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Manitoba Hydro awarded 3.36 per cent rate increase by PUB

Alternatives to rising cost of electricity need serious thought, says RM official

Municipal leaders say the 3.36 per cent interim rate increase granted Manitoba Hydro this month offers only temporary relief from higher energy costs and longer-term solutions are needed. “It’s certainly better than 7.9 per cent but it’s still an increase everyone is going to have to deal with,” said Randy Henuset, deputy reeve of the […] Read more

New apple press starts operations near Winkler

Burwalde Juice Co. owner expects business to be brisk

A new Manitoba farm-based company offering apple pressing for backyard growers expects to start operations this week. Burwalde Juice Co., located on a farm north of Winkler, is the newest apple press providing cold-pressing, pasteurizing and bottling services to those who drop off loads of apples to be made into cider. They purchased the press […] Read more

Brandon University launches new drone training

New course gives students opportunity to become certified drone pilots

Brandon University will be one of the first post-secondary institutions in Canada to offer an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilot ground school when it introduces a course credit for taking the program this fall. Pilot training schools now offer similar training but not university course credits. The new course will offer students everything they need […] Read more

Dufferin’s tile drainage bylaw a ‘template’ for others

The Red River Basin Commission is currently guiding development of a tile drainage 
bylaw template based on the RM’s work

Rural municipalities are responsible for controlling drainage, and a few years ago the RM of Dufferin realized that needed to include tile drains. Former reeve, Shawn McCutcheon saw tiling becoming more widely adopted, and could see need for a made-in-Dufferin approach to managing it, said current reeve, George Gray. “We knew it was going to […] Read more


Chicken producers pleased with specialty quota ruling

Both sides of the issue say they feel fairly treated

The controversy over Manitoba Chicken Producers’ (MCP) new annual specialty quota program has been resolved with both sides satisfied they were treated fairly by a ruling from the Manitoba Farm Producers Marketing Council (MFPMC). In a ruling in early July the council told MPC to postpone charging administrative fees for 10 years among those participating […] Read more

Direct Farm Manitoba wins specialty chicken appeal

Direct Farm Manitoba is pleased with a ruling by the Manitoba Farm Products Marketing Council (MFPMC) earlier this month that orders Manitoba Chicken Producers (MCP) to not charge extra administrative fees for a decade among those participating in its new specialty chicken quota system. DFM co-ordinated an appeal on behalf of three specialty chicken producers […] Read more

MBFI Learning Centre site gets funding

Brookdale site is one of 27 projects supported across Western Canada 
by the Co-op Community Spaces program

The Co-op Community Spaces program is putting $125,000 towards an educational centre at Brookdale that will serve as a site for both on-farm research and a place to learn about the role of agriculture in rural and urban communities. Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives (MBFI)’s Learning Centre of Excellence will be located at the research […] Read more

Putting the petal to the metal

A 500-lb. monarch butterfly is now featured in the newly planted butterfly garden next to the Winkler Art Gallery. The gallery is Winkler’s former water treatment plant

Planting a butterfly garden is a bit like hosting a party. You get everything ready, then hope those you invited show up. Members of the Winkler Horticultural Society are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of their orange and black attired guests to their own ‘garden party.’ This spring the group created a specially designed butterfly-friendly […] Read more

Two cattle left for dead by rustlers

A cattle producer who lost 21 cows and 30 calves to thieves earlier this month is offering a $10,000 reward to help track down the perpetrators

A Rossburn-area farmer who had 21 cows and 30 calves stolen earlier this month from pasture near Olha says even worse was finding two others dead. Kalvin Kreshewski came upon the grisly scene July 4, finding two cows dead from dehydration after rustlers left a gate tied and the two animals locked in a corral […] Read more

Barn (fund) raising in the digital age

This Place Matters is an online crowdfunding initiative of the National Trust of Canada helping spread the word so all Canadians can help save places that matter to them

Neubergthal has always known this place matters, and now it’s telling all of Canada why, in a competition of the same name. The place is the Klippenstein house barn, one of two of the original buildings of this southern Manitoba village, and hauled here, timber by timber by Mennonite settlers in 1876 after being dismantled […] Read more