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Make some wineglass coasters

These little coasters are very quick and easy to make as well as serving a dual purpose. Furniture is protected and it’s a way of identifying your glass. When we mingle among guests and appetizers we tend to put our glasses down, and how many times have we heard, “Is this your glass or mine?” or, “Hey, that’s my wine you’re drinking.” These colourful coasters will help you remember.

For each coaster, cut two pieces of fabric and one of medium-weight interfacing measuring 7×3-3/4 inches. Place pieces together, right sides facing, interfacing on top. Sew all around with narrow seams leaving an opening for turning. Trim as close to the seam as possible; cut diagonally across the corners. Turn and press. Close opening with a few hand stitches. Topstitch edges of top and lower narrow ends. Locate centre of long strip; bring narrow ends up to 1/4 inch from centre. Sew side edges or all around if you like, topstitching on all sides, again as close to the edge as possible.

A set of these makes a welcome hostess gift.

– Eva Krawchuk writes from Winnipeg

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