Portable wheat elevators, the economical alternative

Our History: August 1927

Portable wheat elevators, the economical alternative

This ad appeared in the August 1927 issue of The Scoop Shovel, the Co-operator’s predecessor publication. This portable wheat elevator was offered as an economical alternative to a country elevator at a small shipping point, and “Receive(s) from the wagon, cleans, removes dockage and loads into a railroad car or tank at 300 bushels per hour.”

For those who did want to deliver to an elevator, it was reported that after two years of operation, Manitoba Pool locals had decided to accept grain from non-Pool members. Pool members (who had signed a contract pledging their total production for five years) were reminded that this provision also covered any leftover bags of seed grain.

Manitoba Pool also reported that its library now contained about 1,300 volumes, of which about 500 were on sociology, politics and economics. “We have found these to be the subjects most in demand by our members,” said the article, but there were also books on other subjects including “practically every book in the English language on co-operation and the co-operative movement.” In the previous winter, about 300 members had used the library, which paid postage both ways.

The Pool also announced that its noon broadcasts on radio station CKY would now be delivered directly from a microphone in the Pool office.

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