A mail-in coupon for bale stooker “particulars”

Our History: July 1967

A mail-in coupon for bale stooker “particulars”

This ad for the Williamson bale stooker in our July 13, 1967 issue reminds that it used to be that if you wanted “particulars” on a piece of equipment, you had to phone or write rather than visit the company’s website.

Our main story that week described Manitoba’s crop conditions as a “hodgepodge.” Crops were in good condition in the eastern part of the province and north of a line running west from Neepawa. Elsewhere things depended on thunderstorms. A table of rainfall from April 1 showed 3.07 inches at Pierson (normal 7.08) and 3.5 inches at Swan River (6.62) , but 11.61 inches at Deerwood (7.21 normal) and 10.66 at Sprague (7.48).

Also in the news that month was the latest authorization for the import of 236 purebred cattle from Europe. That was far fewer than the 1,500 requested by 400 breeders, but all imported cattle had to quarantined for 90 days on an island in the St. Lawrence River before entering Canada, and facilities were limited. Nine of the cattle were Simmentals from Switzerland — the first cattle to come from that country — and the rest were mainly Charolais from France.

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