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Feds tout gun legislation as workable middle ground

Both proponents and opponents of gun control don’t like the new bill

There’s an old political adage that if critics on both sides of an issue don’t like a government policy then it may have struck the right balance. The government’s tightening of weapon registration and background checks included in a bill tabled in Parliament has miffed both stricter gun control supporters as well as gun-owner groups. […] Read more

Senate passes amended version of transport bill

The move ensures further delay in passing legislation to address ongoing rail service concerns

Hours before the start of a two-week Parliamentary recess, the Senate passed the transport modernization bill with 19 amendments that farm groups and others were seeking. However the move sends the bill back to the Commons for approval. As Transport Minister Marc Garneau opposed any amendments to it in an appearance just before the Senate […] Read more

Western farmers want rail headaches fixed for the future

Presentations to Commons agriculture committee all noted the need for a long-lasting fix to this problem

It’s too close to spring and planting time for a special order to the railways to move more grain to achieve much, Prairie farmers have told the Commons agriculture committee. Rural roads will soon be impassable for grain trucks and farmers will be focused on planting this year’s crop rather than hauling grain to terminals, […] Read more

Shippers squabble over grain transportation issues

It was a unified message that resulted in shipper-friendly legislation now under consideration. Now that unity appears threatened

Infighting is at risk of derailing a grand coalition of shippers that resulted in a shipper-friendly transportation modernization bill known as C-49. While seven industry associations have stuck to script and asked Transport Minister Marc Garneau to make two key amendments to the government’s transportation modernization bill, those proposals were overshadowed by shots at the […] Read more

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Lenders, government, railways all promise action on grain movement

With big expenses on the horizon some farmers are experiencing a difficult cash crunch because grain isn’t moving to market

Lenders are lining up to help western grain farmers who are experiencing a cash crunch due to poor rail service and the looming costs of putting in this year’s crop. Both Farm Credit Canada and the Bank of Montreal issued statements last week saying they would stand by their customers as they suffer from a […] Read more

Asia trade deal signed, ratification next hurdle

Parliament must now approve the pact as the next step towards implementation

The Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership has been signed but it still faces a long road toward implementation. Trade Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne hedged when asked how quickly the government will move to achieve parliamentary ratification of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Speaking to reporters after signing the deal in Santiago, Chile, he […] Read more

Antimicrobials to need vet supervision

New framework will involve veterinarians and feed mills in controlling and tracking drug use

With the Pan-Canadian framework to reduce antimicrobial resistance coming into effect Dec. 1, 2018, veterinarians and feed mill operators are working on plans to reduce the use of medicine used in treating farm livestock as well as to collect the data that shows the progress. The framework is part of an international campaign to reduce […] Read more

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Agriculture an also-ran in federal budget

There were few tangible investments made to meet the government’s own targets to grow food exports

After enjoying headline status last year, the agri-food sector found itself once again on the back burner in the 2018 federal budget. There was none of the bold talk of 2017, when the agri-food export target of $75 billion by 2025 was set. Read more: New rules on passive investment arrive in budget Ron Bonnett, president […] Read more

Farmers call for action from Ottawa on grain transportation

Grain movement has ground to a halt on the Prairies, causing some to recall the crisis of 2013-14

The federal government needs an immediate action plan to restore adequate grain transportation and ensure Prairie producers have the funds to plant the 2018 crop, farm leaders said March 1. Alarmed by Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay’s lack of awareness about the gravity of the grain transportation delays when he spoke to the annual meeting of […] Read more

Farm groups queried on cybersecurity

Agriculture included as one of 10 sectors under potential threat

Agriculture Canada has sent a questionnaire to agri-food organizations about their cybersecurity protection measures as part of a federal plan to bolster protection for critical national communications infrastructure. The agri-food and fisheries supply chain “is one of the 10 identified critical infrastructure sectors,” a letter explaining the questionnaire says. Among the groups asked to forward […] Read more