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Forecast: Here’s a weather system to keep an eye on

Covering the period from November 25 to December 4, 2019

It’s been another solid week for the weather models as they were pretty spot on with the forecast, only being a day off on the two to five centimetres of snow that fell last Wednesday. For this forecast period, the weather models are starting to show some signs of our weather pattern becoming a little

Forecast: Dry and relatively mild weather ahead

Covering the period from November 18 to November 27, 2019

With the weather pattern becoming a little more stable, the weather models seem to be handling things a little better. Last week’s forecast was pretty darned good as we saw cold air to start off, with some areas dropping into the -20s C before milder air worked in later in the week. Even warmer air

Forecast: Cold weather start, then a warm up

Covering the period from November 14 to November 20, 2019

Last week’s forecast wasn’t as far off as it may have seemed. It’s always tough to make a forecast when you are dealing with strong highs and weak lows, as you never really know which one will win out and just how the timing will work out. This is what we saw with last week’s

Forecast: Cold with a few chances of light snow

Covering the period from November 4 to November 13, 2019

Normally I would begin the forecast with a quick review of the previous forecast, but since I messed up hitting my deadline last week you didn’t see my best forecast ever! Just kidding, but it was a pretty good forecast. Remember, it’s not really me doing much of the forecasting, I am simply analyzing the

Forecast: Drier weather pattern developing

Covering the period from October 21 to October 30, 2019

What can I say? I’m only as good as the weather models, and when trying to create a seven- to 10-day forecast five days in advance, there are going to be times when the forecast is off — sometimes way off. This is exactly what happened in the last forecast. Within a day or two

Forecast: Cooler weather on deck, but not cold

Covering the period from October 14 to 23, 2019

Well, besides getting last week’s brief warm-up correct and the cold front that moved through last Wednesday, the weather models kind of missed the big storm system — or did they? If you remember back to last July, my deadline for the forecast changed from Monday (two days before you typically read this) to Friday (five days before

Forecast: Warm start, then cooler temperatures

Covering the period from October 8 to 16, 2019

Overall, last week’s forecast was pretty spot on. There was a bit of a timing issue as this week rolled around, but for the most part I was impressed with the accuracy of the forecast. For this week’s forecast I am happy to say we will see at least a little bit of heat as

Will September’s wet weather continue?

You’d think it also would’ve been a colder-than-average September, but no

Last issue I talked about the rain — and no, it is not my fault that we received even more rain before the month of September was out, so quit blaming me! Now that the rainiest September on record for a large portion of southern Manitoba has come to an end, it’s time to take

Forecast: Hints of warmer and drier weather ahead

Covering the period from September 30 to October 9, 2019

It’s looking like the wet September weather is going to continue right up to the end of the month as a very winter-like weather pattern continues across the region. While the overall weather pattern is behaving much like a winter pattern, it’s missing one thing: cold air, or at least, unseasonably cold air. Last week’s

Forecast: Up-and-down weather ahead

Covering the period from September 23 to October 2, 2019

I’m starting to see a bit of a trend in these forecasts since I began having an earlier deadline. Understandably, the first half of the forecast is playing out pretty well, but then the timings and locations of systems start to drift off as we get further into the future. With that said, the first