agriculture. She said something similar to a biology teacher who said the field might have a place for her — a young woman looking to go

Walker with business partner Brett Locke. 

Synergy Seeds a local success story

Faces of Ag: Kristie Walker shared lessons learned from her leap into entrepreneurship with the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference

Kristie Walker remembers calling her parents the day she quit her job to start a seed retail business. She remembered “the phone just kind of going quiet,” she told her virtual audience at the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference. She told her parents, “Well I kind of have a plan, but not really, and no

“I’ve always been proud of what the Provincial Exhibition puts back into the city of Brandon — economic impact and grassroots things, the education that it puts for urban kids.” – Kathy Cleaver.

Cleaver scoops national award

Faces of Ag: Kathy Cleaver’s involvement with the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba is a long list, and now it includes a national award from the Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions Roll of Honour

For anyone involved with the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba over the last few decades, it’s likely hard to imagine the organization without Kathy Cleaver. Cleaver’s name has been a consistent presence within the committees of the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba, the organization that brings three major Brandon ag fairs to fruition year after year. From

Mike and son Sky harvesting finished castings from a ridge row of manure.

‘Accidental business people’ find niche in worm-made fertilizer

Faces of Ag: A veteran ‘worm farmer’ and his childhood friend set out to offer environmentally friendly fertilizer — years later, business is booming in unexpected ways

It began 35 years ago with a quarter-pound of worms sent in the mail from Kentucky. Mike Jacques bought them to help develop soil for his greenhouse and the Northern Sun Farm Co-op, a small, off-grid community near Sarto in southeastern Manitoba. The soil in the area was sandy and needed some organic input. Jacques

Laura and Ryan Plett juggled hunting and fishing guide careers with their livestock operation until two years ago.

Laying foundations with Sawmill Creek Livestock

Faces of Ag: Laura and Ryan Plett of Stead, Man., have spent over half a decade growing their livestock operation from scratch

Laura and Ryan Plett know all about building something from nothing. Their farm, tucked into the bush near Stead, on the southeastern tip of Lake Winnipeg, is largely forested. Pasture expansions mean pushing farther into the bush. Grazing is marginal. The Pletts’ herds, now hundreds of head strong and combining cattle and sheep, was grown