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Swine fever will hurt China’s soybean and canola imports

Suppliers of hog feed ingredients will take a hit from culls

China is facing the grim reality of its massive hog industry taking a huge blow due to African swine fever. The BBC has reported China has already culled about 40 million hogs. This came after more than 120 cases of African swine fever were found in most parts of China. Rabobank has issued a projection […] Read more

Spring slowdown around the corner for auctions

The province’s markets have chewed through the annual calf run

Most cattle auctions in Manitoba will soon see fewer head coming in and one auction has moved to sales once every two weeks. “We’re getting things tidied up. A lot of the big strings of calves are gone now,” said Allan Munroe of the Killarney Auction Mart, which sold 275 cattle on April 15. At […] Read more

Cattle supplies declining, buyer demand increasing

Manitoba auction markets report fewer head of cattle for sale

The number of cattle headed to Manitoba’s weekly auctions is expected to decline, according to Harold Unrau, manager at Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart. “There’s hardly any butchers left on the farms because they sold them all earlier,” Unrau said. “The feeder cattle are going to slow down too, as not many are left out in […] Read more

Blooming rapeseed field at sunset

Supply-side limitations won’t support canola indefinitely

Canola recovered some of its losses over the past week

Until tensions between Canada and China are alleviated, there will continue to be little demand for canola. Usually taking 40 per cent of the canola Canada grows, China is the country’s most important customer for that crop. Japan is a distant second and while lowered canola prices have become attractive to other buyers, it remains […] Read more

China’s import ban tosses an anvil to ICE canola futures

Substantial supplies and little demand add more pressure

China definitely looms large globally, and that was very evident on March 22 when canola contract prices plummeted on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). Canola ended trading on March 18 up $1.50-$2.60 per tonne, with the May contract closing at $466.30. For most of last week, canola had moved up and down a little each way […] Read more

China one of several factors keeping canola bids in flux

Canola’s narrative today resembles that of U.S. soybeans

Being the world’s second-largest economy, there is no doubt China has a lot of economic clout. Every tidbit of news or rumour regarding China has been able to drive prices up or down within minutes — and this past week was no different. There are strong similarities between what has been happening with canola and […] Read more

Drop in cattle marketings came as surprise to no one

Cattle prices are rather comparable to year-ago levels

Even though the number of cattle going to market was down for the week ending March 8, there were no big changes from a pricing standpoint at Manitoba’s cattle auctions, according to Rick Wright of Heartland Buying Order Co. Several auctions saw the number of head drop significantly this week compared to the previous week. […] Read more

CWRS wheat bids down, CPSR rises

Minneapolis, Kansas City and Chicago May wheat futures all tumbled on the week

Wheat bids in Western Canada were mixed for the week ended March 8, with losses in some classes and gains in others. While weakness in the Canadian dollar provided support, a drop in U.S. futures weighed on values. Average Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS, 13.5 per cent protein) wheat prices were down $1-$3 per tonne, […] Read more