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Ottawa loses millions on import duties

A significant volume of dairy, poultry, eggs and beef was imported into Canada without a permit or paying the appropriate customs duties, hurting both the federal treasury and farmers, says Auditor General Michael Ferguson in his spring report to Parliament. Analyzing figures from Global Affairs Canada and the Canadian Border Services Agency found “authorizations, certificates, […] Read more

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Ag groups forming united front on BRM

Dissatisfaction with existing programs is propelling national farm groups into talking 
to each other

National farm groups are beginning to gain traction with a united voice calling for better business risk management (BRM) programs for producers. The AgGrowth Coalition (AGC) is a response to national farm leaders recognizing, about a year ago, that the federal and provincial governments were avoiding a serious discussion about overhauling AgriStability and the other […] Read more

Transportation bill to be ambitious package

Despite a tight timeline the transport minister is still promising action before the summer recess

While offering no details, Transport Minister Marc Garneau says seven key issues for the grain sector will be included in a bill on rail service to be introduced in Parliament this spring. In a letter to the Commons transport committee, Garneau said, “I look forward to presenting this legislation, which will support a more transparent, […] Read more

Trade minister knows rural trade concerns

His constituency in Quebec is also home to many dairy farmers

Trade Minister François Philippe Champagne likes to talk about how the proposed trade deal with Europe will eventually see most Canadian exports to the continent enter duty free. At the same time, his political circumstances make him well aware of rural concerns about the deal’s impacts, he told the Senate foreign affairs committee. In addition […] Read more


Activist misrepresentations slammed by chicken farmers

Chicken Farmers of Canada says video purported to be of Canadian barns 
appears to be recycled footage from elsewhere

Chicken Farmers of Canada has hit back at an anti-animal agriculture group’s “outrageous and unsubstantiated claims” about brutal practices on poultry farms across the country. At issue is a video distributed by Mercy for Animals, a U.S.-based group that purports to show abuse on chicken on Canadian farms. “We believe that this video footage isn’t […] Read more

Science gets profile, few details, in budget

Any attention paid to research is good for agriculture, says 
the CEO of the Agriculture Institute of Canada

The recent federal budget gives science and research more attention than usual — but details on new funding remain to be decided on, says Serge Buy, CEO of the Agriculture Institute of Canada. The budget did allocate $80 million over five years to replace the Centre for Plant Health in Sidney, B.C. with a new […] Read more

Organic food industry feels shortchanged by government

One industry association says conventional food gets plenty of support on standards and inspections

Canada’s organic sector says it’s not getting its due. Canada is the fifth-largest organic market in the world as well as leading exporter of several organic commodities but gets little assistance from government, says Tia Loftsgard, executive director of Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA). “Canada’s organic sector should be positioning itself as a world leader,” […] Read more

Chicken farmers have something to crow about

An independent audit has shown their animal care program is working well

The latest audit of the animal care program operated by Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) by third-party auditor NSF International says the program is working effectively and consistently. CFC said in a statement that 2,800 Canadian chicken farms are audited annually. “It is a mandatory program with enforcement measures for issues of non-compliance and the […] Read more

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Keeping agriculture research relevant

The Agriculture Institute of Canada wants to make sure research leaves the lab and enters the real world

The Agriculture Institute of Canada has released a policy on best practices in agriculture research to make sure that knowledge gained in the lab is shared with others in the field and consumers. AIC’s CEO Serge Buy calls the policy a living document that like research itself will be updated with new information to keep […] Read more