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Propagating a polka-dot plant

They do have a short lifespan but it is possible to get new plants from cuttings

Last spring I bought a lovely pink polka-dot plant, big and bushy and about 20 cm tall. The single plant filled a six-inch pot, and I think it had either been kept over for the winter or else grown from seed planted months earlier. I was fascinated by the speckled leaves and the plant’s tidy […] Read more

Don’t forget to check those plants that were brought indoors

Now’s a good time to examine each one and make sure there are no problems developing

It has been a couple of months since we brought all those plants indoors for the winter. We took slips and cuttings, dug up and repotted some, and simply moved some potted plants inside without doing anything to them. We were also (hopefully) diligent about avoiding bringing unwanted visitors indoors with the plants. We cleaned […] Read more

A geranium with sentimental value

My mother-in-law had given me a slip of this plant almost 50 years ago

Many of the plants in my collection have sentimental value, often coming from someone who is important to me and sometimes those people are no longer with us. Such is the case with one of my geraniums which I fondly call “Elsie.” Elsie was my late mother-in-law’s name and she gave me a slip of […] Read more

Pilea plant family has lots of species

This family contains over 600 species that are easy to grow and not demanding

Often the common name of a plant perfectly describes it, but the name is inaccurate botanically. The common name has developed over the years because of the plant’s appearance or because of some other unique attribute. Such is the case with the artillery fern, which is not really a fern at all. It got its […] Read more

Storing apples for winter

There’s something really satisfying about eating a crisp homegrown apple while gazing out at the snow

Storing apples for winter use is relatively easy, but having the appropriate space is vital. I have a refrigerator in the garage that is used almost exclusively for vegetable/fruit storage. In the summer it becomes a flower cooler as I store flowers in preparation for upcoming flower shows. A cold room works well but the […] Read more

Growing a peperomia plant

Peperomias are a great addition to an indoor plant collection and are easily propagated from cuttings

I rescued a little plant this spring. The local horticultural society had a sale and someone had donated a plant — the person had filled a Styrofoam cup with soil and stuck in three small slips of a green plant. They were quite wilted and not surprisingly did not sell, so I brought the cup […] Read more

Using curves in your garden landscape

Now’s the time to assess the yard and see where you could add some curves

This is a good time of year to assess the state of the landscape because the “bones” of the garden are fully exposed. Gone is all the colour provided by flowers and foliage, as is the texture provided by all plant material except evergreens and the bare trunks and branches of deciduous trees. The real […] Read more

Wintering trees and shrubs grown in containers

Try these ideas and maybe you won’t have to purchase new plants next year

My wife and I went on a garden tour in Winnipeg this past summer and we saw just how popular the practice of growing trees and shrubs in containers has become — many of them grown as standards. Such plants are not inexpensive, particularly when many of the standards had woven stems and were quite […] Read more

Getting David Austin rose plants ready for the cold

Now comes the real challenge of growing these plants — preparing them for a Manitoba winter

Gardeners sometimes take on the challenge of growing a plant that is way outside their climate zone rating. We want to see if we can grow the plant and winter it successfully, or because the plant is so spectacular it is worth the extra effort required to care for it and protect it. Such plants […] Read more

Growing your own kale

This veggie takes up little space and is packed with nutrition

Many consumers want to know where their food comes from, how it is grown/raised, and its nutritional value, so are growing their own vegetables. Even some urban gardeners with very small yards can achieve this by using containers or interspersing a few veggies among their flowers. One very suitable vegetable is kale, because it takes […] Read more