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Documentary shows Manitoba farms adopting ecological practices

The documentary film features Manitoba producers changing farm practices to rejuvenate 
both farms and community

Winnipeg documentary filmmaker Katharina Stieffenhofer came home from a farmers’ conference two years ago so inspired by what she’d heard and seen she wanted to tell others. She’d listened to talks by Martin Entz, plant scientist at the University of Manitoba, at the 2016 Prairie Organic Think Whole Farm conference. It wasn’t the first time […] Read more

Online community supports Manitoba’s burgeoning maker movement

Etsy Sellers of Manitoba is an Etsy team created to support and grow the burgeoning crafter movement in the province

Pre-Christmas sales are popping up all across rural Manitoba as hundreds of creative Manitobans emerge from their kitchens and studios and basement sewing rooms with armloads of homemade art and craft. Handcrafters, artists and designers of all types of artisanal goods depend on these events for the exposure it provides and the revenues it can […] Read more

Wetland restoration in Pembina Valley ‘a rarity,’ said CD officials

About 160 acres have been converted back to wetland after the landowners farming it saw more advantage using the acres to hold water than farming it at a loss

Brenda and Cliff Seward had known for a long while a certain piece of farmland wasn’t very productive — but they kept on cultivating it anyways. This was about 40 acres, once slough, and drained more than 30 years ago, explains Brenda who farms southwest of Morden in the Kaleida area. Read more: A watershed […] Read more

Remembering the men of Margaret

Residents of this small southwestern Manitoba village 
continue to attend to the care of their war memorial

Pale November sunlight glints off the cold red granite where their names are inscribed. They were farm boys, seven sons of Margaret families, who never returned home to their small southwestern Manitoba village a century ago. Sgt. William David McKellar’s name is on this monument. He died in a sea of blood-soaked mud October 26, […] Read more

jars of mustard

Passion for food behind successful mustard product company

Push doubts aside, find resources to help and go for it, young entrepreneur tells attendees at the 9th annual Take the Leap conference

A young Manitoban who started cooking up mustard recipes at home and three years later is selling it across Canada says a favourite quote helped muster her courage to start — and keep going. “It’s ‘anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve,” says Carly Minish-Wytinck. The quote is from J.K. Rowling. “I mean, I […] Read more

MBP seeks producer data on predation losses

Beef operators are urged to fill out a survey and help assess the extent of the problem

Manitoba Beef Producers needs members to put some numbers to what they say is the impact predators are having on the provincial beef herd. They repeatedly hear about losses and producers now make impassioned pleas to have something done about the pressure on herds, particularly from wolf attacks, general manager Brian Lemon told district meetings which […] Read more

Making their bed

A rural Manitoba family operates a leading company in the Canadian natural bedding industry from their home near the tiny village of Roseau River

Ssshhhh! People are sleeping, and very soundly, thanks to their wool mattresses and comforters. The products are handcrafted by a Roseau River-area family that’s been quietly in the bed-making business — more precisely the making of pure wool beds — since 2002. Janet and Tim Kroeker were inspired to start Shepherd’s Dream by Janet’s sister’s […] Read more

Imperilled grasslands need more attention, speakers say

They are the most endangered ecosystem in the world, but there is still time to create conservation programs to protect them

Efforts to save the grasslands in Canada lag even as the urgency to save what remains of them intensifies. That’s the message Canadian senior biologist Dan Kraus had for an audience at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR) earlier this month. “We are witnessing in our lifetime the loss of an iconic Canadian landscape,”said […] Read more

New online bird atlas posts first results

Eighty species accounts now published on the website of the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Manitoba and more to come. Creating the atlas was one of the largest citizen science initiatives ever undertaken in the province

Manitoba birders have a new online tool that just may best their binoculars when it comes to spotting their elusive objectives. The online Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Manitoba has just got a new and highly anticipated data release that includes the first 80 species accounts, plus new content maps showing where these birds […] Read more