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Fresh dairy milk in glass and bottle

Rising consumer demand benefits dairy farmers

The growing market pull comes in the wake of lower prices and the face of trade uncertainty

The first half of 2018 has brought positive signs for dairy farmers but it’s hard to predict what the rest of the year will bring, says Farm Credit Canada. Butterfat production increased six per cent year over year to the end of April, bringing higher total revenues to producers even with a lower milk price, […] Read more

Academics say GM wheat possible subversion

No one has offered an explanation for wheat to appear after 17 years, and far from its original plot

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency needs to keep investigating the still-unknown variety of genetically modified wheat found in Alberta last year, says the Canadian co-author of an article that speculates on who could have planted it. Rob Wager of Vancouver Island University, who specializes in biochemistry and molecular biology, is the co-author of ‘The Mystery […] Read more

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Italian opposition to Canadian durum a sore point

There’s been no clear indication of what Ottawa will do next

Other than meetings between Canadian and European cabinet ministers on the issue, there has been no action by Canada to reinforce its opposition to Italian pasta tariffs that have shut Canadian durum wheat out of what had been a key market. Cam Dahl, president of Cereals Canada, said the industry is pushing Ottawa to step […] Read more

Federal funding to enable Soy Canada to learn more about growers

Study in 2017 identified market access and protein as two biggest risks to future growth

Soy Canada has been awarded $197,400 from the Canadian Agriculture Partnership to expand its knowledge of the country’s soybean growers to help plot ways to deal with 11 risks facing the sector identified in a 2017 study. Expanding market access and striking a better balance in the protein produced across the country were pegged in […] Read more

Politicians to get an earful on CPTPP

Farm groups want passage of the bill to be a priority when Parliament resumes in September and will be making their feelings known

MPs and senators can expect to hear plenty from farmers all summer about the importance of quickly passing the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) bill, farm group representatives vow. They were in Ottawa June 21, the first day of summer, in hopes the politicians would see the light on the need to pass the […] Read more

Health Canada still on track for phasing out imidacloprid

A final decision is expected by December after a summer consultation

Cereal, speciality crop and fruit and vegetable growers are gearing up for a final attempt to convince Health Canada that eliminating most agricultural uses of the neonic insecticide imidacloprid is an environmental step backward. The department said May 31 that an updated pollinator assessment by the Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency found that while the risks […] Read more

MacAulay chided for asserting farmers support carbon tax

Farm groups say they’re concerned about climate change and other environmental issues, but that doesn’t mean they support this policy

Despite widespread criticisms of the federal carbon tax from farm groups, Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay has told both senators and MPs that farmers back it. “Farmers fully support it,” MacAulay told the Senate. “I can assure you the farmers are fully on our side and have always helped in this area.” The minister’s answer blended […] Read more

Prairie soy sector standing still

The budding soybean industry in Western Canada is suffering from lack of local processing

Western Canada’s soybean sector is experiencing its chicken-or-egg moment. Production has grown quickly over the past several years, but still nobody has stepped forward to build a soybean crush plant in the region, according to Ron Davidson, executive director of Soy Canada, even though the economics are now in support of it. He told the […] Read more

A newborn black angus calf with it's mother

Veterinarians back key recommendations on combating antimicrobial resistance

Controlling use of medicines in animals linked to protecting effectiveness of human drugs

The Commons Health Committee has hit the mark with a report on combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR), says the Canadian Veterinary Association. That group says the committee report, which aims to preserve the continued effectiveness of human medicines contains useful recommendations and recognizes steps already taken by vets and farm groups. It also sets out constructive […] Read more

The missing middle

Small farms will focus on domestic markets while the bigger ones will be eyeing foreign sales and mid-size ones will disappear

It’s a tale of two kinds of farms in Canada, without much in between. The well-established trend to fewer farms will continue in the coming years as smaller operations focus on supplying local markets and the larger ones concentrate on export sales, says Ron Bonnett, president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. Small farms will […] Read more