Reeve astonished at municipality’s population growth

Expanding family size on the local Hutterite colony, and some additional new residents probably explains it, says reeve of the Municipality of Victoria

Last week’s 2016 Canada Census population data has left officials in one rural Manitoba municipality wondering how they could grow so much without anyone really noticing. The Rural Municipality of Victoria’s population rose 
by 395 persons — a whopping 35.3 per cent since 2011. Reeve Harold Purkess said he’s pretty happy about it, but also […] Read more

Manitobans participate in first-ever national agriculture day

February 16 marks the countrywide launch of Canada’s Agriculture Day, 
which aims to be an annual national celebration

Dauphin Co-op planned to share drawings and photos about farmers created by local school students this week. Some of those students would be meeting real farmers and learning about how they produce food too. The youngsters are taking part in a special event organized by staff at Dauphin Co-op to mark Canada’s Agriculture Day February […] Read more

Vet seeing widespread adoption of pain control measures

Observed benefits by producers, plus new products and influence of veterinarians all contributing to wide usage, says Ag Days speaker

Pain control is here to stay in the cattle industry — and not just because the beef codes of practice have brought these measures to the forefront, said an Ag Days speaker. Western Canadian ranchers are widely adopting the use of pain control measures for procedures such as castrations, dehorning and branding because they see […] Read more

Oats after breakfast

This healthy dietary choice doesn’t just have to be limited to the breakfast table

Hardly anyone says ‘porridge’ anymore. It’s a plain, old word, like grits or gruel or frumenty. For most of us it means, simply, boiled oats, a rather humble meal. Englishman Samuel Johnson, who had something to say about everything, once called oats “the grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland […] Read more

Frustrated farmers declare MLA MIA in ad

The Manitoba Bipole III Landowners Committee bought the ad, 
saying it is frustrated by the government’s total silence

Provincial infrastructure minister Blaine Pedersen has gone missing. At least that’s according to a full-page advertisement running this week on the cover of the Carman-based Valley Leader newspaper. Local landowners affected by Bipole III paid for it, saying they’re frustrated the Progressive Conservative government has been unresponsive since their election last spring. The ad states […] Read more

Southwest warily waits for spring

Communities gearing up to protect against 
overland flooding as province flags elevated risk

It’s too soon to tell if flooding will occur this spring, but heavy snowfall on saturated ground has communities in southwestern Manitoba watching the weather warily. Residents around Wawanesa had a reminder last week of what that combination can do — a 10-metre-high riverbank collapsed on the Souris River just south of the village January […] Read more

‘Great Tastes of Manitoba’ seeks sponsors to develop new farm-focused content in 2017

The popular cooking show featuring Manitoba foods is now entering its 28th season

A popular cooking show that was the brainchild of groups representing Manitoba farmers is still going strong — and beginning its 28th season this year. “Great Tastes of Manitoba” first aired in 1991 with half-hour programs airing on CTV with dietitians and home economists sharing recipes and offering expert advice on how to cook and […] Read more

Municipalities want action on night hunting

Landowners say night hunting has become a dangerous 
and growing problem in rural Manitoba

A small delegation of western Manitoba municipal leaders returned from a meeting in Winnipeg last week saying the province needs to fast track the consultations it promises to hold on night hunting. A six-member group of western leaders met with Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox and staff January 24. They were disappointed to hear only […] Read more

Glenboro woman tends tiny tropical garden in her home

A south-facing sunroom on a Glenboro-area farm home sees a tropical plant oasis in rural Manitoba

Ernestine Sepke doesn’t need to travel south in winter to be surrounded by orange, avocado and banana trees. They’re growing in her sunroom on the side of her Glenboro farm home. Some are so tall they’re brushing the ceiling. All were started from local seed — fruit bought at Glenboro Co-op. “I just stick them […] Read more

Profitability could be easier to achieve through organic: 2017 COP analysis

Per-acre profitability is markedly different compared to conventional, 
provincial estimates of production costs show

Organic farmers potentially have a shorter road to profitability than their conventional neighbours in 2017, according to provincial costs of production budgets released recently. The most promising crops between the two systems are radically different and there’s marked difference in per-acre profitability, according to numbers shared by a Manitoba Agriculture farm management specialist at an […] Read more