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One grain on eroded land

No such thing as ‘unprecedented’ weather, delegates at ARBI conference told

Delegates with the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative (ARBI) met in Regina February 14 and 15

If 1930s seems like the worst drought we could ever have, scientific records show pre-settlement dry spells lasted far longer. Likewise, there were wet spells on the Prairies much more intense than events like 2011’s — a flood we tended to call “unprecedented.” Neither are unprecedented, say Saskatchewan scientists. Both extremes have occurred before on […] Read more

Gladstone 4-H leader is Manitoba’s recipient of award recognizing exceptional volunteer leaders

The awards recognize the pivotal role volunteer leaders play in the 4-H program

A Gladstone 4-H leader who’s led projects wherever she’s lived in rural Manitoba has been recognized by 4-H Canada for exceptional volunteer leadership. Heather Lea has volunteered with the provincial 4-H program off and on since the mid-1970s when she first offered to lead a sewing project while living in Cartwright. Her career as United […] Read more

Morden prepares to battle the bug

The city has just unveiled its 10-year strategy to manage for emerald ash borer’s imminent arrival here. Morden officials will speak at a workshop next month on what actions other rural communities can take

Morden isn’t waiting until it discovers the emerald ash borer (EAB) in its midst to take action to protect its public trees. Starting later this winter the city will begin systematically removing the tree species that would otherwise attract the invasive beetle. One hundred and fifty green ash trees will be taken down in 2018 […] Read more

Folk art reveals a lesser known side of Mennonite life, says Manitoba artist

Artist Margruite Krahn says vivid designs are a reminder of the value of bringing more colour into our lives

Like most Mennonites, Margruite Krahn knew women on southern Manitoba farms once hand-painted their homes with lively and colourful designs. But it wasn’t until the Neubergthal artist became involved with a local housebarn preservation that she began to truly see these floors for herself. That was several years ago, while serving as chair of the […] Read more

Young farmer research shared with KAP delegates

The Becoming a Young Farmer study began in 2017 asking new entrants about how the next generation sees agriculture

Manitoba stood out in 2016 census data for having the largest proportion of those younger farm operators, as well as the youngest population of farm operators in Canada outside Quebec. But these young agriculturalists now farm a landscape more thinly populated than one their grandparents and even parents experienced. During the 1980s and 1990s, when […] Read more

Not farming? Pay up

Researcher wants to track land tenure throughout the Prairies

To keep more farmland in the hands of farmers, put a levy on sales of it to those who buy land but don’t plan farming it themselves. That’s a proposal put forward as a resolution at Keystone Agricultural Producers’ annual general meeting and supported by delegates last month. This would be a support to younger […] Read more

Getting the most from tile drainage

Ag Days speakers emphasize there’s no one-size-fits-all tile drainage system for Manitoba

There’s no doubt tile drainage can boost productivity and profitability. Just don’t assume it should look just like the neighbour’s system. Anyone eyeing the better yield prospects and earlier field access it offers must have a thorough understanding of how the subsurface pipe system works in their specific field conditions, Ag Days speakers said. ‘Should […] Read more

Growing projects celebrate a successful 2017

Canadian Foodgrains Bank ‘farm’ last year covered 
16,640 acres and stretched from the Maritimes to Alberta

Canadian Foodgrains Bank staff often refer to growing project acres planted across the country as “the farm,” and last year it covered 16,640 acres. Projects from P.E.I. to Alberta involving what also adds up to thousands of supporters sowed them to wheat, barley, corn, pulses, soybeans, canola and other grains. Roughly 5,000 of the Canadian […] Read more

Manitoba Hydro hikes worry RMs

Municipal leaders say proposed 7.9 per cent rate hikes will put a serious crimp in operating budgets

Manitobans can expect fewer services and paying higher user fees for recreational facilities if electricity rates rise. That’s the message Association of Manitoba Municipalities president Chris Goertzen had for the Public Utilities Board earlier this month. Read more: Carbon tax revenue use options pitched at AMM The rate hikes being proposed will make it difficult for […] Read more

Good water management, like good fences, makes good neighbours

ARBI was formed in 2014 to bring diverse stakeholders together for better watershed management planning across the Assiniboine Basin

Water is a critical resource, yet all too often viewed as a nuisance or an impediment to production — and a problem to pass off to the neighbours. “There can be lots of fights about water,” said Ag Days speaker Allan Preston, chair of the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative (ARBI) who began his Jan. 17 […] Read more