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Conservatives want action on the lingering canola crisis

Appoint an ambassador and increase advance payments, opposition leader, Andrew Scheer urges

It’s time for government action on the canola file, according to the leader of the opposition. Canada needs an ambassador in Beijing and should immediately increase the funds available to farmers under the Advance Payments Program (APP), says Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. More than a month has passed since China banned imports of canola seed […] Read more

Poultry farmers say trade response for the birds

They want the federal government to take a bigger-picture view of helping them to adjust to market losses

Chicken, turkey and egg producers say a big hit is coming and the federal government needs to help them adapt. They’re facing increased imports allowed under a series of trade deals negotiated by the federal government and say a big-picture approach is needed. That was the message Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC), Turkey Farmers of […] Read more

No new major neonic restrictions: Health Canada

Existing restrictions remain, but they won’t be expanded for the foreseeable future

No new changes are coming to the use of neonicotinoids in Canada. There will be no new significant restrictions beyond those announced last year, Health Canada said April 10 in its final decision on its review of clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiameth­oxam. The department said it will proceed with cancelling some uses of the products and […] Read more

Animal care code updates gain funding

This includes the livestock transport code which has been condemned for being out of date

The National Farmed Animal Care Council (NFACC) will receive up to $4.56 million from the Canadian Agriculture Partnership to update important livestock care codes including the controversial animal transport one. The funding was announced by Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and will also be used by NFACC to update its dairy and goat care codes and […] Read more

CFA pushes ag agenda for coming election

The group wants to draw attention to the agri-food sector in the looming federal campaign

With an eye-catching button and a pledge for politicians to sign, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture has kicked off its Producing Prosperity in Canada initiative. It aims to make it into a key talking point during the October federal election campaign. Producing Prosperity is aimed at building political support in all parties for policies that […] Read more

Budget sets out process for regulatory reform

Agri-food is one of the sectors earmarked for review to streamline regulations

The federal government intends to launch a five-year, $67.8-million process to modernize its regulations in the agri-food and other sectors. The process, set out in the 2019 budget, comes in response to repeated criticisms of the regulatory burden facing Canadians. Last fall the agri-food strategy roundtable called for “an agile regulatory system that promotes the […] Read more

No end in sight for supply management working groups

The slow pace of progress is due to the complexity of the issues at hand, say industry insiders

Talks on how supply-managed commodities can adjust to expanded import access to Canada under recent trade deals are proceeding slowly but industry isn’t worried just yet. Back on Oct. 29, the federal government announced Agriculture Canada would create three working groups to help the dairy and poultry sectors. By early February there had been a handful […] Read more

Rollout of mental health programs for rural Canadians coming this year

4-H, Farm Management Canada and Farm Credit are working together to try to raise awareness of this issue

Rural Canada will see the rollout this year of several programs to raise awareness of mental health issues, the Commons agriculture committee has been told. 4-H Canada will launch a healthy living initiative in three phases to support the mental and physical well-being of its members across Canada, Erin Smith, interim CEO and director of […] Read more

Cattlemen demanding Fisheries clarity

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association says the murky definition of ‘fish habitat’ is causing concern

A last-minute amendment to a Fisheries bill is endangering the cattle industry across Canada. The rules change could see producers accused of destroying fish habitat and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association is calling on senators to further amend the bill when they study it. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association said in a note it sent to MPs […] Read more

Dairy producers’ carbon footprint keeps shrinking

The improvements are the result of the ready adoption of new practices by the sector, according to a recent study

Canadian dairy farmers are getting smaller when it comes to their impact on the environment, says a study done for Dairy Farmers of Canada by Groupe AGECO. The Canadian dairy sector has achieved one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world and every litre of milk it produces creates one-third of the greenhouse gas […] Read more