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Anna Maendel (l) explaining the quilt project to Barb Pantel.

Quilts warm hearts of L’Arche Homes residents

Customized quilts given out at special celebration with quilter Anna Maendel present

The residents of Winnipeg’s seven L’Arche Homes gathered at Dayspring House in late summer to participate in a unique celebration: each of the men and women was presented with a customized quilt made with fabric featuring personal preferences — animals, hobbies, interests and colours. Before the quilts were presented four new assistants were welcomed —

Make your own chenille fabric

Making chenille is a good way to use up leftover pieces of material. Once you begin, you’ll have many ideas for what to use it for. Here’s a cushion cover project to help get you started You’ll need five unwashed 16×16-inch pieces of cotton for each top. Layer the fabric (right side up), with feature

Quilting for the bathroom

I had a black mat set for the bathroom and didn’t like the toilet seat cover so that got me thinking. I could use the black and also bring up the colour of the walls and towels. I used a paper-piecing pattern for the feature pattern (any could be used such as flowers, boats etc.),

The Back 40, quilted by Yolande Ranson, was among the artwork featured.

Quilt till you Wilt

Well over 100 masterpieces at Hamiota’s annual show

People enjoy quilts for many different reasons. They can provide clues to the past; warmth, beauty and value; and enjoyment in the form of colour, texture and pattern. Quilts also unleash artistic talents of new and experienced artisans, as was showcased at the 2012 Hamiota Quilt till you Wilt’s late-November annual show at the community

Make a Snipcatcher

This little container can be at your elbow whenever you’re sewing. Thread ends and bits of fabric inevitably land on the floor no matter how carefully you aim for the larger garbage container. The weighted pillow allows you to place it anywhere on your sewing surface. Sizes can vary to suit your preference. • Two

Make a beach bag

Using materials you probably have around the house, this will be perfect to bring back those wet items from the beach. Supplies: • 1 large, round, plastic jug (the kind bleach or fabric softener comes in) • 2 pieces of cotton material, approx. 12×12 inches (31×31 cm) • 2 pieces, each 16 inches (41 cm)

Three-generations quilt

“Here,” my mother said, handing me a quilt top pieced together in little squares. “I can’t get this to come out right no matter how I try.” I was not surprised. Somehow the idea of careful measuring and consistent seam allowances usually escaped her, especially as she grew older. Consequently the pieced quilt top she

Make Some Fabric Frames

I decided to give our pictures (and our living room) a softer look by putting them in a wall hanging instead of wooden frames. You will need several six-inch strips of fabric which blends in with your drapes and furniture. Any technique would work but I used the curve system. You could even use a

Good Way To Use Up Fabric And Protect Shoes

Here’s an idea for using up some leftover denim or other sturdy fabrics. Shoes fit nicely into the legs and socks can go in the pockets at the back. Kids learning to sew might find this an amusing project. Make a paper pattern and cut four pieces of desired fabric (see photo for dimensions). Stitch

Make A Wheelchair Bag

My son-in-law asked me to make a wheelchair bag for his mother for Christmas. It was a challenge, since I didn’t have a pattern for one, but this is what I came up with and it seemed to work very well. Materials: 28 inches (.7 metre) of a sturdy fabric Approximately 50 to 60 inches