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Communications Tower with blue sky and clouds in the background.

Province to upgrade emergency communications system

Unreliable FleetNet is 26 years old 
and at the end of its service life

With sporadic flooding this spring and grassfire season just around the corner, one reeve in Manitoba says at least they know they won’t be handling emergencies much longer without proper communications systems. Provincial officials say they are finalizing a request for proposals to replace Manitoba’s now obsolete FleetNet public safety emergency communications system. “We are […] Read more

Pollinator support program coming to Manitoba this summer

The North America-wide initiative between General Mills and the Xerces Society aims to establish 3,000 acres of pollinator habitat in Manitoba 
by 2021. The program will host demo workshops here this summer

Native bees play a crucial role in a healthy environment but they need our help. That’s the message an Agriculture Canada staffer had for farmers and other rural landowners meeting here earlier this month. Melanie Dubois is a senior riparian and biodiversity biologist, based at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Brandon Research and Development Centre, who […] Read more

Provincial budget makes no cuts to municipal funding

More flexibility in how grant monies can be allocated welcomed, says AMM president

Municipal leaders are relieved there will be no direct cuts coming to local government funding in 2017, says the head of the province’s municipal lobby. Provincial funding for municipalities will remain at the same level in 2017 as it was last year, said Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) president Chris Goertzen shortly after hearing details […] Read more

Province ‘optimistic’ vegetable processor will reopen

Receiver is working on a marketing package to pitch to potential new owners, says government spokesperson

The provincial government is hopeful a Manitoba vegetable processor may soon be back in business. Canadian Prairie Garden Puree Products (CPG) ceased operations March 22 when it was forced into receivership, resulting in layoffs at its Portage la Prairie plant and throwing into question the entire 2017 season for farmers supplying it. Last week a […] Read more

Soybean cyst nematode likely already in Manitoba

A recent survey reveals soybean cyst nematode is in border counties such 
as Cavalier, Towner, Rollette and Renville

Crop advisers in North Dakota are keeping a watchful eye on the northward advance of soybean cyst nematode (SCN) — and so should Manitoba growers, said a cropping systems specialist. SCN, a round worm that parasitizes roots of soybean and can reduce yields anywhere from 15 to 30 per cent before ground symptoms are present, […] Read more

On-farm water collection key to drainage management

Other farming practices such as enhancing soil health and better design 
and maintenance of surface drains can also help

Reducing run-off and improving soil health are the best path to address flooding and excess nutrients, according to a University of Manitoba expert on watershed management. These strategies include more collection of surface water before it leaves the farm and adoption of soil management practices that build soil structure and help water infiltrate, says David […] Read more

Farmers hit hard by vegetable processor’s financial difficulties

Creditor amounts owed, equipment investments and seed purchases putting farmers in the red

Vegetable producers in Manitoba have been dealt a huge blow when a Portage la Prairie vegetable processor was forced into receivership late last month. News of Canadian Prairie Garden Puree Products’ (CPG) financial predicament was bad enough, but also comes at the worst possible time, said Garry Wiebe, who farms with his son north of […] Read more

Get an early start on preventing late blight

There are many steps we can take now — including starting tomato seedlings 
from seed from reputable suppliers — that can help ward off another infection in 2017

Commercial potato growers, market gardeners and home gardeners were hit hard by late blight last year, but there are steps to take to avoid a repeat in 2017, say Manitoba Agriculture staff. The key is managing for the fungal disease before it becomes a serious problem. The precautions to take range from choosing tomato varieties […] Read more

Chicken Farm

Poultry farmers win right to appeal MCP’s specialty quota program

Manitoba Farm Products Marketing Council agrees to hear concerns

The Manitoba Farm Products Marketing Council has agreed to hear an appeal by chicken producers who say they’ve been hurt financially by a new program affecting how specialty chicken is raised and processed. The appeal is being made by five producers who feel penalized by Manitoba Chicken Producers’ new annual specialty quota program. The chicken-marketing […] Read more

St. Norbert market gets out of the rain

The popular venue will get a canopy for the summer as 
well as a year-round covered area

St. Norbert Farmers’ Market is going under cover this spring. The third and final phase of an ambitious site renovation at Manitoba’s largest farmers’ market is now nearly complete, with new canopies expected to be on the site in time for opening day, says executive director Marilyn Firth. St. Norbert announced nearly five years ago […] Read more