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Farmer walking toward combine.

What are the hidden costs of losing a farm worker?

The Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council offers tools 
to calculate this impact

Losing a skilled and motivated worker is tough for any farm or business but few operations understand the cost or impact on the bottom line, says the Canadian Agriculture Human Resources Council. It’s offering farmers two tools to calculate the financial impact of replacing a worker, which it says can be as much as 150 […] Read more

TAKEN BY SURPRISE: TPP II hits supply management with no warning

When combined with earlier trade deals, 10 per cent of the dairy and poultry will potentially be in foreign hands

The supply-managed sector learned the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), as the updated TPP trade deal is now known, would be proceeding at the same time the rest of the country did. That’s despite regular meetings with cabinet members and government officials to express concerns about provisions in it. The sector is now awaiting […] Read more

Food processors spy shortcomings in CFIA regulatory plan

There are five key shortcomings that need to be fixed, food industry reps say

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency thinks it’s on the home stretch of its overhaul of food safety regulations but the food industry says there’s still work to be done. CFIA says the revamp will finally compete the implementation of the Safe Food for Canadians Act passed by the Harper government in 2012 and it’s planning […] Read more

Soy Canada charts ambitious growth plan

The industry organization wants to see Canadian soybean production double in a decade

Soy Canada has unveiled a plan to encourage soybean production to nearly double to 10 million acres by 2027 and set in motion growth in the crushing sector rather than exporting raw beans. Soy Canada’s directors have endorsed a comprehensive strategic market readiness plan that is the first “to involve the entire soybean value chain, […] Read more

Agriculture can go green

Farmers should think globally, act locally on climate change

When it comes to grappling with environmental issues, agriculture isn’t all that different. The old environmental mantra of think globally, act locally is the best way to approach the impact of agriculture on climate change, say two experts from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Agriculture is projected to be the second most […] Read more

Reaching consumers a complicated challenge for the agri-food sector

Consumers are tribal these days, which makes talking to them tough

Farmers and food companies striving to better connect with consumers need to prepare for dealing with a diverse audience, says the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI). “There is no single consumer group,” the centre says in a report on its 2017 Public Trust Survey on public attitudes on food issues. “Today’s consumers are diverse, […] Read more

Farm equipment manufacturers looking to boost exports

These manufacturers are a small-town Canada success story and major employers for their home communities

Canada’s farm machinery makers want to grow their export market in the coming years, a development they say would be a good news story for rural Canada as a whole. “Canadian-made farm equipment is among the highest quality and most sought out in the world,” Leah Olson, president of the Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC), […] Read more

Health Canada proposes some neonic restrictions

Health Canada is proposing some restrictions on the use of three neonic pesticides for horticultural production but they would still be registered for use on field crops such as corn and soybeans. Meanwhile the department will continue working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State of California on the impact of the pesticides […] Read more

Canola Growers calls for co-ordinated food policy

The national rethink of food policy is a perfect opportunity to get rid of a conflicting regulatory and promotional mishmash

The federal government needs to get its house in order if it wants an effective national food policy. In particular it needs to provide more co-ordinated policies for farmers, according to Jack Froese, president of the Canadian Canola Growers Association, speaking recently to the Commons agriculture committee in Ottawa. The problem isn’t a lack of […] Read more

Morneau pulls back on tax changes

The government says it will consult with farmers and other small businesses on intergenerational transfers

The federal government is withdrawing several controversial tax changes and will consult with farmers and other small businesses on rules that could make intergenerational transfers of family enterprises simpler, Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced Oct. 19. He capped a week of backing down on tax changes affecting farmers, fishers and other small businesses by announcing […] Read more