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Waterloo Champion thresher, available in seven sizes

Our History: June 1928

The Waterloo Champion thresher advertised in the June 1928 issue of The Scoop Shovel was offered in seven sizes, and could be seen at that year’s Provincial Exhibition in Brandon, also advertised in that issue. It featured a monster midway, new dog show building, a new nursery and rest room for women and children, and five days of horse racing.

Immigration policy was apparently in the news at the time, and the editorial in the previous issue took exception to the Bishop of Saskatchewan’s statements to the press about “mongrel Canada.” The bishop reportedly objected to the government encouraging immigration of “Germans, Poles, Ruthenians, Scandinavians and other non-British stock.”

The editor said: “It is the individual qualities that country; if these are satisfactory Canada can afford to welcome every kind of immigrant. Not, of what race is he? but, what kind of man is he? should be the test for immigrants. If he will make a good, useful, industrious and intelligent citizen, we needn’t worry about the flag he was born under, nor about mongrelizing the country.”

Classified ads were beginning to appear in The Scoop Shovel, later named the Manitoba Co-operator. One raises questions about logistics; it read, along with a box number to contact by mail: “50 lbs. rhubarb $3.50. Immediate delivery. Highland Farm, Mission, B.C.”

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