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The best livestock market in the Northwest

Our History: October 1887

This ad for the Winnipeg Livestock Mart and Feed Stable appeared in the October 1887 issue of The Nor’-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller. “Farmers, Cattle Dealers and Butchers will find this the Best Market in the Northwest,” it said.

An article in the issue praised the success of a test of Russian wheat. Mr. George Roddie of Brandon Hills reported that “The sample of Northern Russian Wheat came to hand on May 15. I hesitated about sowing it so late, but made the attempt on the 17th. To my surprise it was up and ready for cutting on August 25, fully a fortnight earlier than Red Fyfe.”

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It was also reported that “The first shipment of cattle from the Canadian Northwest ranches will be made shortly. There are now being loaded at Calgary 45 cars of cattle, aggregating about 900 head, and they will soon pass through the city en route for Montreal, from which port they will be shipped to Liverpool. These cattle are from the Cochrane ranches. This is an important event to the cattle trade, as these cattle will be the vanguard of what it is hoped will be the chief export from the western portions of these territories.”

A report on the local wheat market said that deliveries were slow since threshing continued, “except at such points as Gretna and Morden, where the Mennonites come early to the market and turn their crop into money.” Prices continued at “60 cents on the Winnipeg market, and 52 to 56 at outside points, with two or three cents lower for inferior grades.”

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