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Cactus Growing Made Easy

Why not create a “desert garden” by growing cacti? They are hardy, easy to care for and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Though easy to care for, cactus plants are quite particular in their wants and if you grow them you must be familiar with their natural environment. They originate in some

’Tis The Season For Holiday Plants

Flowering plants are one of the easiest and prettiest ways of dressing up your home for the holiday season. These should be available at florists, stores and greenhouses and will add a cheerful and festive air to any room. As its name implies, this easy-to-care-for succulent bursts into bloom just as Christmas nears. Growing to

A Gem Of A Houseplant

Looking for a popular houseplant to grow? Try a jade plant and watch it thrive in your home. A jade plant (Crassula argentea) is a very easy and productive plant to grow, provided that its needs are understood and met. Having originated in South Africa, jades are members of the Crassula family and are succulent

Gardening With Hydrangeas

Easy to grow and care for, they’re not troubled by pests or diseases and their blooms dry well. If I had to choose my favourite flowering shrub, hydrangeas would top the list. Their finest features are their attractive, fragrant, long-blooming flowers that come into bloom in midsummer and continue to do so for weeks. Easy

Christmas Eve

’Tis the night before Christmas And all through the barn, Not an animal was stirring Not even a sound. But wait! Tucked away in a corner Upon a blanket and straw, A white cat with a Santa hat Was all that you saw. Here he sat without a stir And that sound you hear is