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Primulas provide pots of colour

Only suitable for indoors in our climate, they will provide a breath of spring

I recently came upon a lovely display of primulas for sale. There were red and orange ones, bright-golden ones, several shades of pink and even one with white blooms. I chose the pot with the dark-purple blooms with the buds just opening, rather than one with mature blooms. When buying any flowering plant, choose one […] Read more

Adding colour indoors with dragon wing begonias

Once these plants start to bloom they will continue right into spring

I am currently enjoying a great display of begonia blooms in my sunroom and this will continue right into spring. They do not begin their winter indoors by producing any colour however, as I usually just bring in cuttings or small offshoots from the parent plants, and these take time to develop attractive foliage or […] Read more

Getting tuberous begonias off to a good start

If the bulbs are potted in March you should have plenty of blooms in June

We learn from our mistakes — sometimes! Last year I grew a couple of tuberous begonias after not having grown them for a number of years. I don’t like plants that demand a lot of care and tuberous begonias, although not terribly difficult to grow, do demand consistent attention and care. However, I was given […] Read more

It’s time to start planting!

Not all seeds should be started yet indoors but there are some that can be planted now

It’s time! Mid-March, for avid gardeners, is like a bell ringing. We can begin to start some seeds indoors to establish plants for our outdoor gardens. Many of us have already ordered seeds from catalogues or visited seed houses that sell them. (I luckily live fairly close to a really reliable one that has been […] Read more

Have a supply of herbs to use all winter

Frozen ones are good to use in cooked dishes but have some growing in pots too

We are still in the depths of winter even though the days are getting longer, so although cutting herbs from outdoor plants is out of the question, it is relatively easy to have a few herbs on hand indoors. All it takes is a bit of planning in the fall and/or a bit of preserving […] Read more

Asparagus fern not a member of the asparagus family

Common name comes from the feathery, delicate-looking foliage

Many of the plants in my sunroom in the winter are ones that I use both indoors and out. Some of them are old tried-and-true favourites, such as the asparagus fern. These are dependable, easy-to-grow plants that can put on an attractive display of foliage. An asparagus fern is delicate looking (although it really isn’t) […] Read more

Gardening projects to help get you through the winter

Here’s some things to keep you busy as you wait for spring to get outside to garden

You may think that you do not have the required space to enjoy indoor gardening but look around. Is there space in a spare bedroom for a light garden or at least room to put a table in front of a south- or west-facing window? Are there a few unoccupied windowsills? Is there space in […] Read more

Getting to know the Senecio plant family

It’s a large one with approximately 100 succulent types in the genus

Sometimes I come across an unfamiliar plant and become so intrigued by it that I go home and research it. This happened last fall when I saw a display of Fishhooks Plant in a local garden centre. Fishhooks Plant is its common name; its botanical name is Senecio radicans. It belongs to a huge plant […] Read more

Tired of winter? Looking for a challenging gardening project?

Try growing a zebra plant — not the easiest to care for but well worth the effort

Like many gardeners I heave a sigh of relief when February arrives, knowing that we are past the midway mark through winter. At this point we are also pretty tired of the season and looking for something to perk us up as we wait for spring. For some that may mean a warm holiday get-away, […] Read more