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Paperless gift bags

The colours, textures and designs of fabric allow you to get creative, and even the smaller pieces are useful. Recently, a friend brought me a large bagful of remnants of the most delightful designs, one being plastic bandages! I was able to make three bags in different sizes from the piece. Now the first sick

Thankful for the simple things

Some of the most simple things in life are what bring joy and warmth. I had been reminiscing and telling my granddaughter about the good old days and how my mother would grow her own corn for popcorn, dry the cobs and then with a wringing motion, remove the kernels that would fall into a

Make a Snipcatcher

This little container can be at your elbow whenever you’re sewing. Thread ends and bits of fabric inevitably land on the floor no matter how carefully you aim for the larger garbage container. The weighted pillow allows you to place it anywhere on your sewing surface. Sizes can vary to suit your preference. • Two

To Mothers

Mother has the sweetest sound Of all the words we know. Tell her she is special and How you love her so. Each flower brings a message that you feel richly blessed Roses sweetly scented — flowers say it best.

Growing A Weigela

The weigela might be one of the easiest and most eye-pleasing shrubs to have in your flower bed, with its upright growth, heavy blooming and being almost maintenance free. Weigela is drought tolerant, although on very hot days it will need watering as leaves must be hydrated. Flowers range from white to ruby red, and

Proudly Canadian – for Jun. 30, 2011

The Maple Leaf forever Such pride those words arouse Head out to the fabric store Sew a true Canadian blouse. Wear it with your jeans or shorts Whichever you would like Walking down a country road Or riding on your bike. Smile and wave at everyone Sing “Oh, Canada.” Sing it loud Hang a flag

The Gift Of Love

A kiddie conference was held Re Father’s Day in June. “Let’s think about a special gift That day will be here soon. “He might enjoy a hammock For relaxing at the lake We could wash and polish up his car Ask Mom to bake a cake. “Perhaps a book on gardening Or a new seat

Just In Time For Easter Dinner

That little someone will feel quite special having their own Easter placemat. It’s very simple and quick to make, too. This one would fit on the tray of a highchair. If larger ones are preferable, simply cut a larger oval, rounding the corners for easier application of bias binding. Cut two pieces of Easter print

Good Way To Use Up Fabric And Protect Shoes

Here’s an idea for using up some leftover denim or other sturdy fabrics. Shoes fit nicely into the legs and socks can go in the pockets at the back. Kids learning to sew might find this an amusing project. Make a paper pattern and cut four pieces of desired fabric (see photo for dimensions). Stitch

Don’t Complain About All This Snow

Not many years ago we worried and complained about lack of snow. Snowmobiles, toboggans and cross-country skis remained in storage. Now we worry and complain about too much snow with the word, “flood” entering most conversations. We do have choices – we can fret about the arrival of a too wet spring or concentrate on