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At left: Rosser residents (left to right) Florence McCoy, Brynn Kaplen and Val Gough were frustrated with the Municipal Board decision on Lilyfield Quarry. Top right: Rosser resident Dave Kaplen speaks on the second day of the hearing, in late July. Bottom right: Quarry site owner Colleen Munro speaks during the hearings in late July.

Quarry battle shows cracks in planning system

The Lilyfield Quarry decision was precedent setting in more ways than one

My key story of 2020 began with a small, embattled quarry project north of Winnipeg and ended up illustrating, in microcosm, what local governments might expect if proposed provincial law goes forward. Residents of the RM of Rosser contacted me about a quarry proposed to be built in their backyard. I met them in a house a few

Ag waste recycling program to become permanent

Surveyed producers pro-recycling but leery about environmental fees

Agricultural waste recycler Cleanfarms is on its way to becoming a permanent, industry-funded program in Manitoba. This will likely mean more opportunities for producers to recycle grain bags, baler twine and other plastics. It will also mean paying for it. On November 30, Cleanfarms released a draft of its Manitoba Agriculture Plastics Plan (MAPP) and

Biofuels mandate increased in Manitoba

GHG reductions come hand in hand with additional grain markets

Manitoba is boosting its blend — ethanol blend in gasoline, that is. Effective Jan. 1, 2021, the amount of ethanol required in gasoline will increase to 9.25 per cent from 8.5 per cent. It will further grow to 10 per cent on Jan. 1, 2022. The biodiesel requirement will increase to 3.5 per cent from

Cargill’s High River beef plant was one of many meat-processing facilities struck by COVID in 2020.

Processing clogs and market bogs

Processing issues, and the market fallout, will be among the livestock sector’s major memories of 2020

If pork and beef producers had one image to sum up 2020, it might be a wrench gumming up the gears. North America’s meat sector became a flashpoint as pandemic conditions put food supply chains to the test this spring. March and April saw a growing list of major meat plants, particularly in the beef

Canola ending stocks forecast lowered

Canadian canola ending stocks for the 2020-21 marketing year could be their tightest in eight years, according to updated supply/demand data from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, released late Dec. 18. The government agency cut its forecast for canola ending stocks for 2020-21 to only 1.20 million tonnes. That was down by roughly a million tonnes

Doug Chorney is the Canadian Grain Commission’s new chief commissioner. He was appointed assistant chief commissioner in 2017 and had been acting chief since June.

Praise for Canadian Grain Commission staff during pandemic

Doug Chorney used his family history to underscore the importance of hope in these tough times

Hope is a powerful state of mind, important now as ever. That’s the message Doug Chorney delivered to Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) staff in a speech Dec. 17. At the time he was the CGC’s acting chief commissioner; Dec. 21 he was appointed chief. “In 1903 my grandfather came to Canada from Poland as a

“The robot reduces the presence of humans on the pig farms, and generates data that helps improve overall herd management.” – Giobani Molin, Roboagro director

Orders soar for Brazil pig-tending robot

Robots make feeding more efficient, but might also make pigs more relaxed by playing classical music

Sao Paulo – Orders for a Brazilian pig-feeding robot, which plays classical music while dispensing meals, soared this year as farmers strove to cut costs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The machine uses linear feeders which dispense the exact amount of feed needed for each meal. As it works, it plays classical music, which the company

EU top court upholds curb on animal slaughter, angering Jewish groups

The EU’s top court on Dec. 17 upheld a Belgian law requiring animals to be stunned before slaughter, rejecting challenges from Jewish and Muslim groups and opening the way for other countries to bring in similar restrictions. Animals rights activists welcomed the ruling that limited some religious rites, but Israel’s ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg,

Little scope for EU to take wheat export business from Russia

Tight wheat supplies in the European Union will limit its scope to win more export business this season after Russia’s decision to impose a wheat export tax, consultancy Strategie Grains said on Dec. 17. Moscow will apply a 25-euros- (US$30.57-) per-tonne tax on wheat exports from Feb. 15 until the end of the marketing season

Flea beetle is one of the pests a Manitoba researcher is targeting with biotechnology.

Targeting your crop enemies

Is the future of crop protection environmentally friendly biotechnology?

So far biotechnology in agriculture has driven the use of crop protection products through genetically engineered herbicide resistance. But the next wave could displace at least some of those applications by opening up another front in the war on two familiar canola concerns — sclerotinia and flea beetle. Mark Belmonte, a professor of biological science

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