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Necessity inspires invention

Everybody has a hobby and I have decided that I like to make tools. I made this discovery about myself a few years ago when I was taking out some windowpanes from our barn and putting screens in their place, and I was having a very hard time taking out the window points. I kept thinking, “There has to be an easier way than this.” While I was fumbling with the screwdriver I got an idea. My great-grandpa had just lately brought over some things that he didn’t want any more and one of the things was what I think was a bolt out of some sort of a lock. I took that and cut the tail off of it; this was the head for my window point hammer.

I didn’t know what to use for a handle. Then one day when I was in our parts van, all of a sudden I wondered what would happen if I pushed down really hard on the windshield wiper knob. When I decided to try, I found out that it would just snap off, and just the right-size bar of metal fell out. Here was my handle.

After grinding the ends of the handle smooth, I had just one more problem: how do I put them together? That was where I stalled out, until my dad got a tap and die set for his birthday. With his help I got it put together, finally.

Since most people probably don’t have an extra lock bolt lying around, you can take a square piece of metal and just grind part of it, because you need the angle to see what you are hammering. Even though it took two years to make, my

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