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Potted evergreens can be slipped out of their pots and planted in the ground for the winter.

Wintering trees and shrubs grown in containers

Try these ideas and maybe you won’t have to purchase new plants next year

My wife and I went on a garden tour in Winnipeg this past summer and we saw just how popular the practice of growing trees and shrubs in containers has become — many of them grown as standards. Such plants are not inexpensive, particularly when many of the standards had woven stems and were quite

Fire blight-infected raspberry cane tips.

Fire blight can infect raspberries

There is no cure for this bacterial disease and pruning is the best treatment

Fire blight is a bacterial disease caused by the pathogen Erwinia amylovora that attacks many trees and shrubs (apple, pear, cotoneaster and mountain ash are four of the most common targets). The disease usually appears in late spring or early summer when it attacks the blossoms and very young growth at the tips of the

“Arnold Red” is covered with bloom 
in early June. 

A tried-and-true old favourite

Honeysuckle has been grown for decades and copes with whatever Mother Nature gives it

Sometimes in our quest to create beautiful gardens we focus on new varieties of plants that are popular at the moment. This is particularly true of the shrubs and the plant hybridizers have recognized this and are churning out new varieties by the dozens. Although using new shrub varieties can lead to great results (some

“Diablo” can be used to form a privacy hedge.

Using ninebark shrubs in the landscape

With many different leaf colours and heights to choose from it’s easy to find an appropriate variety

A ninebark shrub is one of the most versatile and easy-to-grow shrubs available to Prairie gardeners. There are several varieties that make using it even more useful when planning a landscape, as one with the appropriate leaf colour and one that grows the desired height can be selected from a long list. One of the

A mulch of dry leaves helps protect a perennial border.

Protecting plants from winter damage

You’ll be glad you did when you see healthy plants come back in the spring

Late October/early November is the ideal time to plan on how you are going to protect vulnerable plants from our severe winter. The first step has hopefully already been taken where you have chosen most of your plants that are hardy to your climate zone. Many gardeners, however, like to try a few “challenging” plants

Capturing rainwater is  a conservation activity urbanites can become involved with, says Pembina Valley Conservation District manager Cliff Greenfield.

Rain garden makes wiser use of run-off, beautifies urban areas

Rainwater capture takes the load off the drainage system, and provides low-cost water for gardens

A strip of newly planted trees and shrubs on the east side of the recreation centre in Morden might look merely like landscaping. Wait until it starts to rain. Then it’s an example of how towns and cities can also help overland flooding and nutrient run-off. The site at the east side of the Morden

Getting an azalea to rebloom

Were you lucky enough to receive an azalea as a gift plant for Easter? Azaleas are popular pot plants used as gifts for special occasions such as Easter and Mother’s Day. Although an azalea can be enjoyed until it has finished blooming (a healthy plant will bloom for several weeks) and then discarded, many gardeners

Dwarf Lilacs — Perfect For A Smaller Landscape

In years past there were very few farm sites which were not graced with long rows of lilacs, some left to grow in their natural form and others clipped into neat hedgerows. The untrimmed ones put on a spectacular display of bloom in June and at the same time infused the farmyard with the wonderful

Extending The Lilac Season

You might think that as June becomes a distant memory, lilac season is over. It is true that most of the lilacs – the common lilac, the little-leaf varieties and lastly the villosa lilacs have all completed their bloom cycle for another year. There is, however, one magnificent lilac display left – and it usually

Gardening With Hydrangeas

Easy to grow and care for, they’re not troubled by pests or diseases and their blooms dry well. If I had to choose my favourite flowering shrub, hydrangeas would top the list. Their finest features are their attractive, fragrant, long-blooming flowers that come into bloom in midsummer and continue to do so for weeks. Easy