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Hong Kong Beef Market Opens

Hong Kong has removed its last restrictions on Canadian beef making it an even more attractive market for Canadian cattlemen.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Dec. 8 that Donald Tsang, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, has revealed the market opening during a meeting in the Asian metropolis. While Hong Kong had lifted most of its restrictions on Canadian beef imposed after BSE was discovered in 2003, it still barred products from animals over 30 months of age. That restriction is now gone.

“Achieving full access to an important market such as Hong Kong sends a strong signal to the entire Asia-Pacific region that Canadian beef is safe and that Canada’s food safety systems are grounded in sound science,” Harper said. “This deal is further proof that our government is expanding trade so that our farmers can sell to more customers in the international market.”

Hong Kong is a key market for the Canadian agriculture sector and is worth more than half a billion dollars for Canada’s farmers and processors. In 2008, Hong Kong was Canada’s fourth-largest export market for beef.

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