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Forging a community

Matt Jenkins, modern-day blacksmith and owner of Cloverdale Forge near Selkirk, 
says he’d like to see more people learning the craft of blacksmithing

Tiny Cloverdale, Man. once had a church, dance hall, one-room schoolhouse and the small cow-calf operation owned by Tom and Pam Jenkins. The joke around here was salvation, damnation, education and starvation could all be found here, says the Jenkins’ son Matt. There was something else here then too — a blacksmith shop on the […] Read more

Disaster mitigation changes needed, western leaders say

New payout method could potentially 
triple costs, leaders say

Municipal leaders in Western Canada want the federal government to revert back to a previous formula for payouts of disaster financial assistance, arguing the new method has the potential to triple costs to local governments. The Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (DFAA) program was created in 1970 to reimburse the provinces and individuals (via the province) […] Read more

New tool kit guides urban reserve process

New resources can help First Nations and municipalities work together on economic development

When Swan River and Sapotaweyak Cree Nation first began talks in 2010 to set up an urban reserve, the Parkland town’s council had no idea how to proceed. It needed to learn about what Treaty Land Entitlement was, and how to honour it, and what would be involved to convert a parcel to reserve land, […] Read more

New potato-derived health product hits store shelves

Two Carberry brothers are hopeful results from newly published clinical trials will spur growth of their company MSPrebiotics Inc.

A Carberry business that successfully launched a natural health product for the hog sector has now released a second-generation product aimed at the human market. It’s a product clinical trials show can significantly improve the digestive health of humans, particularly seniors. Earl and Derek McLaren, the Carberry-based brothers who own the company, recently saw their […] Read more

Fewer farmers in total, but more young ones

Farms are larger and more valuable than in 2011, but profitability is unchanged

There are fewer Canadian farmers, and those over 55 still outnumber their younger peers, but the latest Census of Agriculture shows a slightly larger number of those 35 and under now farming too. Statistics Canada takes an extensive look at farmers and farm practices every five years, and the results of the 2016 census were […] Read more

Common ground found over potluck

Members of the Women’s Institute in Woodmore, Man. discover how much they have in 
common with new-found friends with the Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute

It was out of sheer curiosity that Janet Kroeker picked up the phone and called the Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute in Winnipeg a few months back. The Roseau River woman had heard its president telling a CBC interview about the organization. “I said, ‘well, that’s interesting,” said Kroeker, a member of Manitoba Women’s Institute herself. […] Read more

organic produce section of store

Organic industry pushes back on regulatory changes

Sector spokespersons say moving rules governing organic production under a 
larger regulatory framework will limit market opportunities and create 
needless new certification requirements

A spokesperson with Canadian Organic Growers (COG) says the organic industry is confident it’s made a strong case against having its rules shifted into a larger regulatory framework. At issue is the migration of the Organic Products Regulation (OPR) into the Safe Foods for Canadians regulation. In 2012, the passage of the Safe Foods for […] Read more

North Interlake highway wins ‘race to disgrace’

PR 239 to Faulkner and Steep Rock tops 
CAA’s 2017 worst roads list

If repairs can’t be sped up, at least slow down the traffic, say local leaders where CAA’s annual worst roads campaign ranked local roads the worst in the province. Last week’s list put PR 239 into Faulkner and Steep Rock as the worst of the worst in Manitoba and it took an early lead in […] Read more

Communications Tower with blue sky and clouds in the background.

Province to upgrade emergency communications system

Unreliable FleetNet is 26 years old 
and at the end of its service life

With sporadic flooding this spring and grassfire season just around the corner, one reeve in Manitoba says at least they know they won’t be handling emergencies much longer without proper communications systems. Provincial officials say they are finalizing a request for proposals to replace Manitoba’s now obsolete FleetNet public safety emergency communications system. “We are […] Read more

Pollinator support program coming to Manitoba this summer

The North America-wide initiative between General Mills and the Xerces Society aims to establish 3,000 acres of pollinator habitat in Manitoba 
by 2021. The program will host demo workshops here this summer

Native bees play a crucial role in a healthy environment but they need our help. That’s the message an Agriculture Canada staffer had for farmers and other rural landowners meeting here earlier this month. Melanie Dubois is a senior riparian and biodiversity biologist, based at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Brandon Research and Development Centre, who […] Read more