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Rollout of mental health programs for rural Canadians coming this year

4-H, Farm Management Canada and Farm Credit are working together to try to raise awareness of this issue

Rural Canada will see the rollout this year of several programs to raise awareness of mental health issues, the Commons agriculture committee has been told. 4-H Canada will launch a healthy living initiative in three phases to support the mental and physical well-being of its members across Canada, Erin Smith, interim CEO and director of […] Read more

Cattlemen demanding Fisheries clarity

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association says the murky definition of ‘fish habitat’ is causing concern

A last-minute amendment to a Fisheries bill is endangering the cattle industry across Canada. The rules change could see producers accused of destroying fish habitat and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association is calling on senators to further amend the bill when they study it. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association said in a note it sent to MPs […] Read more

Dairy producers’ carbon footprint keeps shrinking

The improvements are the result of the ready adoption of new practices by the sector, according to a recent study

Canadian dairy farmers are getting smaller when it comes to their impact on the environment, says a study done for Dairy Farmers of Canada by Groupe AGECO. The Canadian dairy sector has achieved one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world and every litre of milk it produces creates one-third of the greenhouse gas […] Read more

Farm income: a dip and now holding

Canadian farm income fell on market volatility, but export growth is still likely, says FCC

Final figures aren’t available yet but all signs suggest farm income in 2018 was clipped by several factors and will likely stay at that level through this year, says J.P. Gervais, chief agricultural economist with Farm Credit Canada. “Price volatility, higher input costs and weather-related challenges in many parts of the country over the past […] Read more

Hog and cattle producers are facing a year of mixed profitability

Uncertainty may be the main certainty of 2019 as feed costs and consumer demand are unknowns

Hog and cattle producers face a year of uncertainty about feed and other operating costs as well as how strong the domestic and international demand for meat might be, says Farm Credit Canada. In an outlook, FCC said the top economic trends facing the producers will be the extent of China’s meat demand, muted feed […] Read more

New federal drone rules will be a boon to farmers

Previous rules discouraged producers from using them to check crops and livestock

New federal rules for operating drones will make it a lot simpler for farmers to include them in their operations, says the president of a Winnipeg-based company that trains drone operators. Matthew Johnson, president and CEO of M3 Aerial Productions, said the move is a necessary one. “For a long time farmers have been testing […] Read more

Grain growers face year of contemplation: FCC

There’s a lot of what-ifs and maybes out there for growers to consider

Deciding what crops to plant this year will require lots of consideration of the various economic and political forces at play in the domestic and export grain trade, says Farm Credit Canada. In its 2019 crop outlook, FCC cites many factors to think about before making final planting decisions. Chief among them are “China’s oversized […] Read more

Feds open agriculture tech competition

The federal government is offering up to $50 million in funding for agri-food automation and digital technology projects

If you’ve got a bright idea for bringing artificial intelligence and advanced digital technology to the agri-food sector, you could find a lot of federal funding support. Jean-Claude Poissant, parliamentary secretary for agri-food, recently announced a funding competition for national-scale initiatives in automation and digital technology applications in the agri-food sector with between $10 million […] Read more

Lawrence who?

Poll finds Canada's agri-food minister has low recognition among voters

An Angus Reid public opinion poll about the performance of the Trudeau cabinet shows only half of Canadians could recognize Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and not quite a quarter of those who could, think he’s doing a good job. He’s included in a group Angus Reid called the ‘middle ministers,’ many of whom are relatively […] Read more

Side view of a farmer using smart phone in field

Menzies urges farmers to prioritize their mental health

Former farm leader and cabinet minister Ted Menzies says their unique work environment adds to stress on farmers

A well-known and respected farm voice has lent his voice to the growing chorus calling for farmers to mind their mental health. Former farm leader and federal cabinet minister Ted Menzies had a blunt and personal message about farmers for the Commons agriculture committee, which is studying mental health issues in agriculture. “We’re very reluctant […] Read more