Crow debate continues, livestock producers get $20-million payment

Our History: December 1989

This ad from our Dec. 14, 1989 issue reminds of how mobile communication worked before cellphones.

Don Mazankowski, the agriculture minister on the new Joe Clark government, had organized a major “Growing together” conference which attracted 2,000 delegates to Ottawa. It got off to a bad start — the same day Agriculture Canada forecast a 101 per cent free fall in Saskatchewan farm income, and 87 per cent in Manitoba.

The “pay the producer” versus the “pay the railway” Crow debate was ongoing, and another consultant’s report had been issued on the implications of giving the $720 million directly to producers. In 1995 the Chretien government resolved the debate but cutting the program altogether.

Manitoba livestock producers were to receive a $20-million payment under a feed security program.

In the “times have really changed” department, the U.S. government raised the Soviet Union’s grain import limit from 16 million to 20 million tonnes.

Speaking to the annual meeting of Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Morton Sosland, publisher of the U.S. magazine Milling and Baking News, said the three Prairie Pools had made a mistake by not amalgamating.

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