$2.00 a day until there’s four inches of snow!

Our History: December 1974

Judging by this ad in our Dec. 12, 1974 issue, there was also a lack of snow as we approached Christmas that year.

Our front-page news that week was the introduction of a bill to establish the Western Grain Stabilization Act. Farmers would contribute two per cent of their income to a maximum of $25,000 ($500 per year) and the federal government would add $2 for every dollar contributed by the producer. Deductions would be automatic when grain was sold. Payments would be triggered to all producers based on overall Prairie grain revenue falling below a five-year average. The program was dropped in the late 1980s after it ran out of money and was unable to handle drastic drops in income during a U.S.-EU grain price war.

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Another front-page story was settlement of yet another strike on the Great Lakes — 220 grain inspectors had walked out for 10 days.

We also reported the sale of a sample shipment of 40,000 pounds of Manitoba grass-fed beef to Israel. Agriculture Minister Sam Uskiw said Israelis preferred the younger grass-fed cattle from Manitoba to older animals from Brazil and Argentina. In accordance with kosher laws, only meat from the front quarters was sent to Israel. A special promotion on the hind quarters was featured at the Hudson’s Bay grocery in Winnipeg.

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