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Make a sweatshirt bag

This is an easy and inexpensive project to turn a favourite hoodie into a useful bag. Supplies: Old sweatshirt/hoodie Thread to match Sewing machine Rotary cutter Fabric scissors Ruler Pins Instructions: Unless otherwise stated the zigzag stitch is used throughout. Place sweatshirt or hoodie on a flat surface and cut off both sleeves, hood and

Paperless gift bags

The colours, textures and designs of fabric allow you to get creative, and even the smaller pieces are useful. Recently, a friend brought me a large bagful of remnants of the most delightful designs, one being plastic bandages! I was able to make three bags in different sizes from the piece. Now the first sick

An agricultural connection to the Iran hostage crisis

Since a Canadian flag helped American Lee Schatz escape the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979, he never left home without one

Brian Oleson is head of the department of agricultural economics at the University of Manitoba. He recently watched the Academy award-winning film Argo, based on the 1979 rescue of six U.S. diplomats by the Canadian Embassy in Iran under the direction of Ambassador Kenneth Taylor. Here he relates another Canadian connection. Watching Argo reminded me

Make your own chenille fabric

Making chenille is a good way to use up leftover pieces of material. Once you begin, you’ll have many ideas for what to use it for. Here’s a cushion cover project to help get you started You’ll need five unwashed 16×16-inch pieces of cotton for each top. Layer the fabric (right side up), with feature

Make a Snipcatcher

This little container can be at your elbow whenever you’re sewing. Thread ends and bits of fabric inevitably land on the floor no matter how carefully you aim for the larger garbage container. The weighted pillow allows you to place it anywhere on your sewing surface. Sizes can vary to suit your preference. • Two

Make a beach bag

Using materials you probably have around the house, this will be perfect to bring back those wet items from the beach. Supplies: • 1 large, round, plastic jug (the kind bleach or fabric softener comes in) • 2 pieces of cotton material, approx. 12×12 inches (31×31 cm) • 2 pieces, each 16 inches (41 cm)

Reduce, reuse and —upcycle?

In the days of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, the words “make-do” and “mend” were part of daily life. Hand-me-downs, making articles out of sugar sacks and making quilts out of worn-out clothing were the norm.

Quilted Piano Bench Cover

DIY PROJECT By Myrlene Currie FREELANCE CONTRIBUTOR Supplies: ” Backing 17×39 inches (I used black so it wasn’t noticeable) ” Quilt batting 17×39 inches ” Many strips of different fabric ” Extra backing to secure cover to bench ” Narrow elastic ” Fabric for binding (2-inch width) I made a music quilt for my granddaughter