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Sewing Room Hints

Cooler weather and sewing machines just seem to go together. It can be helpful to get some sewing hints now and again, so here’s a few to try:

To prevent your pattern pieces from falling off the ironing board, slip them under a piece of elastic placed at the end of the board. Use wide elastic to fit around the board, close with a sturdy safety pin and slip it in place. Put your pattern pieces under the elastic and they won’t get away on you.

Place towel racks on the back of your sewing room door to hang up fabric pieces until you need them.

Organize sets of buttons by stringing them on twist-ties then twisting ends together.

When basting, thread the needle but do not cut the thread from the spool; you’ll thread the needle only once.

When using metallic or other heavier, decorative thread, put some onto the bobbin – tension on the bobbin should be loosened slightly then sew from the wrong side. Heavier thread seems to fray and break when threaded from the top.

Repair torn patterns with strips of iron-on interfacing – quick and easy.

Save fleece pieces to use as refills on your dust mop. Old sweatshirts work well, too.

A measuring tape glued to the front of your sewing machine cabinet is a time saver – forever handy.

Always loosen upper tension when sewing Velcro onto garments but do not serge through Velcro. This can cause loopers to break.

– Eva Krawchuk writes from Winnipeg

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